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Mirror Mirror : Part Six (Final)
Thu Jul 12, 2018 16:21

Students sat in the school gym waiting for something to happen. Everyone, both students and teachers, were confused about the nature of the unscheduled school-wide assembly. There were murmurs throughout the crowd about Mary’s humiliation at the beginning of the day, followed by Tammy’s streaking through the school, followed by Amber’s nude class incident. Many we skeptical and didn’t believe the stories and just waiting for the assembly to begin and for it to end.

Sister Jude walked up in front of all the students and teachers and began speaking to them all.

“Welcome Saint Lucy’s School of Christian Youths!” Sister Jude welcomed. “As many of you know, today alone there have been many incidents of promiscuity as well as a long history of vanity! Behind all of these incidents is our student Amber Beck!”

Students in the crowd began to whisper in confusion of what this assembly could possibly be for.

“Today all of these incidents come to an end!” Sister Jude announced. “Please welcome your fellow student, Amber Beck.”

Sister Jude walked away from the center of the stage. Then, Amber, red-faced and completely humiliated walked up in front of everyone naked as the day she was born. Everyone the crowd began to laugh and point and discuss the school bully walking before all of them completely naked. Many of them had been stripped by her and her goons, even more, had witnessed these humiliations and had remembered them later that night! Amber walked up and faced the entire school completely nude.

“My name is Amber Beck!” Amber shouted red-faced to the entire school. “I am not the prettiest girl in the entire school!”

Mary watched from the crowd as Amber humiliated herself. Mary was pleased to see the red face on Amber as she presented her nude form. Amber grabbed and fondled her breasts in front of everyone.

“I do not like my boobs!” Amber announced to the school. “Some days I feel as though they are too small, and other days I feel as though they are too big! I often hate our school uniforms as they have no way of hiding either of these problems.”

The school was loving watching Amber fondle herself in front of them, but as she continued they excitement started to fade as they just watched her do everything in front of them, almost in shock or disbelief. Amber turned around showing the crowd her ass. Amber grabbed her ass and lifted it up somewhat.

“I hate that I often can’t reach the back of my upper thighs, I often can’t shave my legs there and pray that no one notices the slight stubble on my thighs,” Amber said. She let go of her ass and let it sit facing the crowd.

“I do not like my ass as it isn’t as full as I want it to be. It’s small, and if I overeat, it gets lumpy.” Amber continued.

Everyone in the school watched as Amber displayed all of her body to them. They could tell that she was utterly humiliated by this and hated every word that she was saying. She was top dog, she wouldn’t let anyone know her insecurities, but now she was presenting all of them to everyone. Giving all of the fire to burn her with.

Finally, Amber sat down in a chair in front of the students and spread her legs wide presenting her exposed bald pussy to the entire crowd.

“Finally,” Amber began to finish as she spoke through her gritted teeth. “I hate my pussy. I hate the hair that grows which make me wax and shave it daily. I hate how I have an outie pussy and how my labia is exposed to everyone who sees me without my panties.”

The irony was not lost on her or anyone else. Someone quickly, with her legs wide and spread for everyone, took a picture as a flash went off. It was the same kid who took the picture earlier. His school newspaper article was going to be amazing. A best seller for sure. Amber stood up and presented her body to the school.

“My name is Amber Beck!” Amber shouted. “I am not the prettiest girl at the school. I am average at best!”

The school erupted in laughter and cheers. They had gotten everything. The sweet revenge as Amber showed her entire body to the whole audience in every form possible. Amber was mortified. Every part of her, every corner, every insecurity she had ever had was just given to everyone at her school. She looked over at Sister Jude who was laughing with the audience. Amber looked down and saw that she was still completely naked. She hoped that with the curse reversed that her clothes would come back. But she still stood exposed to the entire school, who had all pulled out their phones and were taking pictures of her.

“Sister Jude!” Amber shouted back. “Where are my clothes?”

“You idiot!” Sister Jude laughed back. “You can’t reverse the curse!”

Amber’s face turned white. All of this was for nothing. She still was naked, and she was always going to have to deal with this for the rest of her life. Amber couldn’t stay with the crowd, she began running for the door, but all of the students stopped her. They grabbed her naked body and lifted her into the air. Everyone laughed as her humiliation was getting worse and worse. The school spent the rest of the day passing Amber’s nude body around so that everyone got a chance to see her insecurities up close and personal.


  • Mirror Mirror : Part FiveMandraek, Thu Jul 12 16:20
    Amber was walked, naked, to Sister Jude’s office. They passed a few people in the hallway who snickered at Amber’s nudity, much to her misfortune. As they walked into the office, Amber saw Tammy... more
    • Mirror Mirror : Part Six (Final) — Mandraek, Thu Jul 12 16:21
      • Re: Mirror Mirror : Part Six (Final)Anonymous, Tue Jul 17 06:37
        Your cfnm stories constitute of very heavy sexual humiliation of male character. Why do skip the cmnf humiliation of female characters in your stories
        • Re: Mirror Mirror : Part Six (Final)Mandraek, Wed Jul 18 12:41
          It just hasn't really come up in the stories yet. I'm not against it. It also has to do with the fact that if the characters are under 18, I will typically avoid anything blatantly sexually... more
          • Re: Mirror Mirror : Part Six (Final)Anonymous, Wed Jul 18 13:57
            Try something vice versa of "The Humiliation Will Be Live and Lost in a Haze", where female Character gets sexually humiliated by male infront of male audience in sort of Cmmnf
      • Total humiliationCasanova, Sat Jul 14 02:26
        Wow. Will need to read this and the rest of your stories when I get the chance to. However, having read chapter 1 and then jumped to 6 and then to 5, it seems the Sister is the biggest bully with the ... more
        • Sister Judy the real bully?skullking2, Sun Jul 22 22:06
          Yup you're right Casanova, since the first chapter I wanted sister Judy to be humiliated but now after reading chapter 6 I know why. She need to be taken down a peg and I wonder if the other teachers ... more
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