Office Girl Charlotte (chapter 1)
Sat Nov 10, 2018 00:02

Charlotte was immersed in the computer screen, trying desperately to get this project finished on time. Her boss had been on her about this one, telling her that the pressure from above was really coming down and it was imperative that they finish on schedule. That had meant late nights, weekends, etc., but she was finally almost finished and she needed it. Her plans for the night were a quiet evening at home with her boyfriend, some Netflix and bed. But first, she had to finish this project.

She heard the noise before she saw it. How had she missed her coming in? Sitting on the chair of the desk behind her was the dreaded “bag.” She closed her eyes in disbelief. Not tonight, she thought, not now. She has so much to do but the appearance of the bag was it…she had no choice.

Now with her legs shaking, she continued working, still working to finish but having trouble concentrating. The bag was waiting, screaming out her shame. It knew what she had done, what she would be doing shortly and what she would continue to do whenever they chose. She was just a pawn in the game now.

Miraculously she finished and sent her work off. A few minutes later she got a good job email from her boss and then he popped in to thank her on his way out. She smiled, accepted it and turned back to the screen. While the rest of her office packed up and left to get an early start on a Friday night, she continued working, knowing that she had to wait for the last one to leave. Finally, at 5:30 or so, she heard no one else moving in the cubicles or offices around her. Either way, she had to get started or pay the consequences.

She spun her chair around to grab the bag. She knew what in there, a rain jacket that would only come to midthigh. It would be the only thing she would wear tonight and even that wouldn’t be too long. For the past year, she been forced to play this game six times…each one was horribly shaming for her but she was helpless to say no. She had to play along or risk everything.

She took the jacket out and placed it on her desk. Now she had to follow their direction to a T. Leaning over, Charlotte undid the straps of her shoes and pulled slid each one off. Reaching under her skirt, she pulled down her pantyhose, removing them and balling them up in each heel as directed. From past experience, Charlotte knew that she was being watched so it was important to follow each detail they had burned into her memory.

Next came her skirt. She unzipped it and shimmeyed it over her bottom, down her legs and off. Folding it, she placed it next to her shoes and hose. Glancing around, hoping she had guessed correctly that the floor was empty, she started unbuttoning her blouse, her hands shaking as she slid each button through the hole. Once they were all undone, she hesitated a bit but then pulled the garment off, folding it and placing it on her skirt.

Though it was not the first time, she still marveled at the thought that she was sitting in her bra and panties in her office. She didn’t have a door and the walls didn’t go all the way to the ceiling. Anyone could walk by and see her but she knew she had no choice. If that were to happen, she would have to deal with it.

Knowing she couldn’t dally too long, Charlotte slid the straps of her bra down her arms and slid the garment around so the clasp was in the front. She undid it and let her full boobs pop free from their casing. Looking down, she verified that her nipples were achingly hard. She left the bra on top of the pile and then stood to remove her panties. It was sad to her that she had worn a good pair of panties that she loved; one of the parts of tonight was that her bra and panties would be “lost” forever. She dropped the flimsy garment on top of her piles of clothes and stood there naked.

She didn’t know exactly where the cameras were but they were always there, filming her. She had learned that the hard way. After counting to 100, she began putting her clothes in the bag. First it was her purse, then her shoes/pantyhose next to it. She remembered to grab her keys from her jacket and slide them into her purse as her jacket was definitely staying here. On top of her shoes went her skirt and then her blouse. Her bra was then left on the side of the bag, half in and half out, to be “dropped” as she walked. Her panties were balled up in her hand for her to “drop” as well.

She turned off her computer, grabbed the bag in one hand, her rain coat in the other and made her way to the elevator. This was always so harrowing as she was not permitted to put the coat on until she was in the elevator. Even though her office was empty that didn’t mean the building was and she was taking an awful risk. She had to make sure that neither the bag nor the coat covered any part of her nudity, just her arm.

Barefoot, naked and feeling oh so vulnerable, Charlotte tentatively walked out of her cubicle and towards the elevator. All of the lights were on but there seemed to be no one around. She moved quickly but did not run (not allowed) and finally made it unseen to the elevator. She pushed the button and waited in excruciating suspense, desperate to keep her arms at her sides and not covering any part of her body. Finally the elevator dinged and she held her breath; luckily, the car was empty and she went in. She breathed a short sigh of relief but knew she was far from free. She put the bag down and pulled the jacket on, tying it in front of her (the buttons had been removed) as tightly as she could. Looking up, she saw her reflection in the shiny door and knew that it would be easy to surmise that she wore nothing under this jacket. Nearly all of her legs were bare as was her cleavage. Still, compared to the naked way she entered the elevator, this felt fully covered.

Finally she reached the ground floor and made her way across the empty lobby with only a security guard sitting at his desk. He barely looked up as she walked, her bare feet not making any noise on the tile floor. Seeing he was distracted and looking down, she took the time to drop her wadded panties on the floor for him (or someone else) to find and pushed her way out of the building through the spinning door. In no time she was barefoot, mostly naked, out on a public street.

As usual, a town car sat waiting for her. She moved towards it and the trunk popped. She did as she usually did and placed her bag of clothes, containing her purse, in there and slammed it shut, effectively blocking her from them until they were ready to give them back. She slid into the backseat and shrugged the jacket off, balling it up and handing it to the driver.

“Where are we going?”

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            Any chance for a continuation of this. I love it and check every day for new chapters.
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            Oh this is such a great premise for a story. You have to write more chapters please. Best story I read in a long time
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            This story is keeping me in suspense. I love where this is going and can't wait for you to continue with this series.
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