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Like where this is going
Mon Sep 10, 2018 00:29

Please continue

  • Old School Dare - part 4Nature Lover, Sun Sep 9 22:51
    Asking herself why she was doing this, Alexis turned her phone on, opened the camera app, and turned the screen around so she could see herself. Her eyes went wide as she did - with the camera at... more
    • Old School Dare - part 5Nature Lover, Wed Sep 12 00:03
      Alexis looked around, and without thinking walked to the stage at the end of the room - only a couple feet higher than the rest of the room, there was a podium in the center looking out over the... more
      • Old School Dare - part 6Nature Lover, Wed Sep 12 00:10
        After sending the photos Alexis felt, not relaxed, but not quite as nervous, either. She stepped out of the multi-purpose room and started softly walking down the hallway, but not in the direction of ... more
        • Can't wait to hear what happens nextDW, Wed Sep 12 08:23
          Now wouldn't it be a shame if someone noticed the class room lights were on and came to investigate? And just curious, does the school wifi system some how record what is transmitted? You also have... more
          • Maybe, maybe notJB, Wed Sep 12 12:07
            Yes, DW. I'm sure that most of us are thinking that. She could continue bolder and bolder on her own. It definitely happens that way, has been happening that way and it is suspenseful and erotic. She ... more
    • Enjoyable Set-UpSliceReality, Tue Sep 11 14:14
      Short and sweet chapters but I really like the story premise and the set-up for this one. I'm intrigued to know where Alexis' little adventure / misadventure might go next...
    • Like where this is going — DW, Mon Sep 10 00:29
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