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Nature Lover
Old School Dare - Prologue
Sun Sep 9, 2018 22:25

Alexis tip-toed down the empty hallway. A small part of her mind was telling herself that it was true - the halls of her old high school did indeed feel smaller now that she was back visiting for the first time, three years after she had graduated from this place. That same small part marveled again at how tiny the lockers were - had she really kept everything she needed in one of those? The room numbers and most of the teacher names brought back memories, some good, some not. If it had been daytime she would have stopped by a couple rooms where her favorite teachers held class. She wondered if they’d remember her, not sure if she had made a lasting impression on them or not.

Of course, if they were to see her now she was sure she’d leave a lasting impression, considering Alexis was completely naked.

    • Old School Dare - part 1Nature Lover, Sun Sep 9 22:27
      Alexis had returned home from college for Spring Break - most of her friends were down south for the week, and while she wanted to join them the way she had the past two years, she was headed to... more
      • Re: Old School Dare - part 1RSC, Tue Sep 11 05:15
        I like the premise, but it seem that she jumped to refusing to take a naked selfie before anyone suggested it. Did a paragraph get lost or is there some kind of implication I'm missing?
        • “Natalie smiled and explained the dare.”Nature Lover, Tue Sep 11 14:05
          Hi! There’s a line in part one that mentions Natalie explaining a dare that we don’t hear - it’s only Alexis’s reply that clues us in and let’s us know that Natalie’s dare was to take a naked selfie... more
      • Old School Dare - part 2Nature Lover, Sun Sep 9 22:37
        The fifth day she was home, Alexis’s parents had planned to go out of town to see a touring company of some broadway show - they bought the tickets before they realized it was the same week Alexis... more
        • Old School Dare - part 3Nature Lover, Sun Sep 9 22:41
          At first Alexis simply walked the halls of her old school. She even started to relax, reliving memories as she passed by the rooms of her favorite teachers. She happened upon her old locker and found ... more
          • Old School Dare - part 4Nature Lover, Sun Sep 9 22:51
            Asking herself why she was doing this, Alexis turned her phone on, opened the camera app, and turned the screen around so she could see herself. Her eyes went wide as she did - with the camera at... more
            • Old School Dare - part 5Nature Lover, Wed Sep 12 00:03
              Alexis looked around, and without thinking walked to the stage at the end of the room - only a couple feet higher than the rest of the room, there was a podium in the center looking out over the... more
              • Old School Dare - part 6Nature Lover, Wed Sep 12 00:10
                After sending the photos Alexis felt, not relaxed, but not quite as nervous, either. She stepped out of the multi-purpose room and started softly walking down the hallway, but not in the direction of ... more
                • Can't wait to hear what happens nextDW, Wed Sep 12 08:23
                  Now wouldn't it be a shame if someone noticed the class room lights were on and came to investigate? And just curious, does the school wifi system some how record what is transmitted? You also have... more
                  • Maybe, maybe notJB, Wed Sep 12 12:07
                    Yes, DW. I'm sure that most of us are thinking that. She could continue bolder and bolder on her own. It definitely happens that way, has been happening that way and it is suspenseful and erotic. She ... more
            • Enjoyable Set-UpSliceReality, Tue Sep 11 14:14
              Short and sweet chapters but I really like the story premise and the set-up for this one. I'm intrigued to know where Alexis' little adventure / misadventure might go next...
            • Like where this is goingDW, Mon Sep 10 00:29
              Please continue
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