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Flotation Device: Riptide! Ep2 The Station (1)
Mon Sep 10, 2018 02:34

The girls gathered on the Wayfarer‘s bridge. They all stood behind Tasha in her pilot seat as the ship approached a small trading space station.

“Looks a little… small,” Gretta remarked in disappointment. She leaned forward with her arms on the back of the command seat to look down at their pilot. “And rundown,” she added.


“It looks seedy, I don’t get a good vibe from it,” Lily pointed out. The security specialist stood leaning against the command chair’s right armrest with her arms crossed.

“Listen I-”

“It looks boring,” Paz contributed. The alien doctor was sitting on the left armrest with one elbow on Tasha’s shoulder propping herself up.

Tasha took a deep breath and gripped her steering wheel tighter. “We are stranded, and lost, and we don’t have endless supplies. We don’t even know what this sector is called, ok? We aren’t in a position to be picky.”

“Hey don’t get snippy, I’m just pointing out what I think,” Lily said with a scoff.

“Do not be so mean, yes,” Paz added.

Greta tapped Tasha’s head gently. “It’s cool, let’s check it out!” She gave such an adorable smile, with one little fang hanging out, that Tasha couldn’t help but smile back.

“O-oh, ok, glad we’re on the same page… sorry, I’m just not used to having a crew… Anyway, they have pretty comparable communication technology and are signaling where we can dock. I’ll bring us in.”

The Wayfarer pulled up next to the station and an alien umbilical docking rig slowly affixed itself to the cruiser’s pressure door.

Greta waited in the airlock as the docking procedures continued. She waited for the two other girls that were coming to join her, with Tasha staying to keep on eye on her… they’re ship. Lily was busy getting her armor from storage, and Paz was hurriedly trying to find a notepad.

The Nettik girl shifted from foot to foot, hummed to herself in excitement, and fiddled with her fingers.

“I’m excited to meet new aliens,” she said aloud to the intercom that Tasha on the bridge was listening to. “Do you think the universal translator will still work? Even out here? What if they’re like, too alien for it? What if they’re bloodthirsty monsters?! Or or or-”

“Gretta! Calm down, I’m sure they’ll be friendly. This is probably a trading post of some kind. And maybe we’ll have unique technology to trade with them for fuel and food,” Tasha’s voice crackled over the radio.

“That’s… really specific and feels like a reference.”

“Oh, uh, it’s just an old show my dad made me watch when I was a kid. He liked his vintage sci-fi…”

The conversation was interrupted by the pnuematic hissing of the exterior pressure door sealing with the atmosphere in the docking umbilical. Gretta jumped, then composed herself and smoothed out her lab coat. She put on a smile.

“I hope they’re-”

The airlock door opened to reveal three humanoids in full heavy plate armor. They were equally as wide as they were tall, and they all towered over Gretta’s diminutive frame. They slowly tilted each of their faceplates to look down at the lone, unarmed girl in their way.

“...friendly,” Gretta finished.

“Guttak! Poyo!” the middle one, presumably the leader, roared. The other two leapt forward at Gretta.

“Eeh!” Gretta screeched as they grabbed at her with massive three-fingered hands. She spun around with cat-like agility, slipping her white lab coat off of herself to escape their grip. With the few seconds afforded to her she leapt towards the com-link on the wall.

“Not friendly! They are not friendly! Wait, hey~!” Gretta was cut short by an alien pulling her loose cargo pants down to her ankles, both exposing her long, velvety legs and tripping her to the ground. She kicked and pouted as her pants, along with her shoes and socks, were peeled off of her completely.

“What? What’s wrong Gretta?” Tasha’s voice asked from the now out-of-reach com-link. Gretta scooted back against the wall and desperately pulled the front of her tank top down to cover her exposed white and blue striped panties. Her already crimson fur turned a shade darker with her blush.

“Hey! Cut that out~!” she squealed as one alien restrained her arms above her head so that the other could pull her tank top up and off of her. Her pinchable belly came into view, followed quickly by her enthusiastically bouncing bosom contained in her matching white and blue bra.

The girl was then flipped onto her stomach and her squeals of disobedience melted into moans of pleasure as one alien grabbed her tail. While preoccupied with the euphoria coming from her foreignly stimulated tail, she barely noticed her bra being yanked off until she felt her breasts being pushed against the cold metal floor.

“Ooh~!” Gretta squirmed against their grip, desperate to get her quickly hardening nipples off of the ice cold bulkhead. The alien picked her up by her remaining piece of clothing, giving her a harsh wedgie as the trio of aliens retreated back through the umbilical with their mostly naked prize.

The rest of the girls rushed to the airlock moments later.

“What happened?” Tasha asked the empty room.

“Judging by the pile of Gretta’s clothes and the lack of Gretta, I assume her cute cat friend has been abducted by the space station owners,” Lily answered, picking up the torn bra.

“Oh do you really think so?!” Paz excitedly clapped her hands together with a huge smile. “This is a positively unique development of stripping assault! Do you think she was… embarrassed? Upset? Perhaps even, stimulated?”

The other two stared back at her, then at each other.

“What?” Lily said.

“Do you call the professor cute?” Tasha asked back.

“What~?” No… no way… hey should we be dilly dallying? Shouldn’t we uh, like, go save her?” Lily crossed her arms and pursed her lips.

“Of course! Our comrade requires our assistance, and more importantly, I must debrief her on this experience.” Paz withdrew a plasma pistol she didn’t have a moment before and lead the way towards the airlock.

To Be Continued!

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