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Tue Aug 7, 2018 14:39

Loved your story! Please write more!!!

  • New Year's Set Up-Finale Kelly, Sun Aug 5 13:28
    As I caught sight of Carl, Aunt Edna and the girls (Megan, Jen and Jill) walked up to me. Having my new sense of vitality, I stood there, inflexible, determined not to let them get to me. I donít... more
    • Re: New Year's Set Up-Finale algar1939, Wed Aug 8 00:58
      I have been sick(eyes)for a long time,and this was the first story I was able to read again.And what a good one!! Thanks Kelly,you have made my day!
      • Loved the unexpected endingHooked6, Wed Aug 8 17:29
        What a great and entertaining story. Contributions like yours are what has made this story board great for almost 20 years. I hope we see more of your work here in the future. Hooked6
    • Epic! — diffAnon, Tue Aug 7 14:39
    • Well done!Mercie, Mon Aug 6 20:40
      Excellent story with so many twists, turns, and surprises! Don't worry about those nitpicking on the number of drinks or the length of the party. Even a Rembrandt might have a stray brush mark here... more
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