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Nature Lover
Old School Dare - part 3
Sun Sep 9, 2018 22:41

At first Alexis simply walked the halls of her old school. She even started to relax, reliving memories as she passed by the rooms of her favorite teachers. She happened upon her old locker and found a combination lock on it - the current occupant was clearly as untrusting a person as she had been. There always a few who didnít bother with a lock and a few lockers down Alexis found one. She opened it to see if she could figure out whose locker it was; if it was a seniorís it would have been someone she went to school with; even if she wasnít a teacher's kid most everyone knew each other.

There wasnít much to go by in the locker - a couple books, a notebook, and a pair of womenís sneakers, which made sense. Alexis usually wore sandals or other shoes that didnít work for phys ed and so had kept a pair of sneakers in her locker.

Seeing the other girlís shoes reminded Alexis of the shoes she was wearing, the shoes she would need to take off if she was to follow through with Natalieís dare. She stood at the open locker, biting her lower lip as she went back and forth - this was it. Was she actually going to strip down in her old school? Or would she chicken out? Natalie hadn't said anything further after Alexis told her to forget it, and probably assumed Alexis wouldnít even bother. Itís not as though her friend was expecting anything.

The other part of Alexis, the part pushing her to try new things and do something risky and all of that nonsense wasnít going away, though. Here she was, in an incredibly public space but one that was probably as safe as you could get. If she was going to do this, it was now or never.

Bending over, Alexisís hands started trembling as she picked up the flip flops she had just kicked off. She then had an idea and even smiled slightly as she put her shoes in the unknown girlís locker. She paused, debating which would be next. Lifting her shirt a little, she stopped and rested her thumbs on the waistband of her shorts. She couldnít decide at first, but then she slowly started to move her thumbs down, taking her shorts with them. When they reached her knees she straightened up and let the shorts fall the rest of the way to the floor, leaving her bottomless, with half her ass on display and the other half barely covered by the t-shirt, her only article of clothing she had left.

She bent down, exposing more of herself in the process, and quickly grabbed the shorts, stuffing them at the back of the girlís locker. She knew she was alone in the building, but didnít want to look around, irrationally thinking that if she did there would be people standing there watching.

With her back to the hallway, she crossed her arms and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, which unintentionally lifted it just high enough to reveal the rest of her rear end as well as her neatly shaved pussy. Closing her eyes and taking a breath, without giving herself more time to chicken out, she quickly whipped off her old t-shirt, tossed it in the locker and closed it just as quickly, jumping when she heard how loud the sound was. Her heart immediately started pounding as she threw one arm over her exposed pussy and the other over her pale breasts.

She finally turned around, figuring that if anyone was watching, at least facing them sheíd be able to cover herself instead of showing off her backside. Unconsciously she took a step back, only to be startled as her bare cheeks pressed against the bare metal. Alexis gasped and quickly stepped away from the lockers. She forced herself to breathe deeply as she tried to calm down...or at least to be as calm as she could while standing stark naked in the middle of her old high school. She wore no jewelry, not even a hairband; the only things on her body were the wristband with keys and her phone - she had a case that was like a wristlet that she wore on the same arm as the wristband with the keys.

Her phone...she needed to get a photo for Natalie to prove she was naked in her school. Her hands started shaking again as she turned her phone on.

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          Short and sweet chapters but I really like the story premise and the set-up for this one. I'm intrigued to know where Alexis' little adventure / misadventure might go next...
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          Please continue
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