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Nature Lover
Old School Dare - part 6
Wed Sep 12, 2018 00:10

After sending the photos Alexis felt, not relaxed, but not quite as nervous, either. She stepped out of the multi-purpose room and started softly walking down the hallway, but not in the direction of the stairs she used to walk up there. Thinking she would only go a few feet before turning back, she didn’t bother turning the lights off or closing the door.

The naked alumna tip-toed down the empty hallway toward the staircase closest to the building’s main entrance. A small part of her mind was telling herself that it was true - the halls of her old high school did indeed feel smaller now that she was back visiting for the first time, three years after she had graduated from this place. That same small part marveled at how tiny the lockers were - had she really kept everything she needed in one of those? The room numbers and most of the teacher names brought back memories, some good, some not. If it had been daytime she would have stopped by a couple rooms where her favorite teachers held class. She wondered if they’d remember her, not sure if she had made a lasting impression on them or not. If they were to see her now she was sure she’d leave a lasting impression.

Approaching the stairs Alexis hadn’t noticed the endorphins which had started to kick in. If she had paid more attention in her psychology class she might have realized that the thrill of being naked where she wasn’t supposed to be was triggering a response in her body. It was the same natural high she got after exercise, like a mild intoxication. Her inhibitions were slipping - not a lot, not suddenly, but just enough that she started wondering how far she might push herself.

It was nearly 3am and she had been in the building for almost half-an-hour, most of that time without any clothing. While she was still cautious walking down the hall, freezing at any hint of a sound, she wasn’t covering herself anymore. Her breasts and pussy were on display as she held her arms slightly out from her body, as if to steady herself against a wall if necessary. She was walking on the balls of her bare feet as if to not make noise in the empty hallway and slowed down as she reached the main stairwell.

As dark as the hallways were inside, and as bright as the entrance was outside, there was almost no chance anyone who might have been outside could have seen inside the school, and even if that were possible, Alexis would be able to immediately spot anyone close to the doors because of how bright it was outside. She stopped at the top of the stairs, her breathing getting heavier. The way the staircase was situated in the two-story atrium, the double-staircase stepped down to a landing halfway before splitting into two staircases, each of which turned 90 degrees and 90 degrees again before continuing down to the first floor. The landing was right up against the floor to ceiling windows of the main atrium, directly above the front doors. She could see there was no one outside, knew there was no way anyone was even awake to look in here at 3am, but still she was about to walk stark naked in front of the biggest windows in the school. Had it been 3pm on a school day, there would be hundreds of students walking through the atrium to exit the building, with dozens of parents outside to pick up their kids.

Alexis tip-toed down the stairs, moving slowly as though that would make her less noticeable against the openness of the atrium. When she reached the landing, she put her hands on the railing and leaned forward so her forehead touched the window, then slowly puffed out her chest so her breasts touched it as well. She gasped at the feel of the cold glass on her nipples which somehow grew stiffer than they already were, and when she finally stepped back, could just see a very faint “imprint” of where her body had been pressed, the oils of the soap she had used on her body leaving a hint of residue. In her mind she wondered what the students would think if it were still visible when they returned the next week. Would they recognize it for what it was? She smiled, breathed on the glass, and with her finger quickly wrote “breasts” next to the image. That faded quickly, but Alexis didn’t notice, instead wondering what had come over her to make her do that.

After standing fully naked in front of the window for what felt like an hour but was probably only a moment, Alexis considered how she must have looked from behind. Standing in a relatively dark part of the atrium with the lights on outside, anyone behind her would only see a silhouette of her bare body - curves but no details. Curious, she slipped her phone case off her wrist as she walked back to the upper part of the stairs, opened the camera app for the third time that night, and set her phone down on a step that was about level with her waist. She knew that a flash against the windows would make for a horrible photo, plus she didn’t want the flash to be seen from a distance, so after making sure it was turned off, she set the timer and hurried back to her pose, backside to the camera.

The fake shutter click was easily heard and Alexis walked back to pick up the camera. Looking at the photo she thought it was a great shot - a body silhouetted against the light, you almost couldn’t tell the subject was naked, until you realized there were no edges of clothes to see - just one unbroken smooth and curved line on each side of her body, from torso to toes. And nothing to reveal -who- the subject was. Smiling a little more confidently than she had in the speech room, Alexis tried to text this photo to Natalie as well. Forgetting there was no cell service, it took her two attempts, only going through after she remembered to connect to the school district’s new wifi network.

After sending the photo Alexis continued down the rest of the steps to the atrium floor. From here the school branched off three directions. To her right was the arts wing - the stage, music room, art, home ec, and shop, as well as the school library. Straight ahead was a short hallway that opened up to a larger atrium and the school gym, as well as the locker rooms and a back corridor. To her left was the main classroom hallway where she had first stripped down. She knew it was time to go, collect her clothes, and head home.

She started down the hallway to the right.

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