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9:25am - A Mailgirl's Story (2nd half)
Tue Sep 11, 2018 00:13

(I didn't realize this got cut off)

My ninth delivery, “M. Pederson - Workstation 76 - Floor 10” was a kid I did not recognize. Caucasian, brown hair, glasses, couldn’t be a day over nineteen. He sort of looked like a post-puberty Harry Potter. I offered him the delivery like I was supposed to; feet apart, chest out, one hand with other deliveries behind my back and his offered out in the other. He spun around sharply, like a man of action, but all the little bugger could do was stare. I suspected I might be the first naked woman he saw that was not on the Internet.

“Sir, I have a delivery for you.”

He didn’t answer.


He stared blankly at my navel. Or maybe he was trying to stare at both my tits and my pussy at the same time and his brain broke from the strain. “Sir?”

He blinked slowly, like he was waking from a dream, “Hello? Yes?”

“I have a delivery for you sir.”

He looked me up and down with a disbelieving smirk, “You are very naked.”

“Yes sir,” I smiled still trying to be pleasant, “completely nude for your enjoyment, sir. All day, every day.”

“Wow,” he beamed, “A real live mailgirl! What’s your name?”

“I am “Mailgirl #10” when on duty sir. But you may call me “Number Ten” or just “Ten” if you so wish.”

“Okay Mailgirl,” his smirk spread into a smile. “I have so many questions I want to ask.”

I knew he did. I could see the questions brimming around behind his eyes. It was clear my existence enticed him, excited him. If I was a boy his age I would probably react the same way, but there was more than a decade between us, I find that a little creepy. I’m probably old enough to be his mother, (granted it would be one of those ...ed up trailer park pregnancies, but technically I was old enough), I didn’t have time for his Oedipal Complex. I’m in the middle of a run here. I’m required not to give M. Pederson of Workstation 76 any more than his alloted time.

“Sir,” I’m trying not to sound annoyed, but he has already cost almost a minute. “I will be happy to answer your questions soon but right now there other deliveries that need to be made.”

He pushed his glasses up his nose and took the trade confirmation, giving me a sideways glance as he did. “It’s just a couple questions.”

I nodded, making sure not to make anymore eye-contact than had already happened. “The Mailgirls Program Introduction and Service Guide is on the company server, sir. I suggest you read through that at your leisure, then perhaps summon me through the Mailgirls app this afternoon when things are less busy and I can answer any additional questions you may have.”

I was trying to be friendly, helpful, the exact opposite of rude but it was obvious from the look on his face that I had offended him somehow.

“I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to talk down to me Mailgirl.” He looked me in the face. I kept my eyes down, looking between my breasts at my toes, trying to be as deferential with my body language as I possibly could. I was pretty sure he would see any other response as backtalk.

The MMU buzzed and broke the uncomfortable silence. He could see the one minute countdown on the now blinking display.

“I’m sorry If I offended you sir. I do not mean to. You will be seeing at lot of me sir, and I do not wish to start off on the wrong foot. You have my deepest apologies and I will be back anytime you have need of me using the app.”

“Oh, I will be seeing a lot more of you Mailgirl. You can be sure of that.” There was a strange quality of menace to his voice, somehow simultaneously over-the-top and earnest, like a child playing the villain in a superhero fantasy. I think he meant to creep me out. He clicked the ‘received’ button on the open desktop app and waived me off dismissively. I ran.

I ran as fast as I could. I didn’t run because he scared me, I ran because I had three more deliveries and 50 seconds to get them done. At least that is what I told myself; the way he stared at me with his little bug-eyes, the way he curled his lips when he smiled, for the first time as a naked mailgirl an employee skeeved me out.

As a mailgirl I’d felt exposed, humiliated and ashamed almost daily. This was the first time I had ever felt
disgusted. My skin crawled and had to resist the urge to cover myself even more than normal. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I saw that guy again.


  • 9:25am - A Mailgirl Storysbjdaniels, Mon Sep 10 23:35
    [I read "Confessions of a Mailgirl" by SeaHawk for the first time earlier this year. His exceptional narrative is enticing and inspiring, creating a credible world only a few steps away from our own. ... more
    • 9:25am - A Mailgirl's Story (2nd half) — sbjdaniels, Tue Sep 11 00:13
      • Please let there be more!!Anonymous, Fri Sep 21 04:53
        I keep checking back to see if there is another part posted. This is so good please continue!!
      • Please write moreAnonymous, Sat Sep 15 15:31
        Such a good start and I agree with SliceReality that this can be real good just by following the rest of her day. Good work
      • Re: 9:25am - A Mailgirl's Story (2nd half)arthwys.badon, Tue Sep 11 14:24
        Nice story! I love reading about mailgirls, especially the mailgirls universe developed by Seahawk, where it stays within the ENF/CMNF concept (including some light humiliation) and doesn’t move too... more
      • Great WorkSliceReality, Tue Sep 11 07:22
        This is outstanding. What I love about this is its scale. It’s small and intimate; you aren’t glossing over the details of her duties but revelling in them, exploring each interaction almost minute... more
        • Re: Great Worksbjdaniels, Tue Sep 11 20:26
          Thanks Slice. Fortunately I'm standing on the shoulders of giants as far as mailgirls stories go. I don't have to explain what a mailgirl is our why its possible because Seahawk and LizStanton have... more
        • I agree with Slice...diffAnon, Tue Sep 11 19:48
          This is very well written. I love the detail, "Kyle". :) Looking forward to more!
          • great writing!ReaderMan, Wed Sep 26 22:17
            I also agree with Slice.
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