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Mirror Mirror : Part Four
Thu Jul 12, 2018 16:19

What a nightmare! One of those naked in school nightmares, except this time it happened in real life. And it happened twice now! Amber held the books in front of her nude body as she made a mad dash for lost and found. Maybe if she was lucky, she could find some clothes that she could throw on. She needed something to wear! She couldn’t just prance around the school naked! Luckily class didn’t get out for another thirty minutes, so she had time before everyone got out and was in the halls to see her. All she knew was that whenever she looked at her reflection, everything she was wearing would disappear.

Amber made her way to the lost and found safely without being seen. She looked around to make sure the coast was clear as she put the books down, exposing her bald pussy and C-Cup tits to the school atmosphere. Amber quickly looked through the bins of the lost and found. She first noticed a hoodie around her size and promptly threw it on. She was no longer topless, but her ass and pussy were still exposed. She needed something to cover up the downstairs.

Amber shifted through the various items in the lost and found but couldn’t find anything to cover her bottoms. Which made sense, how often to students lose their pants at school? Amber shifted everything around and looked deeper and deeper into the lost and found bin. She pushed her hand in deep and final found something. A solid pair of girls jogging shorts. The only issue is that they were at the very bottom of the bin and she could barely reach them.

Amber shifted her stance and bent over the bin to try to grab them. As she did so, her ass was sticking straight up in the air and with her bent over position, if anyone were to come along they would get a great view of her ass and her pussy. She had to make this fast. Amber shifted through the various sweaters and shoes and hangers until she got a hold of the shorts. She held them tight and began to push herself out of the bin. But as soon as she shifted upwards, she felt the hoodie snag on something in the bin, one of the hangers. She was stuck! She couldn’t move! She squirmed a bit but the position she was in, she couldn’t get out! She was stuck with her head in the bin and her bare ass on display.

Amber squirmed more and more to get the hoodie loose, but she wasn’t making much progress.

“What the hell?” A female voice said.

“Don’t come any closer!” Amber shouted back to them. “Just go away!”

The female voice laughed.

“Amber? Is that you?” The female voice asked back, “Oh this is absolutely rich.”

Amber recognized that voice. It was Mary Russell! The girl she humiliated just earlier that day! This was awful! Just the worst timing for her. Amber could see anything, but she heard Mary walk up to her.

“What kind of situation do we have here?” Mary asked sarcastically.

“I can’t move Mary!” Amber shouted back. She immediately realized she shouldn’t have revealed that. “Just walk away or go get a teacher or something.”

“Oh I don’t think so,” Mary said back. “You know you humiliated me in front of a lot of people just hours ago. You forced me to say that you were prettier than me. But I have to say, from this position, I wouldn’t say your all that tough!”

Amber felt a sharp smack against her ass. She involuntarily let out a gasp and moans.

“Please just help me get out!” Amber pleaded with her.

“Why would I do that? You didn’t help me!” Mary said as she slapped Amber’s ass again. Amber moaned out again, and her ass quivered as Mary spanked it. “Say I’m prettier!”

“No!” Amber shouted. She might lose her modesty, but she wouldn’t lose her dignity. “Never!”

Mary smacked Amber’s ass again. Amber moaned out even louder. Amber bit her lip hoping that Mary wouldn’t notice her secret.

“Are you wet?” Mary asked. Amber didn’t hold out hope for too long. “You such a little slut!”

Mary spanked her again even harder. Amber moaned out. She had no idea how many if anyone was looking at her, but she was loud. She couldn’t help herself. With every spanking that Mary gave her, she couldn’t stop but moan out loudly.

“Stop right there!” She heard someone shout out.

She heard Mary run away leaving her with her ass exposed to whoever was coming along. Amber took some deep breaths as she recovered from her public and humiliating spanking. She then felt someone grab onto her bare hips and pull her out of the lost and found bin. She lost her grip on the shorts and as she was pulled out the hoodie slipped off her body leaving her naked once again.

Amber was pulled out of the bin and was completely naked once again. In front of her stood the woman that pulled her out of the bin, Sister Jude. In front of her arch nemesis, Amber stood completely naked. She quickly tried to cover her nudity from Sister Jude, but it was clear that Sister Jude already had seen literally every corner of Amber’s body.

“My office. Now.”

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          • Re: Mirror Mirror : Part Six (Final)Anonymous, Tue Jul 17 06:37
            Your cfnm stories constitute of very heavy sexual humiliation of male character. Why do skip the cmnf humiliation of female characters in your stories
            • Re: Mirror Mirror : Part Six (Final)Mandraek, Wed Jul 18 12:41
              It just hasn't really come up in the stories yet. I'm not against it. It also has to do with the fact that if the characters are under 18, I will typically avoid anything blatantly sexually... more
              • Re: Mirror Mirror : Part Six (Final)Anonymous, Wed Jul 18 13:57
                Try something vice versa of "The Humiliation Will Be Live and Lost in a Haze", where female Character gets sexually humiliated by male infront of male audience in sort of Cmmnf
          • Total humiliationCasanova, Sat Jul 14 02:26
            Wow. Will need to read this and the rest of your stories when I get the chance to. However, having read chapter 1 and then jumped to 6 and then to 5, it seems the Sister is the biggest bully with the ... more
            • Sister Judy the real bully?skullking2, Sun Jul 22 22:06
              Yup you're right Casanova, since the first chapter I wanted sister Judy to be humiliated but now after reading chapter 6 I know why. She need to be taken down a peg and I wonder if the other teachers ... more
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