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Fri Nov 9, 2018 23:58

Hi everyone...I know it's been a while. As most of you are aware (if you know me at least), I love the Tami story so much. I think about her all of the time and often fantasize about her. Some of my stories follow the timeline, others don't. Here is a new one, set two years after her streaking dare went terribly wrong. It doesn't follow the timeline strictly but I hope you like this little glimpse into Tami's world after the Donny stories ended. Thanks. Love, katie

Tami Snippet: Move-In Day

The photo hit her like a wallop…sitting in the back seat, wedged up against the door to make way for all of her brother’s stuff, Tami Smithers was reminded of how different things were today. The photo, a Facebook memory, was from two years ago, when she moved into Campbell-Frank College. The smile was genuine, the face was innocent and, most strikingly, she wasn’t naked! This photo was taken just days before her stupid streaking incident had relegated here to a lifetime of complete and utter nudity.

She was a last minute addition to the trip, added after an invitation from Joe. Last week, he had texted her asking for help packing. She made the trip back to Rhode Island from her college and helped him get ready. As they packed, he asked her to go with them on the three hour trip to campus. She couldn’t say no.

Tami had been surprised that he wanted her along. After all, her appearance would draw so much attention. Looking down at her bare skin, she wondered why he wanted her there. In actuality, they hadn’t always been close…they had very different interests: he was into gaming and music, she was a gymnast/cheerleader who tinkered with cars a bit; he wore clothes, she didn’t (HA). But in the days since she was trapped into her nudity, he had been a good friend and ally and they had grown closer; not friends exactly but they cared for one another. That was good.

She wasn’t looking forward to this trip in the slightest…it was bad enough to expose herself at her own college campus and in her hometown. Now, a whole new group would be gawking at the naked girl, and she could spend all day having to explain why she was nude, etc. She sighed. At least she was among friends here in the car.

Normally, she had to be careful about covering up, which could be seen as a sign of modesty, a definite no-no in her world. That meant keeping her arms at her side (no crossing to cover her boobs), knees spread (no crossing like other girls or even keeping her legs together, God forbid everyone not be able to see her vagina peeking out between her legs for crying out loud!). But here, in the car, she was safe and could sit comfortably, legs crossed at the knee, right over left so her bare foot was braced against the car door to her left.

Though Joe had his eyes closed and appeared to be napping, she saw his leg bouncing up and down nervously. She reached over and clasped his hand that was on the armrest and smiled supportively when he opened his eyes and looked over at her. He smiled back and closed his eyes again but she was glad to see that his leg was no longer bouncing.

Tami sighed and surveyed her by now well-known body. The seat belt sliced between her breasts, the fabric going between her cleavage and down beneath her right boob. Her nipples were erect, as usual. The belt at her waist went just above her pubic region, totally devoid of hair. She had hated being rid of her pubic hair, another covering removed. Her legs were long and shapely, the envy of many girls on campus. Her toes were painted pink and looked pretty but the soles of her feet were harder than any girl would like. After so long walking barefoot, they had developed a protective layer.

She pulled her feet up so they were on the edge of the seat, her knees up against her chest. Though comfortable and it covered her boobs, it had the unfortunate consequence of framing her pussy so it was fully on display. At one point, just as she rubbed an itch away on her labia (Tami knew that scratching it would hurt), her mother turned and gasped before turning back around. Tami, so used to people’s condemnation at her nudity, noticed it but didn’t acknowledge, though her face turned bright red. Another action, probably unnoticed if she had been wearing clothes, was embarrassing when naked. She reset her position, crossing her legs again, to provide more covering.

Despite herself, she pulled her phone out and went to look at that facebook photo, knowing she was just torturing herself. Unlike now, she wasn’t naked. In fact, this photo should probably be put into a history book somewhere as perhaps the final photo ever taken of Tami in clothes. Still, though it seemed like a feather that was floating further and further away, she never gave up her dream to someday wear clothes again.

Using her fingers, Tami enlarged the photo to get a better look. On top she saw that she was wearing one of her favorite t-shirts, pink with green lettering from a fundraiser in high school featuring her school’s logo and cheerleading. That shirt had been so soft and comfy and was definitely in her go to file. Blowing up the photo bigger, she saw one of her bra straps briefly showing. This was her wide sports bra, she knew. Another favorite. Worn well, it felt so comfortable. It did the job of holding her boobs up while not digging into her shoulders and back. It was so comfortable and also did a really good job of showing her breasts off as well through her shirt.

