Shirts vs Skins - 3
Mon Aug 13, 2018 15:54

Emily was busy cultivating her relationship with Jimmy, leaving me feeling naked and abandoned among the other players. To my surprise, no one, including Sam, made fun of my precarious situation. There was not one teasing word, as I impatiently waited for the game to resume. Maybe it was due to the passive attitude of the college-high school correlation. Maybe the boys looked at me as more of an adult. Regardless, I was grateful I hadn’t become the object of any ridicule.

Trying to maintain some level of dignity, while wearing only soaking wet, transparent panties, that allowed my bare breasts and pubic hair to be in perfect view of everyone, was unfathomable. After what seemed like an eternity, we finally took to the court and started to play. My total concentration on the game, diverted my attention from the overwhelming sense of impropriety I was feeling. I had been exposed for almost an hour at this point, but this inner perception of my own indecency remained unbearable.

Ten minutes into play, the aggressive pace of the game preoccupied my attention. This finally allowed me some small diversion from these thoughts about my own indiscretion. I was playing basketball with seven guys, wearing only my panties and sneakers, in my college gymnasium! What was I thinking? Why did I agree to it? Emily and I were not that close, so it couldn’t be for our friendship. I dribbled down the court and passed the ball to a team mate who scored. Running backwards on defense I started to question my own emotional state.

There was no denying it. This was exhilarating! Every time I got into a scuffle for a loose ball, I became more sexually stimulated. I was unaware someone could feel so excited and apprehensive at the same time, but I was. Once again, dripping with sweat and feeling the bodies of the guys brushing against me bare skin, I had lost all my inhibition. I was playing as if I was wearing college basketball uniform. It was intoxicating. As I said earlier, I knew I could hold my own with these guys, but doing it wearing only my panties was a huge turn on and burst for my ego. I could play all afternoon like this!

I can’t believe I am admitting to this, but when we took our next sixty second break, I discreetly wet my panties again. This time on purpose. I tried to justify in my mind that I did it for an advantage on the court, but the truth is, I was elevating my sexual stimulation. Being the object of attention of these cute guys was so erotic. I even shot baskets while the guys were resting courtside, trying not to come off looking like I was deliberately exhibiting my tiny, almost naked frame. But I was. Being so exposed had become such a ‘Rush’ I had almost forgotten where I was. Almost.

I was at the far end of the court shooting baskets, when my sense of euphoria would come crashing down. The gym door leading to the locker rooms burst open and there stood Mr. Wallace, the dean of students. “Let’s get out of here!” was all I heard from the end of the court leading outside. The trampling of sneakers and the slamming of the outside door followed, as I was left standing there alone in front of Mr. Wallace. I must have been in shock because I just froze, not even having the ware-a-bouts to cover my tiny breasts.

The sound of his shoes clacking on the gym floor, as he made his way over to me, seemed excruciatingly loud. He stopped a few feet from me and scanned my inappropriately dressed body. He muttered, “I can only imagine where your clothes are”. Then he caught sight of my soaked panties and visible pubic hair and asked in a stern voice. “Why are your panties wet?” Total humiliation overcame every fiber of my being, as I was unable to answer him. I finally regained enough of my bearings to cover my breasts. “Oh no! Arms by your side”, he demanded. “I see no reason for any modesty at this point young lady”.

I dropped my arms to my sides, and my head in disgrace, as complete and utter shame overwhelmed me. The clacking of his shoes continued as he slowly walked around me, surveying every inch of bare skin and what could be seen through my wet, transparent panties. I almost started to cry, realizing I had no idea how much trouble I was in. Would I be suspended or expelled? How could I possibly explain this to my parents? After keeping me in suspense for what seemed like forever, he finally spoke again, “Well miss”. What to do with you? Do I report the trespassing to the police? Do I notify your parents? What to do?” he said, aware he was now emotionally torturing me. He had the upper hand and he knew it.

Mr. Wallace made his way back in front of me and asked, “What is your name young lady? And please look at me when you answer”. I turned my red face upward and replied, “Sharon”. “Sharon”, he muttered. “Well Sharon, don’t you play basketball on the varsity team?” “Yes sir”, I answered, wondering how my circumstances could have changed so dramatically, in just a few minutes. “I think I should notify your coach first, since she bares some responsibility for the girls on her team”. I wanted to beg him not to contact my coach, Miss Reynolds, but the threat of a trespassing charge with the police worried me more than anything.

Not allowing me to retrieve my clothes, Mr. Wallace pulled out his cell phone and dialed Miss Reynolds. ‘Mortified’, is not a strong enough word to describe how I was feeling. He confirmed she was on her way. My coach would be here soon, and I had no idea how to explain why I was playing basketball, wearing just my panties and sneakers, in the college gymnasium. There is no explanation! I got caught up in the moment and was about to pay the price for my inexcusable behavior.

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    • Shirts vs Skins - 3 — Sharon, Mon Aug 13 15:54
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        I picture her like a cleaned up Joan Jett, good work, most enjoyable
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        Please keep going!
        • Fun storySharon, Sun Aug 19 18:36
          Next chapters soon. Thanks everyone!!
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        To parrot Hooked6, I didn't see that coming, either! I'm excited to see where this leads! Thanks for writing and posting! ~cheryl
      • Interesting Turn! Glenn, Tue Aug 14 12:42
        Hi Sharon, Not sure what to expect next but enjoying it! Hoping for embarrassment over heavy humiliation. I want Sharon to have fun not be scared for life. Ha! Thanks, Glenn
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          Never saw that coming. Can't wait for more
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        Hope her punishment includes more humiliation and lots of nudity/exposure.
      • Didn't see that coming . . . Hooked6, Tue Aug 14 05:06
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      Hi Sharon, This story is just wonderful! Can't wait to read Part 3. Hoping for some romance and support from Tony. I've no doubt Sharon feels some embarrassment but I think she is badass to play on... more
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        I would like to see those pictures
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          Hi Larry, Send an email to and I will send you some. Thanks, Kevin
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