Tracy's Collar Continues Part 3
Sat Aug 11, 2018 00:58

The last Tracy's Collar was not numbered "Part 2” as it should have been. My mistake.

Pretty Dirty

They left the beauty shop and walked back to the car. Tracy waited a moment after they got outside so she could walk the proper distance behind Ralph. He looked behind to see her. As he kept walking he said “Come on up here, Tracy.” In catching up she took several long steps. These steps and the gentle breeze reminded her of how well they had shaved her pubes, her pubis. No one had ever handled her pussy, her skin and her lips like that before, moving them back and forth, drawing them tight this way and that to make the razor shave properly. She was fascinated while they were doing it, moving one leg then another out of the way almost turned her on, being the naked focus of their beauty making routine. Now outside on the street she would be everyone's focus. But there was no one on this street. Just the trash and other rough businesses with no customers to be seen. Looking around she noticed how the hair of the wig she was wearing did not come down to the collar like her own hair did. This showed off the collar more and was cooler and more comfortable. The new hair and the make-up job made her feel like she was in disguise. And she was in a manner of speaking. A naked disguise. Not wearing any clothes for the foreseeable future she might be hard to recognize.

“I can't go yelling at you anymore. Not with you so dolled up. It wouldn't be right.” he said. “Can you clap?” he asked. She clapped her hands together twice. “No, more like this.” he said putting the bag from the beauty store under his arm. He clapped his hands once. The echo bounced down the canyon of grubby store fronts. “Hold your hands like this,” he said turning his wrists so she could see him cupping his hands, bringing them together at an angle, not flat together. She did what he did and clapped. Not echoing much but a good deal louder. “OK, from now on when you want something you clap just once, like you run the place.”

“What do I do when I get someone's attention?”

“You point with those gorgeous nails of yours. Point at what you want or whatever.”

She wasn't sure about this. “How does a naked slave girl run the place?”

Ralph stopped walking, turned and looked down at her. He spoke firmly, “First off, despite appearances you are not really Tracy the naked slave girl. You are actually 'really pretty Tracy' with her magnificent tits, erect nipples, beautiful face and an ass that won't quit. You just got yourself stuck in this slave girl thing because you wanted a turn-on. I'll bet you haven't got off once since you put the collar on, have you? Wait, let's not worry about that.” He started walking toward the car again. “Just keep up and we'll get you through this thing.” He opened the car door and motioned for her to crawl in. As she exposed her now very shaved backside to him Ralph looked in and said, “Watch out for your nails. They need to look good for a while.” Crouching on the passenger side carpet Tracy wondered how long a while was.

They had been driving for some time. Tracy quietly wondered how long she would be crouching naked on this carpeted car floor before visiting the next place.

“Where are we headed?”, she asked.

“We have to make a few more stops. So you really manage quadrature on a regular spreadsheet? What do you use for a pivot point?” More questions about work. What was he after? It was just work she had been doing. Any other drone could run the numbers like she did. She started talking about the last spreadsheet she saw and what was in it. Months along the side and dollars along the top. Sub-headings here and there, totals everywhere. The details bored her but not Ralph. So long as there was nothing to do she may as well tell him all about it. And there was quite a lot.
“What if the dimensions don't match up? How do you re-align?”, he said as he turned on the air conditioner.

She could feel the cold air on her pussy's innermost parts telling her that kneeling on the carpet was opening her right up and was glad she had her ass facing away from Ralph. He had seen everything she had so far but this was beyond private. She bravely went into the tiresome details of each step needed to bring such an alignment disaster back, how they managed it the last time and the way she worked out to keep it from happening every month like clockwork.

Just then she was tired of talking about all this work, naked, on the carpet, worrying about her nails, and her pussy and talking about work of all things. Work was boring enough without describing it from a car floor. She looked up at Ralph wondering what the next question would be and saw he had his eyes on the road and an enormous grin on his face. She wondered what the joke was. She hoped it wasn't her.

After another thirty minutes the car slowed for a number of turns and pulled up onto some very uneven ground.

“OK, we're here. Let's try this out. Don't speak. That'll be tough but really try. If you want my attention just clap and point. Don't pick up anything. Don't take anything anyone hands you. You are just here to look good. Does that sound OK?”

