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Nature Lover
Old School Dare - part 1
Sun Sep 9, 2018 22:27

Alexis had returned home from college for Spring Break - most of her friends were down south for the week, and while she wanted to join them the way she had the past two years, she was headed to Europe this summer and had to save every dollar she could for the trip she was taking with her two best friends, Natalie and Caroline, both of whom had also headed home for what they thought would be a boring break. Actually theirs was probably less boring since they lived near each other and they were planning to get together partway through the week.

Before going their separate ways, they had gone to their favorite pizza place to relax. It was during dinner that Caroline had complained about the impending boredom and Natalie had said “I’m sure we can find some way to liven things up”. The way she said it made Alexis both irritated and relieved she wouldn’t be with them. None of the three were what you’d call adventurous, but lately Natalie had been on a mischievous streak, daring her friends to do risky and risqué things, most of which they ignored - drunk dialing a guy she liked was the farthest Alexis had gone.

When she remarked that she’d be even more bored than the other two, Natalie was quiet for a moment before asking “Didn’t you tell me once that your dad is a teacher at your old high school? He’d have keys to the building, wouldn’t he?”

Alexis nodded without thinking, and then as her brain caught up she looked at Natalie with narrowed eyes, “Why?” Natalie smiled and explained the dare.

“No, absolutely not - are you insane?? There’s no way I’m going to break into my old school and take a naked selfie - no way!!” Alexis said forcefully.

“Okay, jeez, calm down. Just a thought, forget I even mentioned it.” As much as Natalie liked to dare her friends, she didn’t have any power to compel them to do what she said, and most of the time she wasn’t serious about her dares anyway.

“Fine, I will” said Alexis, who had every intention of forgetting it.

Except the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Maybe it was the boredom, maybe it was the thought that Alexis had been wanting to push her limits. She had never had a steady boyfriend, but lots of first dates, most of whom had expressed interest in seeing more of her - a lot more of her than she was willing to show. Even by herself in her own bedroom she typically wore sweatpants and a t-shirt to bed. Her figure, which honestly she was proud of, was also a source of embarrassment; she didn’t care for guys staring at her breasts, or her legs, or any other part of her. She never walked around naked at her apartment, choosing to get dressed as soon as she stepped out of the shower every morning. She would never be the stereotypical naked woman with a towel wrapped around her head calmly walking around her home; even now the thought gave her shivers.

Of course, there was nothing typical about walking through one’s old high school completely naked.

Ever since that pizza dinner a few nights earlier, Natalie’s dare was all Alexis could think about. On the plane ride home, laying awake at night back in her childhood room, even while running errands for her family. Everyone had the dream (nightmare) eventually, of finding themselves naked at school. Alexis actually had an opportunity to make it a reality. She wasn't sure if that was a good thing.

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    • Old School Dare - part 1 — Nature Lover, Sun Sep 9 22:27
      • Re: Old School Dare - part 1RSC, Tue Sep 11 05:15
        I like the premise, but it seem that she jumped to refusing to take a naked selfie before anyone suggested it. Did a paragraph get lost or is there some kind of implication I'm missing?
        • “Natalie smiled and explained the dare.”Nature Lover, Tue Sep 11 14:05
          Hi! There’s a line in part one that mentions Natalie explaining a dare that we don’t hear - it’s only Alexis’s reply that clues us in and let’s us know that Natalie’s dare was to take a naked selfie... more
      • Old School Dare - part 2Nature Lover, Sun Sep 9 22:37
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            Asking herself why she was doing this, Alexis turned her phone on, opened the camera app, and turned the screen around so she could see herself. Her eyes went wide as she did - with the camera at... more
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              Alexis looked around, and without thinking walked to the stage at the end of the room - only a couple feet higher than the rest of the room, there was a podium in the center looking out over the... more
              • Old School Dare - part 6Nature Lover, Wed Sep 12 00:10
                After sending the photos Alexis felt, not relaxed, but not quite as nervous, either. She stepped out of the multi-purpose room and started softly walking down the hallway, but not in the direction of ... more
                • Can't wait to hear what happens nextDW, Wed Sep 12 08:23
                  Now wouldn't it be a shame if someone noticed the class room lights were on and came to investigate? And just curious, does the school wifi system some how record what is transmitted? You also have... more
                  • Maybe, maybe notJB, Wed Sep 12 12:07
                    Yes, DW. I'm sure that most of us are thinking that. She could continue bolder and bolder on her own. It definitely happens that way, has been happening that way and it is suspenseful and erotic. She ... more
            • Enjoyable Set-UpSliceReality, Tue Sep 11 14:14
              Short and sweet chapters but I really like the story premise and the set-up for this one. I'm intrigued to know where Alexis' little adventure / misadventure might go next...
            • Like where this is goingDW, Mon Sep 10 00:29
              Please continue
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