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Paper Chase - Teaser
Fri Jul 13, 2018 17:15

Paper Chase
My all time favourite porn movie is the French flick “Labyrinthe” with Laure Sinclair
This is my inspiration for this story, although I will try to behave and stay within the limits of this board.
The basic idea of the story is pretty simple, and I’d like to invite anybody to join in and write a chapter.

Paper Chase

Joan was young and she needed the money. Her modelling career seemed to have gotten into a dead end. Recently her agent had only landed offers that she had to turn down. She was still hoping for a meaningful career and was not ready to go farther than glamour nude shots.

But then again, she was young and needed the money. Her friend Ashley, who was also a professional model, had established the contact to some special clients. Ashley had confessed that she frequently improved her income by taking part in some kind of wicked but fun games.

From lack of money Joan had worked as a dancer in a high scale club she could never have afforded to visit. To say the least, it had not been the most pleasant experience, so Joan was willing to find something new. She didn’t like at all what Ashley told her about the clients and their taste of fun. Between the lines it was pretty obvious that they offered ways to the participants to earn more money by kind of selling their body, but Ashley assured that she had earned decent money without doing so. And it turned out that the fee for taking part was pretty tempting.

So, after some soul-searching Joan decided to give it a try.

Basically, it was quite simple. It was kind of a race, to be more exact, kind of a Paper Chase. Of course, there was a catch. They did not pay such a high fee for nothing. Those guys loved to put the participants into situations with different options for action. Simply put, the more willing you would be to take risks the easier it would be to make progress. Still you could always choose the hard way, which would be less degrading. Joan had gone through a lot working as a model and in general earning money with her beauty. Upsetting her was not so easy. And she was working out a lot, she was a good runner – she considered herself to be able to accept any challenge that required fitness. At the same time Joan had always been very ambitious and competitive. There were huge extra payments if you won the race, even only reach the front ranks. Ashley had sworn that she had made it several times, so Joan was convinced that she could succeed just as well. She was shocked and stunned when Ashley told her that she was taking part in these games for five years now, but knowing that she was convinced that nothing of it would go public as well. That was most important, of course.

So out of despair she agreed to take part in some kind of raunchy scavenger hunt, relying on her wits and skills rather than planning to give in to the temptation of taking the easy but degrading path in order to win.

Ashley promised to sign in to the same event, although the scavenger hunt in general was supposed to happen without crossing paths they agreed that they would help each other whenever possible. And it would help to know that her friend was supposed to face the same challenges.

With mixed emotions Joan prepared herself for her very first lewd Paper Chase. There were no specifications, so she decided on a sporty outfit. Ashley had explained, that you could win facilitators if you did well, which could give you bonuses in certain occasions. Following Ashley’s advice, Joan tried her best to look great. After all it was about getting some lecherous males on her side. This was not new to her, a simple task actually. She picked a simple but stunning outfit. She felt comfortable in it as she spent a lot of time wearing it at the gym, it showed off her curves perfectly, but not too much skin. After all, this was going to be some kind of race. Ashley told her, that it really didn’t matter, but Joan failed to realize the implications of that comment. She was ready to go.

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