Re: Tracy's Collar Continues Part 3
Sat Aug 11, 2018 18:35

As was hinted in the first part, Ralph simply enough found the dumping location for the rubble, but with no gains made except that it may lead to a bit more resignation to the situation on Tracy's part. Her apartment key could still be found seeing as the slaves are still carefully combing through the rubble but either key is going to be tough to find with just a couple of naked slaves poking away at a giant pile of rubble. It doesn't seem like he wants to tell them what they are supposed to be searching for either, he could have found the keys and simply isn't mentioning it as Ralph is using a pretence of wanting raw materials, not keys or personal items.
The old man seems to be a lucky find in that he seems to have contacts that can help a fellow jump through the necessary hoops to legally have naked slave girls. Looking forward to Ralph getting some use out of the situation, it even seems like he might want Tracy's professional skills for something at work.
You're doing a great job and I'll be looking forward to the next parts as long as you keep going!

  • Tracy's Collar Continues Part 3FlaGuy, Sat Aug 11 00:58
    The last Tracy's Collar was not numbered "Part 2 as it should have been. My mistake. Pretty Dirty They left the beauty shop and walked back to the car. Tracy waited a moment after they got outside... more
    • Very interesting and another question...diffAnon, Thu Aug 16 01:23
      FlaGuy, this is very interesting and I look forward to more episodes as Tracy tries to resume her previous life. Also, do you plan to post any more stories of the Employment At Last series? That was... more
      • Yes on all countsFlaGuy, Sun Aug 26 17:16
        Yes, there is more to Employed At Last. I should take care of another piece of that before anything else. Thanks for reminding me. It can also be found in the WritingsOfLeviticus site on "Kinky... more
        • Thanks!diffAnon, Sat Sep 1 02:49
          I am looking forward to it!
    • Re: Tracy's Collar Continues Part 3 — Anonymous, Sat Aug 11 18:35
      • Keep it to yourself, pleaseFlaGuy, Mon Aug 13 23:48
        Thank you, dtrelsky, for your input. I do appreciate your opinions. But please don't tip the unused plots or spoil the surprises by listing the possibilities. If I do it right you and everyone will... more
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