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Mirror Mirror : Part Two
Thu Jul 12, 2018 16:18

Amber disregarded everything that happened with Sister Jude. That uptight middle-aged bitch didn’t know nothing and had been on her case forever. Amber made her way through the hall of the school and decided that before she hit up her next class that she needed to use the bathroom and freshen up a bit.

Amber entered the bathroom and did her business. Classes had just started, and she had a pass from Sister Jude excusing her from the first couple of minutes of class, so she thought she would take advantage of that. Amber walked up to the mirror of the bathroom and looked her up and down. But she was immediately put into a trance. She looked into her crystal blue eyes and couldn’t pull herself away. She looked deep into the eyes, and everything around her went fuzzy. She was utterly lost in herself.

Amber shook her head and broke herself out of the trance and blinked until she found herself back in reality. Amber took a deep breath and caught herself. She then looked back in the mirror and gasped. She was completely naked! From head to toe, not a lick of clothing on her. Her entire school uniform was gone as were her underwear. Frantically, Amber looked around the bathroom for her clothes. Maybe they slipped off? Maybe she took them off while going to the bathroom and forgot to put them back on? None of this made any sense! Her clothes were nowhere. There was nothing in the bathroom whatsoever. It’s like her clothes just completely evaporated off of her body.

In a panic, Amber poked her head out the door of the bathroom. To her relief she saw one of her minions, Tammy Greenberg, walking the halls.

“Tammy!” Amber hissed out to her underling. Tammy turned around and saw Amber’s head poking out of the girl bathroom.

“Hey, Amber!” Tammy said. “What’s up?”

“Get in here and be quiet!” Amber demanded.

Tammy hurried over and walked into the bathroom to see her hierarchy standing nude before her. Amber covered her nudity with her hands and hid her embarrassment with a stern attitude.

“How’d this happen boss?” Tammy asked.

“That’s not important,” Amber said, which honestly she didn’t know how it happened either. “I need your clothes.”

Tammy raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t know boss,” Tammy said skeptically. “If I give you my clothes what am I going to wear? I only have the one uniform.”

“Well, I guess you’ll have to figure it out!” Amber hissed back. Tammy didn’t like the tone that Amber was giving her, but she remembered all of the times that she saw Amber humiliate other girls and she knew she didn’t want to be on Amber’s bad side once this was all over.

“Give me your clothes, or I’ll tell the whole school you’re a lesbian!” Amber threatened. Tammy was intimidated and decided to go along with it.

Tammy began unbuttoning and removing her shirt and unzipped and lifted her skirt. She handed the two to Amber and grabbed them and threw them over her naughty bits. Amber looked to Tammy who had stopped undressing.

“What are you waiting for?” Amber demanded.

“I mean,” Tammy pleaded. “Do you need my underwear? Can’t you just wear my uniform without it?”

“It’s a short skirt!” Amber bit back. “I can’t have someone looking up this skirt and seeing everything.”

Tammy gulped and lowered her panties to the ground and unclasped her bra. Amber quickly snatched them up and put them on her body. In almost a half minute, Amber was fully dressed in Tammy’s school uniform as Tammy stood naked in the bathroom, trying to cover her nudity.

“Can you maybe tell a teacher to come to get me?” Tammy asked embarrassed.

“Can’t.” Amber wouldn’t give Tammy the time of day now that she was dressed. “I have class.”

And with that, Amber walked out of the bathroom leaving her minion in the same embarrassing position she was in just moments ago.

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              • Re: Mirror Mirror : Part Six (Final)Anonymous, Tue Jul 17 06:37
                Your cfnm stories constitute of very heavy sexual humiliation of male character. Why do skip the cmnf humiliation of female characters in your stories
                • Re: Mirror Mirror : Part Six (Final)Mandraek, Wed Jul 18 12:41
                  It just hasn't really come up in the stories yet. I'm not against it. It also has to do with the fact that if the characters are under 18, I will typically avoid anything blatantly sexually... more
                  • Re: Mirror Mirror : Part Six (Final)Anonymous, Wed Jul 18 13:57
                    Try something vice versa of "The Humiliation Will Be Live and Lost in a Haze", where female Character gets sexually humiliated by male infront of male audience in sort of Cmmnf
              • Total humiliationCasanova, Sat Jul 14 02:26
                Wow. Will need to read this and the rest of your stories when I get the chance to. However, having read chapter 1 and then jumped to 6 and then to 5, it seems the Sister is the biggest bully with the ... more
                • Sister Judy the real bully?skullking2, Sun Jul 22 22:06
                  Yup you're right Casanova, since the first chapter I wanted sister Judy to be humiliated but now after reading chapter 6 I know why. She need to be taken down a peg and I wonder if the other teachers ... more
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