This story just keeps on rockin'!
Thu Jul 12, 2018 19:50

Thanks again! No suggestions from me, none needed!

  • New Year's Set Up - 22Kelly, Wed Jul 11 22:53
    Finally, Megan broke the awkward silence. “Hello young man. I know this seems weird, but my friend lost a bet, and has to hand you the package in the nude”. The kid struggled to clear his throat, and ... more
    • New Year's Set Up - 23Kelly, Sun Jul 15 12:17
      Megan continued to take a few more photos with Todd’s phone, then handed it back to him. With his phone in hand, he politely asked, “Just a couple more?”, with a big smile, as he held his phone up. I ... more
      • New Year's Set Up - 24Kelly, Sun Jul 15 21:18
        I figured at this point, what’s the difference? More naked photos added to their already vast collections. I had as many Ups as I had Downs on my emotional roller coaster tonight. I may as well try... more
        • Awesome..placed in my favs Neykid, Mon Jul 16 15:10
          I read all 24 chapters in one go.It is going into my favorites.
          • ThanksKelly, Mon Jul 16 19:47
            Thank you so much. Glad you like it.
        • Waiting next chapter...kalymero, Mon Jul 16 11:43
          And if before coming to Alfred's house, they have a little trip around town to celebrate the new year ?? I'm right ? Thanks for your story...I wait nex chapter....
    • This story just keeps on rockin'! — diffAnon, Thu Jul 12 19:50
    • Re: New Year's Set-uporflash64, Thu Jul 12 03:17
      I can see where this is going before you even get there, Kelly's dress is in the package, isn't it? Why else send a package on a holiday after hours? Is the embarrassment going to continue even... more
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