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Nature Lover
Old School Dare - part 4
Sun Sep 9, 2018 22:51

Asking herself why she was doing this, Alexis turned her phone on, opened the camera app, and turned the screen around so she could see herself. Her eyes went wide as she did - with the camera at arm’s length she could see the top half of her naked body, including her nipples, stiffening from either the cool temperatures or more likely her embarrassed state of mind. Seeing herself naked with the school hallway behind her somehow made it even more real and visceral and her knees nearly buckled. She quickly moved her phone closer so the camera would only capture her from her bare shoulders up. She took a photo and then took another one with the flash on after seeing how the first one turned out. Neither was a great shot in the darkened hallway, and Alexis resigned herself to getting her photo in a room where she could turn a light on.

Alexis tried the rooms closest to her but they were all locked. It would have been easier if her dad's classroom was close by, but that was at the other end of the building. Plus, as much as she was nervous about being naked at school, there was something perverted about being naked in her dad's classroom that made her cringe.

As she walked down the hallway, trying door after door, it dawned on her that she was walking further and further away from her clothes, and that if anyone -did- suddenly appear, she wouldn’t even have a room she could run into to hide. The thought of being caught bare naked in the school gave her goosebumps everywhere, and she nearly turned around to go back and get her clothes. Alexis was determined, however - she was going to see this through.

Reaching the end of the main hallway, Alexis had to choose - turn down a side corridor where the rooms were just as likely to be locked? Or head up to the second floor where there was a room she was pretty sure she could get into?

Standing naked before the stairwell, again she almost turned around, and again she willed herself forward ultimately deciding to walk up the flight of stairs. With each step of a bare foot she grew more and more nervous. If being separated from her clothes by a long hallway was scary, it was nothing compared to being on a whole other floor from anything to cover up with.

At the top of the stairs she turned and walked back down the main hallway to a large room that was right in the center, across from a corridor that stretched to the back of the school. Unlike most rooms that only had a single door, this room had double doors, in fact the original double doors from decades ago. It wasn’t a classroom but a multipurpose room with a small stage at one end. Not nearly as big as the auditorium downstairs, this was where the speech team practiced, where different student groups met during lunch, and where Alexis had spent many hours hanging out with friends after school when the room was used as a lounge. She knew how to jostle the door handles, working both doors at once. The wood around the old-fashioned deadbolt had worn down enough that if you pulled on both doors just so, they would open.

As Alexis stepped into the room, she saw the window blinds on the far side were raised. Although the lights were off and the hallway light behind her was minimal, she still shrieked and dropped into a crouch. This side of the school faced one of those cookie-cutter housing developments, though the school lawns and driveway meant there was a fair distance between the school and the nearest houses. Even though she knew there was no chance anyone had seen her, her mind irrationally told her that every window facing the school held someone with binoculars who was staring at her that very moment.

Refusing to stand up, she crawled along the floor between the chairs and tables, not thinking of the view she was presenting to the open doors behind her had there been anyone in the building to walk by at that moment. She made it to the far wall, and drawing herself up into a crouch, she reached for the strings to the first set of blinds. She wasn't quite able to reach them and so had to partially stand up to do it. Had there been anyone outside (and on a ladder) they would have known Alexis was at least topless.

She finally managed to get one set closed; the next few went faster as she could stand behind a closed set and reach over to grab the strings to the next. She had blinds in her bedroom at home and knew to turn them so they angled up, preventing someone from the ground being able to look up and see between the cracks. Standing all the way up now, Alexis walked back to the door and flipped the light switches. Although the blinds effectively hid her from view, they weren’t flush to the window. If anyone -had- been outside, it would be obvious that the lights in the room had just been turned on.

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      • Enjoyable Set-UpSliceReality, Tue Sep 11 14:14
        Short and sweet chapters but I really like the story premise and the set-up for this one. I'm intrigued to know where Alexis' little adventure / misadventure might go next...
      • Like where this is goingDW, Mon Sep 10 00:29
        Please continue
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