Shirts vs Skins
Sat Aug 11, 2018 21:23

Shirts vs. Skins

Introductions first: My name is Sharon and I live in the New England. I am three weeks from my twentieth birthday. I have short (boy cut), jet black hair and weigh 116 pounds. I am very active in sports and attend a junior college two hours from my home. Well, now that you have some specifics about who I am, this is my story.

I’ll start by telling you, some days you just can’t prepare for what might happen. It all started innocently enough last Sunday afternoon. I went for a walk, and ended up down by the junior college, where I go to school, and played on the varsity basketball team during my freshman year. I am short, only 5’ 4” tall, but have a great outside shot, and I am a pretty good point guard, if I do say so myself. It was late august, and I had just started my sophomore year the week before. The temperature was unusually hot, in the mid-nineties and the humidity was high.

With such weather conditions, I chose to wear a light sundress, bra and white cotton panties. I had on my sneakers and ankle socks, because I had planned on walking several miles that day for the exercise, despite the heat. Other than my water bottle, I had no other possessions with me. I have a hide-a-way key to my little studio apartment, so I didn’t have to carry a purse during my walk. As I walked along the sidewalk in the rear of the college, I saw some guys shooting hoops on the outdoor court. I also noticed someone appeared to be opening the door to the gymnasium. I thought that was strange since it was Sunday but didn’t give it too much thought.

Since I was in a tree shaded area, I took a few minutes to rest and watch the guys play. They were o.k. but I could easily hold my own among them. You see, I chose this junior college for three reasons. One: I knew my basketball skills would get me a spot on any college team, but a small junior college would allow me much more playing time than a larger one. I never expected to have a career playing basketball, so I wanted the opportunity to play a lot. Two: I had planned to transfer to a larger school my junior year, to keep from going into too much debt for my education. Third: I was two hours from home, so I could visit often but still be out on my own. The college was in a quaint small-town setting and had a great nursing program.

I continued to watch their game from a distance, when a girl I knew from the college, walked up beside me. Her name was Emily. She and I had some classes together but were not real close. Emily was taller than me, about 5’7”, and had red hair. Noticing I had been watching the guys play, she said, “That’s my brother Sam, going into the gym. He practices with those high school seniors, sometimes”. “They’re allowed to use the 'Gym' when the school is closed?”, I asked. “I guess so”, she replied.

I tilted my bottle and took the last swig of my water. Emily noticed my empty water bottle, then offered to ask her brother if I could go into the gym and refill it from the water fountain. “Why not?”, I thought, and nodded in agreement. We made our way over to the court, where her brother and six sweaty high school guys were taking a water break of their own. The guys had been playing shirts vs skins, so the three of them who were skins, were not wearing shirts. I had to gain my focus, and not stare at their sweaty, glistening abs.

Emily said, “Hey Sam. This is my friend Sharon. Can she fill her water bottle at the fountain inside?” Sam seemed somewhat irritated and said, “I know who she is. Have her hurry up. Only us guys are supposed to be in there”. I felt awkward and my heart was beating faster, as I hurried in and refilled my water bottle. I’m not sure if I was a little anxious because I wasn’t supposed to be in the gym on a Sunday, or if it was because those boys were so cute and fit. ‘Boys”. Listen to me. I was only two years older than them.

I returned outside and heard Emily telling Sam, “Sharon played on the girl’s, varsity basketball team when she was only a freshman”. Sam did not seem impressed, as he instructed the guys to move the game into the gym. I started to wonder what he meant when he said, he knew who I was, as I watched the high school seniors go through the gymnasium door. I must have had a puzzled look on my face, because Emily noticed my expression and started to fill me in. “Sam is a senior this year, and still plays on the junior varsity basketball team. I know he goes to the girl’s games to support the team, and the school. He must be a little jealous that you played on the varsity team your freshman year.

Just when I thought they were going to close the outside gym door, one of the shirtless guys, wearing only small gym shorts and sneakers, peeked his head out and asked, “Do you two want to come in and watch the game?” Immediately, I was against the idea, but Emily pulled me aside and said, ‘Sharon. I like one of those guys. Please go in with me?” with a desperate but sweet expression on her face. O.k. but only for a few minutes” I replied. The boy holding the door smiled, as Emily and I walked past his toned physique. I didn’t know which boy Emily was attracted too, but they were all pretty cute.

Emily and I sat on the bleachers, while the guys warmed up with some outside shooting and basic basketball drills. I assumed Sam was going to take more of a coaching or referee position, since the high school boys already had an even three on three. After a few minutes, one of the boys wearing a shirt was replaced my Sam and the three on three game began. Emily whispered to me, that the boy sitting on the bleachers in front of us, was the one she liked. “He’s only a year younger than me”, she emphasized, trying to come to terms, in her own mind, that she was in college and he was a high school senior.

