Office Girl Charlotte (chapter 2)
Sat Nov 10, 2018 00:03


Jack smiled at the question. Ginger was getting to be a regular customer, not that he mind.

He had never asked her name…called her Ginger because of her red hair. He didn’t need to know her name or what her story is.

Jack had been driving for this company for more than a decade and he was well-compensated for it. Though he was an excellent driver, his road skills were not the reason for his high pay; his discretion was. Jack kept his head down, did what he was told and never asked questions. Some nights, like tonight, he earned extra compensation: an unencumbered view of a beautiful nude woman.

In silence, he pulled away from the curb and drove. He had only been told the destination. Once there, he would hand the woman a folder with her instructions. He would later receive a text with when/where to pick her up. For now, he just drove, the silence driving his passenger crazy but that was what the customer wanted.

This was the fifth or sixth time in the past year that he had been driven Ginger. Each time she arrived like this, naked but for a raincoat. She handed it to him and then sat there nude and spread. He didn’t know for sure but he was pretty certain that she was told to not cover herself at all so she sat with her arms at her sides, feet on the floor so that all of her body was on display, and what a body it was.

Her hair was stunning, a deep read that was long and shiny. Today, she had it pulled back into a ponytail that showed off her angular face that was pale with a hint of freckles. Her breasts were magnificent. Full, round, with perky pink nipples, they stood firm and strong despite no bra. It was hard for him to concentrate on the road when they were on full display in his rear view mirror.

Between her legs, she was completely bare, with her full lips that were parted just a tad. She also had long, lean legs that looked like they had been toned from hours of running. Her bare feet were also cute, with the toenails a pastel pink. All in all, this woman was an amazing package and he could not believe his good fortune.

He had no idea what she had done to be in these circumstances nor what was being held over her head, but he was happy to spend some time in her company and to play a small part in her escapades. Yes, he was well compensated for his work but the perks weren’t bad either.


Charlotte looked out the window, trying to ignore his eyes looking through the rear view mirror, devouring her nudity. It took every ounce of restraint to keep her arms at her sides and her feet spread, as commanded. Again, she assumed there were cameras watching her every move and she would be punished for failure to comply.

She noticed that the windows were tinted, a small relief as they drove slowly though the city, with traffic on one side and pedestrians on the other. That must mean that her humiliation is going to be delayed; they wanted her seen now, she would be seen. They certainly did not choose the tinted windows for her comfort.

It was almost a year to the day that she took her first naked ride. Then she had been shaking like a leaf, so completely taken aback by the turn of events. Now, after doing this six times, she was less traumatized, though still mortified.

That first ride had been in a car with untinted windows, the nude ride was part of the humiliation. They also stopped for her to pump gas and to do a naked run around the park. Each time, the situations were ramped up.

Finally, after driving for a long time (nearly an hour), they slowed down and the drive pulled over. He turned around, making eye contact for the first time and handed her an envelope.

“Dearest Charlotte, it is so good to see all of you again. Your last few assignments have been great fun. We know you will enjoy tonight’s journey as much as you have the others!

Here are your tasks. Once completed, your driver will be messaged to meet you at your location. Have fun dearie and best of luck…you might need it tonight.

All my love.”

She sighed as she read the note, written as if from one friend to another. They were most definitely not friends.

Have your photo taken with a group of four others…must be at least one man in the photo.
Take a selfie with a security guard or police officer.
Take a photo of yourself on stage.
Once you finish each task, text the photo to *484. When the final task is completed, you will be picked up. It’s that simple.”

Her legs started shaking in fear as she noticed that the car had stopped near a music festival. She heard the faint sound of the bands and people. Thankfully, the festival had begun.

The driver reached back and handed her a cell phone, a ticket for the concert and pressed unlock. This was her sign to leave the car. Sliding out, taking a deep breath to steel herself, she opened the door. No sooner was she out of the door than the car pulled away and she was alone and visible. She had to move fast to get out of the street and develop a plan so she slid between two parked cars and crouched down.

From her vantage point, she could see the entrance to the festival. The boom from the bass and the lights caused her heart to jump. In a few moments she would be heading into that crowd, completely bare and vulnerable. She had nothing but his phone and ticket to shield her.