In an un-Tami fashion, she had her sleeves rolled up so her entire arms were on view. She remembered how hot it was in her dorm room that day and she had rolled the sleeves up to her shoulders for some relief.

Going down, she saw that she was wearing jean shorts that were short, but not as short as many other girls wore. They came to mid-thigh, with fraying at the hem. She couldn’t make it out but she was probably wearing boy short cotton panties, her favorites. Going down her long legs (my she was showing a lot of leg that day!), she had ankle socks and sneakers on her feet. She looked ruefully down at her bare feet, missing the comfort and covering that socks and sneakers provided. When she finally wore clothes again, she would never wear flip flops or sandals…only sturdy shoes that covered her poor toes!

After spending way too long obsessing over herself in clothes, Tami looked at the background of the photo. The sight of a closet filled with her clothes was like a knife through her stomach. She could remember the pretty blouses, skirts, dresses, sweaters, pants and shoes that had filled her closet. She had brought two sets of clothes—pretty shorts and skirts and dresses with sandals and flip flops for the warmer days and then pants, sweaters, hoodies, warm fuzzy socks and boots for the cold days. As she found out very quickly, there were many, many, many cold days at Campbell-Frank.

She gasped when she saw her bed…the pretty purple comforter looked so clean on the neatly made mattress. The pillow cases and sheets had been a lighter shade of purple and were so soft and comfortable. That comforter had been warm at night, at least for the short time she had used it. Once Wanda and her minions got a hold of her room, she was denied even those creature comforts. They had determined that she could conceivably use her pillows and blankets and towels to cover herself, in complete violation of her stated religious nudity and had confiscated it all.

Tami sighed, remembering those awful days too well. Looking at this photo was taking a toll on her so she shut off her phone and closed her eyes.

“Mom, where did you put all of my shoes,” Tami asked, holding a pair of tan sandals in her hands.

“They are hanging in your closet Tami like we discussed,” Martha Smithers said patiently.

Today was Move-In Day for Campbell-Frank College freshmen. Tami and her parents had accepted the help of the men’s hockey team (some seriously good looking guys on that team, Tami noticed) to move it all in and now they stood there in the room emptying boxes and suitcases. Tami had lucked out and gotten a single room, though there was room for another girl. The roommate she had been assigned decided at the last minute to enroll someplace else so it was just Tami for at least a little while.

Right now, it looked like a huge department store was restocking its shelves. Tami had packed three different groups of clothing: one for the warmer weather now (shorts, tanks, skirts, light dressed, sandals, flip flops, etc.), one for when it got colder (jeans, sweaters, hoodies, fuzzy socks, boots, parka, etc.) and finally one for dressier occasions (heels, dress, jacket and blouses). There were so many clothes that John Smithers had hurumphed and walked out of the room to let the ladies do their work. He took a walk to the quad to get some fresh air after spending several minutes moving her bed and desk to her desired locations.

The two Smithers women worked quietly, each anxious. Martha was sad to be leaving her daughter so far from home. The fact that she had never known anyone to go to Campbell-Frank College made it even worse. She had worried when Tami said she wanted to apply but had been so excited when the girl received a full-tuition scholarship. Now, though, worry creeped back in for the woman, who was seeing her first child leave home.

She stopped for a moment and looked at her daughter. That she was beautiful was clearly evident, Martha thought. She was built like her grandmom, tall and thin. Martha noticed that her normally conservative dressed daughter was showing more skin than usual. She looked at the girl’s long, toned legs. Normally Tami wore capris or pants that showed little to no leg skin. Today she was wearing shorts that came to mid-thigh. Though hardly indecent, it was a bit out of Tami’s comfort zone.

Up top, Martha smiled when she saw Tami’s favorite t-shirt from her high school cheerleading team. No sooner would she wash that shirt than it would appear in the dirty pile. Tami had to wear it once or twice a week. It was definitely her favorite. On a day like today, it was probably of good comfort to the girl. Martha wondered how often she would wear that shirt on campus.

Usually Tami had long sleeves on…she hated people seeing her skin. She was so skittish about showing off her body in any way that it was a huge deal for her to have bare legs and bare arms. Part of it was the fact that it was hot and they were working in a tight, cramped space but maybe, Martha thought, her little girl was trying to break out of her shell.

Tami was nervous for other reasons. Though independent, she was scared of being on her own and leaving her family. Still, some of the nervousness was tinged with excitement. She had always been so shy and quiet…maybe this was the time to really make an impression.

“Tami, let me take your picture,” her mom said, getting her cell phone out. Tami tolerantly smiled as her mother fumbled with the phone before taking the photo. “I’ll send it to you so you can post on Facebook for me. You know I can never figure out how to do that.”

