Dani's Implants
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Dear readers, thank you very much to those of you who have suggested further ideas for Dani's little adventure. I've tried to do what I can with them and I hope that you all enjoy reading about them.

Dani has been discharged from hospital with some implants that the doctors all believe will solve his ejaculation problem. So no more wet sheets in the morning for Mrs Harris to moan about.

The tale unfolds from that point.

Dani xxx


Following treatment at the hospital and the insertion of my implants I’d been discharged. I was pleased that Mandy had come to collect me as the hospital wanted their gown back and couldn’t find the one I’d been wearing when I arrived from the Clinic. No one had thought to ensure that I had clothes to wear once discharged. Fortunately Mandy was there and brought me a blanket from her car which was enough to cover me up for the trip home. We stopped at the clinic on the way back to update Dr Small. She was delighted and Mandy explained to her where to find the link to download the app to a phone so that I could be ‘emptied’. I was just starting to realise what this meant but to be honest I was so pleased to be finally going home after my ordeal that I didn’t pay much attention. Still wrapped up in Mandy’s blanket she finally drove me home. Fortunately my wife was in as I had no keys or anything, she seemed a little surprised to see me, although she didn’t comment on the fact that I turned up wrapped in a blanket.

“Hello, Mrs. Harris,” Mandy began as the door was opened.

“Oh, hello.”

“I’ve brought Dani back.”

“I see, well I suppose you’d better come in.” Finally I was home. I walked through the hallway to the kitchen and stopped in my tracks as I heard a voice.

“Oh, there you are, Dani.” It was our neighbour Mas. A few years younger than my wife and I, Mas lived next door and regularly popped in for cup of tea with my wife. Or more to the point to catch up and spread the street gossip. She stood up to shake my hand as I entered the room. Mandy and my wife were one step behind me. “It’s ages since I’ve seen you. Are you ok?”

Before I could answer as usual my wife interjected and started to question Mandy.

“So, young lady, is he fixed? I told that doctor not to send him home until he was. So, please tell me he is.”

“Yes, Mrs. Harris. It’s all done. I’m pleased to say that the operation was very successful.”

“Operation?” this came from Mas.

“Yes, Dani’s had some implants to prevent his little problem.” I thought actually I didn’t want the details of either my little problem or the solution gone through in detail with my neighbour. I had hoped she’d realise it was personal and excuse herself and leave. Of course, she did quite the opposite and all I could do was sit on a kitchen bar stool and listen while Mandy explained in detail what had happened at the hospital to the two ladies.

“So, he’s definitely fixed then? You are sure?” My wife hammered home the point.

“Oh, yes, no more leaks at all. I witnessed a practical assessment just this morning. No matter how much Dani, um, orgasms,” she stumbled a little over the word in front of the two ladies, “nothing leaks out.”

“Good,” said my wife.

“Interesting,” added Mas.

“It is all controlled on a smartphone app,” Mandy went on to explain. My wife didn’t appear particularly interested in the whys and wherefores of how things worked. She’s not the most technology orientated person. Mas, however, was more than interested.

“So do you have this app on your phone?” she asked Mandy.

“Yes, I thought it useful for the clinic to have a backup copy.”

“Can you show us, dear?”

“Oh of course,” Mandy continued eager that someone was showing so much interest. I was far from eager.

“Is that really necessary, Mandy?” I asked. But Mandy was already showing the app to Mas and explaining the different options, my wife glared at me telling me to shut up without even uttering a word.

“So this one gives him an erection?” Mas asked.

“Yeah, you just press it there.”

“No!” I saw Mas tap the screen and almost instantly felt the blood flow, within seconds I had a full blown erection under the cover of the blanket.

“Did it work?” Mas asked.

“It should have,” Mandy responded. “Dani, are you hard?” She looked across to me and winked.

“Uh, yeah,” I admitted.

“Let’s see then.” Mandy and Mas almost spoke in stereo.

“But, but..”

“Oh don’t be shy, Dani,” Mandy giggled. “I’ve seen it before, your wife I’m sure has seen it. I really would like to check medically that everything is working properly.”
Mandy grabbed one end of the blanket and pulled, quickly exposing my rigid cock.

“Oh , that’s impressive,” gasped Mas. My wife seemed only slightly interested.

“I hope it doesn’t stay like that,” she glared at Mandy.