“I guess, Mr. Hertzog.” She was trying to put together a picture of what he wanted and was not sure how it would look. If he wanted to “Try it out” she was game. She was surprised once again when she crawled from the car. They were in a totally rundown grown over lot with even more junk and trash than the last place. Mountains of garbage in all directions. Not even garbage, just dirt. No beauty parlor surprises here.

As she followed Ralph closely a creaky old man walked from a nasty shed out to meet them.

“You the one that called?”, he shouted. Ralph nodded.

“I think I got you over this way.” he pointed with a crooked branch and started walking away from them.

After walking very carefully down the rough path for a long way they came to a great mountain of rocks and dirt. Once they were at the foot of it Ralph turned around so the man would not see him talking.

“Walk around this whole pile, all the way around, and let me know if you spot anything. Go.”

This was confusing. In this distant rural field with many piles of dirt to choose from there was not going to be much that Tracy would recognize. She had trouble walking around the mountain at all since the ground was very uneven away from the path. She held her arms out to keep her balance, her large breasts rocked and swung as she bent and twisted to keep from falling. She was sure she was making a great display for Ralph and the old man but they just talked to each other until she was on the far side. She spent so much time watching her step she barely looked at the pile. She had gone all around it and was finally coming up to Ralph and the old man again when she spotted it. It was a 'W'. She caught herself just before she let out a great sob.

It was just a 'W' that was visible but Tracy recognized it at once. The size, the colour, even the stain on the bottom corner. It was the 'Woman's' sign from the toilet block. The place she had left her clothes taped up and hidden away back in what seemed like so many years ago.

She stood there and stared at the piece of the sign. Finally she clapped her hands once. Ralph had not seen her coming around the pile yet and wheeled around very surprised. “Ah!. Here we go.” he said walking over to Tracy. Once he got there he said, “Very good. Now remember, don't do anything but clap. He has people to dig for us.

Once the old man had caught up to Ralph and Tracy he turned and faced back the way they had come and shouted, “Ladies!” Turning back to Ralph he said, “Can't imagine what you could get from that little pile. Not enough copper to sell, nor bricks to build with.”

Ralph shook his head, “Just take a look, would you?”

After a minute of pointing to the 'W' Tracy looked back to where the old man was. Over the pile of dirt behind them came the two handy helpers. They were healthy well fed country ladies. They wore heavy shoes suitable for kicking around on piles of dirt and work gloves for picking up heavy, sharp rocks and had shovels for breaking and moving earth from one pile to the other. Apart from that they were naked. “C'mon ladies. This here man wants to see some diggin'.” To Ralph he said, ”This here is Deloris and Janey. They do all the work around here.” The two walked up to Tracy and looked her up and down like they were seeing a show.

“You look hot!” the young one said, smiling broadly as she chewed on her gum. “I'm Janey. Pleased to meet ya.” Tracy nodded and smiled. She could see Janey's collar was lighter and thinner than her own, as was the one on Deloris' neck. “We don't get a lot of city folk out here.” Both the ladies had their long hair sensibly braided and hanging behind them. Their generous breasts were as tanned as their faces. Both had their pubic hair fully grown in and heading up to their navels.

Before they could chat her up too much Ralph stepped up, “Betty here is not talking today. She's been running her mouth a bit too much for me.” Looking at the old man, “You know how it is.” The old man started to take charge in a way.

“Get going here. Dig where she tells you, already.” The girls walked up to where Tracy had pointed and began to tear into the pile, throwing dirt and rocks everywhere with great energy and excitement.

Ralph shouted,“Hey! Take it easy! I'm looking for something small. Take your time. She'll show you where.” The girls looked at one another, thinking, and then at Tracy. They began again now slowing to a crawl. Soon they were scraping the dirt from the pile with their shovels into their hands, taking it away to the next pile. This went on for a while until Tracy clapped again and motioned for them to dig nearby and also to speed up.

