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Mirror Mirror : Part Five
Thu Jul 12, 2018 16:20

Amber was walked, naked, to Sister Jude’s office. They passed a few people in the hallway who snickered at Amber’s nudity, much to her misfortune. As they walked into the office, Amber saw Tammy standing with a dunces cap on her head as she stood naked facing the corner. That must be her punishment for streaking around the school. Amber was escorted into Sister Jude’s office and Sister Jude closed the door behind her.

Amber tried to hide her nudity from Sister Jude, but Sister Jude scoffed and rolled her eyes at her.

“Arms down.” Sister Jude instructed. “You’ve lost your privileges for modesty.”

Amber lowered her arms revealing her fully nude body to Sister Jude. Sister Jude sat in her chair and looked Amber up and down.

“I see that you’ve experienced the curse.” Sister Jude explained.

“You did this?” Amber questioned.

“Of course.” Sister Jude confirmed. “Your vanity has become a real nuisance for the other teachers and me. I thought I would turn that against you. So now whenever you look at your reflection… POOF. Your clothes are gone!”

“You’ve cursed me to be nude in front of everyone!” Amber said in shock.

“No!” Sister Jude. “I’ve only made it so that if you continue to be full of yourself and love your own image, you would be punished.”

Amber couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Every reflection? She would never be able to get dressed in the morning, whenever she would check herself her clothes would disappear! If she were ever walking around town and looked herself in the reflection of a store window, she would be naked in front of the whole city! How was she going to live like this!

“There is a way to break the curse.” Sister Jude explained.

Amber immediately looked to Sister Jude in desperation.

“You need to show everyone you’ve crossed your flaws.” Sister Jude explained. “Everyone you have ever humiliated, everyone who would have witnessed your humiliation of others, they all must be shown your own flaws.”

“But that’s everyone!” Amber protested. “I’ve humiliated countless students at this school, and even more have witnessed those humiliations! I’d have to do it to the entire school! How am I suppose to do that?”

Sister Jude glared at Amber as she thought.

“I have an idea. But you have to follow through no matter what!” Sister Jude suggested.

“Anything!” Amber responded.

Sister Jude nodded and picked up her office phone. She punched in three numbers and activated overhead announcements for the school.

“Attention teachers and students.” Sister Jude announced. “There will be a mandatory assembly for the entire school in five minutes.”

  • Mirror Mirror : Part FourMandraek, Thu Jul 12 16:19
    What a nightmare! One of those naked in school nightmares, except this time it happened in real life. And it happened twice now! Amber held the books in front of her nude body as she made a mad dash... more
    • Mirror Mirror : Part Five — Mandraek, Thu Jul 12 16:20
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        Students sat in the school gym waiting for something to happen. Everyone, both students and teachers, were confused about the nature of the unscheduled school-wide assembly. There were murmurs... more
        • Re: Mirror Mirror : Part Six (Final)Anonymous, Tue Jul 17 06:37
          Your cfnm stories constitute of very heavy sexual humiliation of male character. Why do skip the cmnf humiliation of female characters in your stories
          • Re: Mirror Mirror : Part Six (Final)Mandraek, Wed Jul 18 12:41
            It just hasn't really come up in the stories yet. I'm not against it. It also has to do with the fact that if the characters are under 18, I will typically avoid anything blatantly sexually... more
            • Re: Mirror Mirror : Part Six (Final)Anonymous, Wed Jul 18 13:57
              Try something vice versa of "The Humiliation Will Be Live and Lost in a Haze", where female Character gets sexually humiliated by male infront of male audience in sort of Cmmnf
        • Total humiliationCasanova, Sat Jul 14 02:26
          Wow. Will need to read this and the rest of your stories when I get the chance to. However, having read chapter 1 and then jumped to 6 and then to 5, it seems the Sister is the biggest bully with the ... more
          • Sister Judy the real bully?skullking2, Sun Jul 22 22:06
            Yup you're right Casanova, since the first chapter I wanted sister Judy to be humiliated but now after reading chapter 6 I know why. She need to be taken down a peg and I wonder if the other teachers ... more
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