Shirts vs Skins - 2
Sun Aug 12, 2018 19:55

“Skins? I’m not playing on the ‘Skins’ team!” I insisted. Sam continued his discontented attitude and replied. “Oh. ‘Big Girl’ on campus!” Staring at my little ‘A’ size breasts, he went on to say, “Sharon! You don’t have anything there anyway. Who cares if you’re skins?”. I turned to Emily and said, “No Way Emily! I’m not playing topless!” Her pleading eyes were begging me to go through with it, so Jimmy could play too. I argued continuously, but her infatuation with Jimmy clouded her vision. All she wanted, was to help him get on the court, but at what cost to me?

I started to walk toward the door leading outside, when I was stopped by one of the shirtless high schoolers. He was one of the boys I was barely able to take my eyes off of. He must have been Italian. Wearing the smallest and tightest spandex gym shorts available, with hair as black as mine, he smiled at me and said. “Please Sharon. Why won’t you play?” I must have lost my mind, because I pulled up my dress to just below my ‘A’ size breasts and said, “Look! I can’t play basketball like this!” I found out his name was Tony, as we both surveyed my low-cut white cotton panties, that allowed my black pubic hair to rise above the waist band.

He stared at my now stimulated pussy and continued to beg with his eyes for me to play. There was no way I was going to play basketball wearing just my panties and sneakers. “Sharon. Who cares if you are topless?” I pulled my shirt above my nipples for Tony, and replied, “Tony! I can’t play like this!” My nipples were so erect and sore from being so aroused, that I was embarrassed for everyone else to see them. Sam continued his belittling rant and said. “You know guys. They are all women libers until it’s time to play like a man”.

That was it! I had heard enough! I ripped off my sundress and bra and dropped them on the gym floor next to me. Standing there in just my white cotton panties and sneakers I said. “Let’s play!” All eyes were on my now exposed ‘A’ size breasts and scantly covered pussy, as I picked up a basketball and started to dribble down the court. For the first time in my life, I was happy I had small breasts. Having double ‘D’s bouncing all over while I was running up and down the court, would have been even more embarrassing. I must admit I had this impassioned desire to be observed by the boys, as I pulled up and sank a three pointer from the perimeter. I turned to the guys and said, “Are you guys ready to play?”

Emily was so excited that Jimmy was going to get to play, but Sam seemed disappointed, that I was not only willing to play in just my panties but was actually going through with it. The sensation of being so exposed was titillating, as I stood there with my black pubic hair sprouting up slightly past the waist band of my low-cut panties. The teams were set, and the game was on. I took my usual position as point guard and moved our team down the court. I couldn’t believe I was playing basketball with seven guys in my college gymnasium, wearing only panties and sneakers. I must admit, it was thrilling!

Making sure I wasn’t seen as a ball hog, I passed the ball back and forth to my fellow, shirtless team mates. I threaded the needle with a bounce pass to Tony who made a layup. We had scored the first points of the game while another of my team mates gave me a high five, as we fell back on defense. This would prove to be the first true test of my nerve. Anyone who knows the game of basketball, knows when on defense, you must keep your hands up and legs spread for balance. I was completely exposed to the seven guys on the court, and Emily in the bleachers.

The game went back and forth as most games do. We were up five points thanks to my foul shooting. I guess it should have been expected that the other team players were going to foul me more than the guys. There were plenty of hands grabbing my tits and ass, disguised as inadvertent fouls. I took them in stride and made my way to the foul line. Standing there on the foul line, with everyone’s attention on me, was getting me more and more aroused. I really had to focus to make those shots.

I settled into my game and concentrated on playing the best I could but was unable to totally disregard my state of dress. Sweat was now covering my bare skin, which was a constant reminder of the fact that I was almost naked. I would usually wipe the sweat off my face using my shirt, which I did not have on. The constant fouling for the purpose of getting some cheap thrills, dissipated a bit. I guess they got tired of watching me sink those foul shots. The game continued for another half hour with only a few one-minute breaks. As badly as I needed the rest, along with everyone else, it was then I felt most vulnerable.

I tried to maintain some dignity, while being the center of attention courtside. When we were playing I felt less noticed, but courtside, that was different. I felt my now sweaty, bare skin was on display for all to see. It’s not easy pretending it doesn’t bother you, trying to act like one of ‘The guys’. The problem was ‘The Guys’ didn’t have breasts and they had shorts on. Even though my breasts were small, my nipples still became erect and my snug little cotton panties were now soaked with sweat. Being this exposed was both arousing and humiliating at the same time.

We finally took an extended break of fifteen minutes. I spent my time courtside talking about the game, in a failed attempt to distract the guys from continuing their obvious stares. I get it. I caught myself staring at them a few times, but they were dressed appropriately for the game. I wasn’t. To add insult to injury, my water bottle cap was loose, and water poured down the front of my panties as I was taking a sip. Instantly my panties turned transparent, proving I was no blonde. My black pubic hair could be seen through the thin, wet fabric from the other side of the gym. I have never been so mortified as every eye in the gymnasium was glued to my crotch and now exposed black bush.

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    Shirts vs. Skins Introductions first: My name is Sharon and I live in the New England. I am three weeks from my twentieth birthday. I have short (boy cut), jet black hair and weigh 116 pounds. I am... more
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        Emily was busy cultivating her relationship with Jimmy, leaving me feeling naked and abandoned among the other players. To my surprise, no one, including Sam, made fun of my precarious situation.... more
        • imagining Sharonsmuuthie, Wed Oct 31 15:34
          I picture her like a cleaned up Joan Jett, good work, most enjoyable
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          Please keep going!
          • Fun storySharon, Sun Aug 19 18:36
            Next chapters soon. Thanks everyone!!
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          To parrot Hooked6, I didn't see that coming, either! I'm excited to see where this leads! Thanks for writing and posting! ~cheryl
        • Interesting Turn! Glenn, Tue Aug 14 12:42
          Hi Sharon, Not sure what to expect next but enjoying it! Hoping for embarrassment over heavy humiliation. I want Sharon to have fun not be scared for life. Ha! Thanks, Glenn
          • Love the U turnDW, Wed Aug 15 11:50
            Never saw that coming. Can't wait for more
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          Hope her punishment includes more humiliation and lots of nudity/exposure.
        • Didn't see that coming . . . Hooked6, Tue Aug 14 05:06
      • Got My AttentionJB, Mon Aug 13 10:44
        Most certainly!
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        Hi Sharon, This story is just wonderful! Can't wait to read Part 3. Hoping for some romance and support from Tony. I've no doubt Sharon feels some embarrassment but I think she is badass to play on... more
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          I would like to see those pictures
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            Hi Larry, Send an email to and I will send you some. Thanks, Kevin
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      I hope you will continue
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