After forty minutes of this it was clear to Tracy that this was just the place to look, just where her things should be. But they weren't. They found the toilet tank, the bowl and the fittings but still nothing of hers. After a few more shovel fulls Deloris spoke up. She was much older than Janey, older and heavier and fairly out of shape, but very tan. How she had been chosen as a slave was a mystery to Tracy. “Is this what yer lookin' for, mister?” She bent over and pulled at the package. Tracy almost shouted but clapped instead. She motioned for very slow and let Deloris pull her package free from the dirt. Tracy's taped up package containing her dress, shoes and keys, just the way she had left them. But just as she was about to be rescued the package came free. It was ripped in two, just the way a construction backhoe would rip it. Deloris stood up with it and held it as it came apart in her hands. Out came scraps of Tracy's dress, completely destroyed shoes and her key chain. Even her key chain with her apartment key was cut in two, with no key in sight. Holding back tears Tracy pointed all over the ground where the package had been and looked everywhere. She was tempted to get on her hands and knees to dig around herself but let the girls continue. They went on another hour without finding the other half of the package, and no pipes. Tracy had hoped the pipe with her collar key taped to it would be nearby.

Ralph watched and waited. After a good long while he said, “Well it was a good gamble.” Tracy looked back at him with a desperate expression. He returned it with a reassuring nod. “So when did you get these girls?” he asked the old man.

The old man rubbed his chin, “Well Janey there wanted to get collared back when she was seventeen but her mother made her wait.” He shouted at the girls, “How old are you now, Janey?”

Janey was on one knee, with her pussy wide open, covered with dirt, dust and body hair. She looked up from her digging with a huge grin, “Twenty-three last month.”

Deloris looked up sternly, “Seventeen is just too young.”

"Deloris held out for a few months but Janey bein' so happy convinced her. So now I got the two goin'”

“That must be quite an expense with the collars and registrations. So Deloris is the girl friend?”, said Ralph.

“Yeah, She's the gal-pal alright. Janey is her kin. They ain't so expensive, I know some folks so it ain't so bad. Whatever makes the girls happy, that's all that counts.”

But Ralph could see that Tracy was not happy at all. Her life was still in this pile of dirt and she was not able to get it back. Tracy walked down the mountain to Ralph and turned her back on the old man and whispered to Ralph. “Ask about the plumbing, the pipes. My key was on the pipes. Please!” Ralph made a sympathetic grunt, waited a moment and walked to the old man.

“Say, did you get any plumbing out of this wreck? Some galvanized pipe might be just what I need.”

“Oh, well now, I got all a that anybody needs. That's over here.” he said heading back to his shack.

Even though she had seen her dress, shoes and everything ripped and ruined Tracy still could not walk away from the pile of dirt. If she found the other half of the package that would be ruined too. There had to be something left even if she knew there wasn't. She walked away to keep up with Ralph while the ladies kept digging, now for their own curiosity and perhaps a surprise.

The old man stopped behind his shack where a massive collection of old plumbing and pipes was rotting on the ground. Ralph pointed to a few long pipes and got the old man to pick up one end and turn them over, showing that they “didn't have no holes underneath”. Tracy watched intently for the patch of tape hiding her key. It looked to the old man that Ralph did not know what he wanted except to look over every last scrap of pipe there was.

The old man had picked up nearly every piece of pipe before eventually Tracy clapped, but only softly. She saw her pipe with the tape still on it. It was flapping open and closed, back and forth, as the old man turned it this way and that. There was no key. All was lost. That meant the end of Tracy.

Ralph saw the tape and got the meaning. He looked at his watch and made a face. “Whoa, where has the time gone. Look, I really want to thank you for your time today.” As he reached for his wallet he looked at Tracy. “Head on back to the car and wait there.” Looking back to the old man he said, “And who are these people you know? Do they need any more business?”

Tracy walked slowly back to the car with her head down, not a comfortable pose with the big collar on her neck. She saw the dirt and dust on her tits and knew she needed a shower but didn't care. She was wearing hair that was not her own, make-up and nails that was not her own. All she owned in the world now were big tits and a shaved pussy everyone seemed to want but her. She also owned the collar but without the key it really possessed her instead. All along the roads between here and her old home, her old life, were scraps of her dress, her shoes and a tiny key, and she would never see any of them again.

Next up: “The long Way Back”
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      FlaGuy, this is very interesting and I look forward to more episodes as Tracy tries to resume her previous life. Also, do you plan to post any more stories of the Employment At Last series? That was... more
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        Thank you, dtrelsky, for your input. I do appreciate your opinions. But please don't tip the unused plots or spoil the surprises by listing the possibilities. If I do it right you and everyone will... more
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