Sun Aug 12, 2018 04:59

I hope you will continue

  • Shirts vs SkinsSharon, Sat Aug 11 21:23
    Shirts vs. Skins Introductions first: My name is Sharon and I live in the New England. I am three weeks from my twentieth birthday. I have short (boy cut), jet black hair and weigh 116 pounds. I am... more
    • Shirts vs Skins - 2Sharon, Sun Aug 12 19:55
      “Skins? I’m not playing on the ‘Skins’ team!” I insisted. Sam continued his discontented attitude and replied. “Oh. ‘Big Girl’ on campus!” Staring at my little ‘A’ size breasts, he went on to say,... more
      • Shirts vs Skins - 3Sharon, Mon Aug 13 15:54
        Emily was busy cultivating her relationship with Jimmy, leaving me feeling naked and abandoned among the other players. To my surprise, no one, including Sam, made fun of my precarious situation.... more
        • imagining Sharonsmuuthie, Wed Oct 31 15:34
          I picture her like a cleaned up Joan Jett, good work, most enjoyable
        • Fun story!diffAnon, Wed Aug 15 14:28
          Please keep going!
          • Fun storySharon, Sun Aug 19 18:36
            Next chapters soon. Thanks everyone!!
        • I'm liking where this is going (nm)Neykid, Tue Aug 14 21:45
        • Enjoying thischeryl, Tue Aug 14 17:43
          To parrot Hooked6, I didn't see that coming, either! I'm excited to see where this leads! Thanks for writing and posting! ~cheryl
        • Interesting Turn! Glenn, Tue Aug 14 12:42
          Hi Sharon, Not sure what to expect next but enjoying it! Hoping for embarrassment over heavy humiliation. I want Sharon to have fun not be scared for life. Ha! Thanks, Glenn
          • Love the U turnDW, Wed Aug 15 11:50
            Never saw that coming. Can't wait for more
        • good storyvisitor, Tue Aug 14 09:21
          Hope her punishment includes more humiliation and lots of nudity/exposure.
        • Didn't see that coming . . . Hooked6, Tue Aug 14 05:06
      • Got My AttentionJB, Mon Aug 13 10:44
        Most certainly!
      • You Have A New Best Friend!Glenn, Mon Aug 13 02:56
        Hi Sharon, This story is just wonderful! Can't wait to read Part 3. Hoping for some romance and support from Tony. I've no doubt Sharon feels some embarrassment but I think she is badass to play on... more
        • pictureslarry.mahan4, Tue Aug 14 15:02
          I would like to see those pictures
          • Re: Pictures!Glenn, Wed Aug 15 11:37
            Hi Larry, Send an email to Village248@aol.com and I will send you some. Thanks, Kevin
    • Interesting — Hooked6, Sun Aug 12 04:59
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