I signaled to Emily with my eyes, and headed down the few bleacher seats, separating us from the object of her crush. Making sure there was a place between me and the young man, for her to sit, I turned my focus to the game. Emily took her place between us. “Hey Jimmy. How’s it going?”, she asked him. “Pretty good Emily. How are you doing?” I quietly slid down a bit, allowing Emily an opportunity to further her one on one discussion with this cute guy. After all, that’s why I agreed to watch the game with her in the first place.

I couldn’t help from overhearing that the eighth guy expected to play, cancelled at the last minute. I felt bad for Jimmy, but Emily seemed thrilled it worked out as it did. Even so, Jimmy was obviously disappointed. I figured they would substitute the players in and out of the game sooner or later, but I was wrong. Jimmy went on to tell Emily that he was the only one who didn’t play on the school team and was more a baseball player than basketball player. He said the competition was fierce, so he had little chance of playing in an odd numbered game.

I am extremely competitive myself but would never let one person sit on the bench, while everyone else got to play. It was just a pick-up game after all. It didn’t mean anything! I felt a little weird but was happy to be in the air-conditioned gymnasium. I was a little self-conscious, but a bit turned on. The cool breeze from the air-conditioning vent was stimulating me under my sundress, while I was watching these shirtless hunks running up and down the court. Emily continued to distract Jimmy as the game went on.

After fifteen minutes of non-stop running, playing, sweating and basically turning me on, the guys finally took a break. Trying not to seem obviously aroused, I got up and went to the water fountain to refill my water bottle, even though it wasn’t near empty. As I filled it to the brim, I heard Emily say, “Sam. When does Jimmy get to play?” In his arrogant tone, he responded. “We don’t have enough players for him to play Emily”. That’s when I heard those fateful words spill from Emily’s mouth. “Sharon can play! She’s very good! Then the teams will be even, with each having four players”.

The high school boys looked at me, as I walked back from the water fountain. “No. I really don't want to play”, I said. Sam responded in a demeaning tone, “Oh. The superstar basketball player doesn’t want to play, Guys. She must be afraid to mix it up with the big boys”. Emily and the high school boys looked to me. Their eyes said it all, “Don’t let him bully you Sharon”. I relented and said, “O.k. I’ll play! I had forgotten I was wearing a short sundress and not the appropriate attire for playing basketball. I don’t think Sam thought I would agree to play, because he walked back onto the court saying, “Fine! We’ll take Jimmy and you can be skins!”

    • Shirts vs Skins - 2Sharon, Sun Aug 12 19:55
      “Skins? I’m not playing on the ‘Skins’ team!” I insisted. Sam continued his discontented attitude and replied. “Oh. ‘Big Girl’ on campus!” Staring at my little ‘A’ size breasts, he went on to say,... more
      • Shirts vs Skins - 3Sharon, Mon Aug 13 15:54
        Emily was busy cultivating her relationship with Jimmy, leaving me feeling naked and abandoned among the other players. To my surprise, no one, including Sam, made fun of my precarious situation.... more
        • imagining Sharonsmuuthie, Wed Oct 31 15:34
          I picture her like a cleaned up Joan Jett, good work, most enjoyable
        • Fun story!diffAnon, Wed Aug 15 14:28
          Please keep going!
          • Fun storySharon, Sun Aug 19 18:36
            Next chapters soon. Thanks everyone!!
        • I'm liking where this is going (nm)Neykid, Tue Aug 14 21:45
        • Enjoying thischeryl, Tue Aug 14 17:43
          To parrot Hooked6, I didn't see that coming, either! I'm excited to see where this leads! Thanks for writing and posting! ~cheryl
        • Interesting Turn! Glenn, Tue Aug 14 12:42
          Hi Sharon, Not sure what to expect next but enjoying it! Hoping for embarrassment over heavy humiliation. I want Sharon to have fun not be scared for life. Ha! Thanks, Glenn
          • Love the U turnDW, Wed Aug 15 11:50
            Never saw that coming. Can't wait for more
        • good storyvisitor, Tue Aug 14 09:21
          Hope her punishment includes more humiliation and lots of nudity/exposure.
        • Didn't see that coming . . . Hooked6, Tue Aug 14 05:06
      • Got My AttentionJB, Mon Aug 13 10:44
        Most certainly!
      • You Have A New Best Friend!Glenn, Mon Aug 13 02:56
        Hi Sharon, This story is just wonderful! Can't wait to read Part 3. Hoping for some romance and support from Tony. I've no doubt Sharon feels some embarrassment but I think she is badass to play on... more
        • pictureslarry.mahan4, Tue Aug 14 15:02
          I would like to see those pictures
          • Re: Pictures!Glenn, Wed Aug 15 11:37
            Hi Larry, Send an email to and I will send you some. Thanks, Kevin
    • Please continue (nm)DW, Sun Aug 12 17:07
    • InterestingHooked6, Sun Aug 12 04:59
      I hope you will continue
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