Shirts vs Skins 37
Sun Nov 4, 2018 21:34

As we walked toward the cafeteria, we occasionally ran into other students, faculty members and cleaning service employees that were still at the college. It felt so surreal walking through the hallways with the group, while in this state of dress. Oddly enough, I some-how started to feel completely relaxed. Maybe it was knowing everyone knew who I was by now, and most likely had some photos or videos of me on their phones, or at least had access to them. It may have been the continuous favorable comments I was receiving about my petite body. Either way, Miss Reynolds idea of ‘Sound Application’ appeared to be working. I was really starting to feel comfortable in my own skin. No pun intended. This reality could not be understated, since I was stopped several times by those remaining in the college, and asked questions about my present lack of clothing, even though the game wasn’t until tomorrow night.

I started to feel at ease explaining how Miss Reynolds felt the continuous exposure would help me to maintain my focus on my play, and not the crowd. Playing in just my panties, while in front of so many clothed spectators would be intimidating, and she wanted me prepared. I would continue to clarify how it would be necessary, if we hoped to beat the boy’s team. I started to enjoy answering their questions while the snapping of camera phones never seemed to diminish. I must admit, my favorite part was when the conversation would ultimately turn to the ‘Rolling Stones’ tongue that was now like shrink wrap across my pussy lips. Having people so close, as their eyes and the discussion would turn to my obvious camel toe, was heightening my excitement. My nipples were now in a permanent state of arousal, and I would catch people staring directly at them while talking to me.

The long walk through the college to the cafeteria, allowed Stacy and the others time to attempt to convince me to participate in a class tomorrow, while being completely naked. The more people would grin and snap my photo as they walked by, or stop me for questions, the more I considered it. After all, I was practically naked now and was beginning to relish the experience. We were now only a few doors away from the cafeteria and any thought of grabbing my dress from Miss Reynolds and hastily putting it on, had escaped me. I almost forgot I had to retrieve it at all. We rounded the corner and entered the cafeteria when I started to rethink my need for the dress.

There in the cafeteria, along with Miss Reynolds, my team mates, a dozen or so others who were just in the cafeteria for their evening coffee, were Coach Hansen, Sam and the rest of the men’s junior varsity basketball team. Immediately Stacy and another girl from her psychology class held my hands and kept them by my sides. I don’t know if it was for emotional support, or to the keep me exposed to the glaring stares of all those present. Miss Reynolds was so nonchalant as she turned to me and said, “Oh. Hi Sharon. Coach Hansen and I are just working out the details for tomorrow night’s game. Grab a coffee and join us”. The men’s team members started up with the picture taking, as I stood there totally humiliated, wishing I could just melt way into oblivion.

The cameras continued snapping away when both Coach Hansen and Miss Reynolds simultaneously yelled, “O.k. That’s enough!” The phones may have stopped but the ogling felt like it went on forever. Sam walked up to me, turned around and said’ “Come on guys! Give her a break”, then turned back to me and said, “Don’t worry about them. Let’s get a coffee.” Angela joined us as she gave the guys the most threatening look imaginable. Miss Reynolds and Coach Hansen remained focused on the scheduling and rules for tomorrow’s exhibition game. I was overwhelmed and unable to utter a sound, as I slowly made my way passed the gawking eyes of the men’s junior varsity team players. I could hear their whispers about my panties as I headed toward Miss Reynolds, in search of both my dress and some much-needed dignity.

Stacy and her classmates went to the counter for coffee as I made it to Miss Reynolds’ side. I was just standing there on total display, desperately waiting for her to acknowledge my presence. Finally, I cleared my throat and she looked up at me. “Oh Sharon! I’m sorry. Your dress”, she said. I just nodded, waiting for her to hand it over. “Angela! Will you run out to my car and get my sports bag? I think I put Sharon’s dress in there with the pennies”, she asked. “Think? Think? I’m standing here in front of dozens of people, worst of all the guy’s entire junior varsity basketball team, wearing only my Rolling Stones panties and sneakers, and she ‘Thinks’ my dress is in her car?” I thought to myself. Several of my team mates walked over and led me back to the table they were sitting at, as Miss Reynolds returned to her discussion with Coach Hansen.

Sam went back to join his team, I sat with the girls and Angela went to get Miss Reynolds’ sports bag from her car. I leaned forward enough to keep my bare back from touching the back of the chair, in fear the cold plastic might shock me back to my aroused state. It was bad enough that my wet panties were squeaking against plastic seat of the chair. Sarah, being naïve as she is, started the conversation. Sitting across the table from me, she said, “Look at the bright side Sharon. Now that the boy’s team has seen you almost naked, you don’t have to feel self-conscious any more”. The other girls just rolled their eyes, as I replied in a stern whisper, “Sarah! Having the guys see with barely any clothes on for a few minutes doesn’t mean I’m comfortable walking around like this in front of them!” Her response was priceless. “Well at least tomorrow you’ll be running around in front of them like that, not walking”. How can you argue with that logic. The other girls just snickered, as I wondered what was taking Angela so long.

Marybeth, one of our second-string guards, whispered in my ear, “Sharon. Sarah may be a bit dense, but in her own way she does have a point. You need to walk with me up to the counter, and we’ll get a couple of waters. Oh, and try not to cover up. Remember, you can’t play basketball with your hands covering your tits”. I kept scanning the room for Angela, but Marybeth was not going to let me keep stalling nor was she taking ‘No’ for an answer. She stood up and said, “Come on girl. Let’s go”. I summoned what little courage I had left and stood up. She gave me a wink as I fought back the incredible urge to cover my breasts. I let out a sigh and said, “O.k. Let’s go”, as I followed her passed the guys tables and up to the counter. My one reprieve was that although they all took in every inch of my bare skin as we walked by, they seemed too mesmerized by my almost naked body to take the time to ridicule me.

    • The anticipation!Anonymous, Sat Nov 17 06:36
      It’s killing me!
    • Oh, those panties!diffAnon, Tue Nov 6 20:27
      What a vision in my mind! Love this story.
    • Re: Shirts vs Skins 37Molly, Mon Nov 5 18:49
      Very nice chapter, Sharon. I'm betting Angela is going to have a hard time finding that dress.
    • Re: Shirts vs Skins 37Glenn, Mon Nov 5 01:31
      Great chapter and we can feel every goosebump and squeaky bit of Sharon's arousal. Thanks So Much! Glenn
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