Mon Nov 5, 2018 11:15

This is from Part 9 of "The Workshop".

Tamicita is from Part 29 of "The Long Escape". It's a dream Tami had, lying naked on the California sand next to Wanda and McMasters with their bathing suits and blankets. Tami dozes off after hearing some nearby Mexican girls in tiny thong bikinis chatting in Spanish.

Brigid first appears as a dream of Rod (Tami's boyfriend and then husband) in Parts 24 and 25 of "Tami Beethoven". She's mentioned from time to time after that and is in sequences in Parts 33 to 40. Finally there's "Brigid's New Uniform". In these dreams Rod thinks of himself as a fellow high schooler (and trombone player in the marching band) who has a crush on Brigid.

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  • Re: desperate TamiMolly, Mon Nov 5 10:31
    Hi, Donny. I'm curious where some of these snippets come from. This particular one seems to be from the main story, of course (though I read it several years ago so I don't remember if this scene was ... more
    • snippets — donnylaja, Mon Nov 5 11:15
      • Re: snippetsMolly, Mon Nov 5 13:53
        Oh, I'd forgotten that the entire Brigid thing was a dream. It stands on its own pretty well.
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