desperate Tami
Mon Nov 5, 2018 09:00

The Dean said, "A minute ago you seemed to be covering yourself up. Doesn't your religion, uh, forbid such modesty?"

Tami had to think fast. "Yes. It was -- wrong. I won't do it again."

"Really?" The Dean continued to look at Tami with skepticism. He tapped his pen against the desk, as if impatient.

"Really!" Tami went into a state of panic. This wasn't working. To the naive, frightened 18-year-old, the first in her family ever to go to college, shivering nakedly in front of these clothed, powerful men, getting expelled would be the end of the world. She also desperately wanted to get back into clothes. She wanted to do something that would utterly convince the Dean so that he would honor his earlier offer to end the monitoring and allow Tami the option of wearing clothes again. What could she do? She remembered the workshop . . .

Only such a state of mind could account for the extraordinary acts the girl now undertook. Using all her gymnast's skill and flexibility, she turned to the Dean in profile, grabbed her left ankle and, holding out her right arm for balance, drew her left leg out and up so that it was at shoulder height. She forced herself to look the Dean right in the eye with an emotionless stare as she exposed her stretched and opening vagina to him for five full seconds. Then she put her leg down, turned around, and bent over, spreading her legs. In a final demonstration, she spread open her butt cheeks, giving the Dean and Henry Ross a clear view of her nervously and shamefully twitching anus. She just could not look at them in this posture, even upside down; instead she held her head up so that she was facing away from these men, which also meant she did not see the astonished looks on their faces. Fortunately for the naked teenager they also could not see her expression of panic and utter misery.

Tami slowly stood up and turned to face the Dean, exhaling. In a tiny, quivering voice she said, "You must believe me."

The Dean was silent for a few seconds and shifted in his chair. Both he and Henry Ross were waiting for their erections to subside. He also seemed undecided for a moment. Finally he said, "I was thinking of expelling you, but I've changed my mind."

Tami sighed in relief. The ultimate horror was not to be. She waited now for the assurance that monitoring would end, leaving her free to wear clothes. Seconds ticked by unbearably.

But then the Dean said, "However, in light of Mr. Ross tells me, I have no choice but to continue our former arrangement. I will enlist others to help Miss Percival in the monitoring of your adherence to this supposed religion. Any sign of covering up, or betraying bodily modesty, of course, will just re-confirm my suspicions and the appropriate action will be taken. I also expect to see you at the next gymnastics meet, which is the day after tomorrow. I will be there."

    • Re: desperate TamiMolly, Mon Nov 5 10:31
      Hi, Donny. I'm curious where some of these snippets come from. This particular one seems to be from the main story, of course (though I read it several years ago so I don't remember if this scene was ... more
      • snippetsdonnylaja, Mon Nov 5 11:15
        This is from Part 9 of "The Workshop". Tamicita is from Part 29 of "The Long Escape". It's a dream Tami had, lying naked on the California sand next to Wanda and McMasters with their bathing suits... more
        • Re: snippetsMolly, Mon Nov 5 13:53
          Oh, I'd forgotten that the entire Brigid thing was a dream. It stands on its own pretty well.
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