Tami grabbed her phone and appraised the photo that her mom sent her. All in all, she was okay with it. She was a bit sweaty, her hair was up in a messy ponytail and her clothes weren’t great but she looked pretty good. Doing as her mother requested, Tami posted it on Facebook before adding it to her Instagram account with the words “MOVE IN DAY!!!”

Finally the clothes were away, her bed was made and closet organized. They met her dad and the three of them attended the final Orientation events. At the last joint parent-student event, the dean said, “ok parents, time to say your farewells to your student so we can get their college education underway. First-year students, please be back here in 45 minutes.” The three Smithers started getting emotional but in their typical New England way none of them were vocal about it. After a quick meal in the Dining Hall, Tami walked her parents back to their car and said goodbye, hugging them tight. “Be good,” her father said softly. “We love you.”

Tami blinked back tears as she watched them drive away but got distracted when a fellow freshman walked by and the two of them made their way to the auditorium for the remaining events. In no time, she was laughing with the other students and her sadness at saying goodbye to her parents was replaced by excitement about her future with these kids and at this school. Her future was looking so bright.

After two sessions, she was walking back to her dorm room with a group of students, male and female. One of the boys, who was also in her dorm, asked if she was going to the Orientation Dance mixer that night. She blushed at the attention from the cute boy and said, “yes.” “Cool, let’s meet in the lobby and go together.”

She nearly floated up the steps to her room, excited about this new boy. She had a bit of time for a shower. Looking around, nervous about her new surroundings, Tami took her top and bra off and quickly threw on her bathrobe, in case anyone was looking in her window from across the quad. She then kicked off her shoes and socks and slid her shorts and panties off and secured the robe around her tightly to retain her modesty. She would be horrified if someone out there had seen her naked! She slid her feet into shower shoes, grabbed her toiletries carrier and headed into the bathroom to take her first dorm shower.

The stall was actually roomy and the water was nice and hot (how she liked it!). She had stepped into the shower and closed the curtain before removing the robe and hanging it on the hook near her towel. She shaved her legs and underarms, just in case (though she had been careful to shave that morning) before washing her hair. Finally she was done and dried off and threw the robe back on, feeling very vulnerable naked, even in the privacy of the shower stall.

Back in her room, Tami finished drying off. She knew exactly what she wanted to wear. Though she and her mom had shopped for clothes (and bedding, towels, etc.) weeks ago, she had gone herself to a more risqué store than she normally shopped. Tami reached into her drawer and grabbed the two items: a rainbow tube top that was maybe three inches wide and a white flared miniskirt that was so short she had first assumed it had to be a skort, but it was not. She loved how it looked on her when she tried it on at the store and couldn’t help buy it.

Pulling the robe aside, she pulled a pair of white boyshort panties on (no way was she flirty enough to go without!). Quickly she shrugged the robe off and slid the tube top over her head and on (no bra of course), barely covering her boobs. She then stepped into the skirt and pulled it up her legs before sliding her feet into a pair of white sandals.

Looking at the mirror, she gasped. She was barely dressed, she thought. From the tips of her fingers to the tops of her breasts and from just below her crotch to her toes, her bare skin was fully on display. She was shaking as she worked on her hair and put some makeup on, not believing she was doing something so out of character. Looking at her phone, she saw that it was nearly time to meet the boy. Giving herself one last look in the mirror, she took a deep breath and opened the door.

Tami hadn’t gotten one step outside when she felt a draft over her body and shivered. “No,” she thought, “I can’t go out like this. I might as well be naked.” She closed the door and quickly changed out of that outfit and into her normal clothes: a long sleeve tee, capris, socks and sneaks. She also added a bra to be safe. Looking at herself, she sighed and thought, “maybe another time I will be brave enough to try wearing that outfit.” Grabbing her wallet, phone and keys, she headed out to meet the gang, more comfortable but a bit disappointed in herself.

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      Katie -- nice work, as always. I'm looking forward to their arrival at Joe's college.
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      Like with the story about her embarrassment at her first gyno exam . . . Thanks!
      • IndeedAnonymous, Sun Nov 11 14:46
        Tami's putting on a tube top and and then being too embarrassed to wear it reminds me of this snippet from donnylaja's "The Adventures of a Naked Girl in Love": "Well let's go to Rebecca and... more
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          Thanks, I'd forgotten that. Now . . . a tube top that *Marisol* could wear . . . would be a feat of engineering. And as I recall when they were in fashion (yes I'm that old) . . . the bigger the... more
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