“Oh, no, it can be turned off instantly.” Mandy tapped the screen and the trio watched as my cock deflated, the valve now closed which allowed the excess blood to dissipate back into my body.

“Well,” my wife spoke, “all I’m really interested in is being sure that there are no more leaks. Disgusting habit that, leaking you know.” Mandy smiled as an idea formed in her sweet little head.

“Let me demonstrate then.” She tapped the screen again and I knew what was coming. I tried to dissuade her but my wife shut me up with another glacial stare.

My erection quickly formed as Wendy tapped the phone and then I knew what she would do. She put the app into orgasm mode and I started to lose control of my body. Just like before the vibrations started deep inside. My balls tightened up and my buttocks clenched as the sensation grew and grew. I grabbed the seat of the high stool as I started to shake all over. My legs buckled, my butt clenched and I rode the crest of the orgasm to its peak.

“Argggghhhooooo.” I cried out as I came hard. The three women watched intently as the feeling subsided and I slumped on the stool.

“Wow,” cried out Mas.

“Not a drop came out,” observed Mandy.

“Good,” my wife admitted. “Seems you’ve done what you promised.”

Mas stood there staring at my still erect cock.

“It’s still hard,” she pointed.

“Oh, yes,” Mandy admitted. “It doesn’t go down by itself. You have to turn it off, sorry, I forgot. I’m still getting used to working the control panel.”

Finally, Mandy tapped the screen and my erection subsided. I leaned heavily onto the breakfast bar, exhausted.

“Well there we go, I think that’s all I have to show you. I’ll leave you safely back home, Dani.” Mandy made her way towards the front of the house. My wife followed to let her out leaving me alone in the kitchen with Mas.

“That was some performance, Dani,” she began as the others left the room.

“What? It’s exhausting, Mas.”

“It’s very interesting. Such a pity she turned you off before she went. You must give me a copy of the app.”

“Why? Anyway, I don’t have a copy.” Shit I thought, how could I stop her getting access to the phone app? Come to that, who actually had access to it? I know Mandy had a copy so presumably anyone at the clinic could get access. But no, surely access would only be given to certain people, wouldn’t it?

“Can you get it up again?” Mas was still looking wistfully at my now flaccid cock.

“No, sorry. Excuse me Mas, I need to be on my own.” I excused myself and walked up the stairs to the main bedroom and en-suite bathroom where I ran a bath full of hot water. I gently eased myself into it and enjoyed a long soak.


More on the way as we will find out how Dani gets on with his new implants and starts to understand just how they will change his life.

Dani x

    • Progress?SensoryOverlord, Fri Apr 26 22:35
      Dani, are you going to continue this story? I really hope so. Is there anything I can do to help it happen? More idea suggestions?
    • Re: Dani's ImplantsSensoryOverlord, Sat Nov 10 08:41
      Yay, new Dani episode! I nearly missed seeing it. It's coming along well. So funny that it doesn't seem to have occurred to him that he might eventually need a copy of the app himself. Never mind, it ... more
    • Glad to see this story continueConor, Wed Nov 7 09:46
      I'm happy to see this excellent story continue, although I think I've missed a few chapters in between the clinic and Dani returning home. Are Dani's experiences at the hospital chronicled somewhere?
      • Missing chaptersDaniHarris, Wed Nov 7 16:18
        Hi Conor You may have missed parts 18 and 19.1 and 19.2 They are here: http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=58894;article=61860;title=The%20ASN%20Story%20Board;pagemark=50 I changed the... more
      • Missing chaptersDaniHarris, Wed Nov 7 16:18
        Hi Conor You may have missed parts 18 and 19.1 and 19.2 They are here: http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=58894;article=61860;title=The%20ASN%20Story%20Board;pagemark=50 I changed the... more
    • What an interesting concept!Hooked6, Tue Nov 6 17:14
      I wasn't sure how you were going to resolve Dani's problem but this idea was amazingly clever. I can envision all sorts of embarrassing CFNM situations for poor Dani. I can't wait see what happens... more
      • ImplantsDaniHarris, Wed Nov 7 08:26
        Thank you for the feedback. I thought long and hard about this story. I can't take much credit for the ideas to be honest most came from suggestions on this board. I really hope my readers enjoy it.... more
        • magnetSensoryOverlord, Mon Jan 7 15:34
          Well I for one wish you would continue. It's very enjoyable to see how you develop this theme. I'm really hoping you can still find time for this story, in between your commercial writings.
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