She knew she had no choice but to go through with it. Three extremely dangerous photos: a group shot, a cop shot and a stage shot. How she was going to accomplish any of these without getting arrested was beyond her. She took a deep breath and decided to take each task one at a time.

Standing up straight, she began walking towards the noise, her heart beating rapidly and her legs shaking. She was shocked that no one was around and those who passed on the opposite side of the street barely noticed her. Finally she got to the front gate and saw several staff.

“Whoa,” the teenage girl in the yellow polo said as she turned and saw Charlotte approach. The naked girl smiled painfully and handed her ticket to the girl who scanned it and rolled her eyes. After two summers at this job, she had seen a lot of things. This wasn’t even the weirdest thing to happen tonight.

Charlotte walked into the concert venue and was overcome by the noise. Luckily it was pretty dark so her nudity wasn’t quickly apparent to everyone. Plus, many women were scantily clad and she also noticed that she was not the only one topless. Make no mistake, there weren’t many girls showing their boobs (and she was the only one totally nude) but she felt a little better that she wasn’t entirely alone.

She knew she had to act quick…once word spread of a naked girl in the crowd, she might get attacked or arrested. She rushed towards where a group of people were sitting in a circle drinking beer and smoking cigarettes.

“What the hell,” one of the guys said, obviously gay. “Girl, where are your clothes?”

“Ah, I’m on a dare…for a sorority,” Charlotte said, glad she still looked young enough to make it convincing.

“Oh God, I had to do something like that too,” one of the girls said, standing up and moving towards her. “Good luck hon.”

“Um, can I get a photo of us?”

“You serious,” one of the other girls said. “You want a photo of yourself naked?”

She nodded and the gang seemed to shrug. The group gathered around the naked girl, with the men being very careful not to touch and be accused of something. The girls had no problems with it and moved right in, one hugging her around the shoulders and another around her waist, her hand on the naked hip just above her pubic region. Charlotte then felt a hand on her butt that caused her to shiver.

“OK, smile,” said the guy taking their photo and she did, knowing that was expected of her. He then asked if he could take one with his phone and she had no choice but to comply. Finally he handed her phone back, she thanked them and ran off. “GOOD LUCK NAKED ONE,” one of the women yelled after her.

She hid behind the concession stand and tried to formulate a plan. She tried to find a dry spot for her bare feet but couldn’t (her feet must be black by now anyway). Meanwhile, she texted the photo to the number she was given and received an autoreply. One down, two to go and maybe the end of her night. The next two would be tougher though.


Charlotte stayed in her hiding place a while longer while trying to figure out what to do next. She had to get a photo with a group of security or cops. She thought that the cops would be out because that might get her arrested. However, security guards at a concert might not mind a naked girl coming up to them. She had to risk it as she knew time was always short.

Glancing around, she saw a man sitting along at what looked to be an emergency exit door. He was a young guy, large but with a friendly face. That was her guy. Another deep breath and she was out, heading towards the man. His eyes got huge when he saw her coming.

“Excuse me,” said a surprised Darius (according to his name tag), “but what are you doing?”

She gave the spiel about sorority as he made a move towards his walkie talkie. “Please, don’t do that. I’m not going to cause any trouble. I just need a photo with a security guard. I can even block your face out if you want. Please, it’s the only way I can get my clothes back from my friends.”

“Miss, are you in trouble,” he said, his face full of sincerity.

Yes, yes she was, she thought, but instead shook her head. “No, it’s just a prank. Please, harmless. I just need a photo and you looked like a nice guy.”

Charlotte noticed that Darius’ eyes did not roam (much) beyond her eyes, an admirable feat. In other circumstances she might have found him cute and flirted with him but not tonight, not like that.

“OK, no face in the photo, is that clear?”

She sighed. “Yes, great, cover your face.” She moved towards him, bumping her bare butt against him, causing him to moan softly and another shiver from her. Men, she thought, were so easy.

“OK, ready,” she said, holding the phone up. She made sure to get her bare boobs and belly (and the top of her pubic region) in the photo while also getting Darius. Certain she had gotten the shot, she turned around, kissed him on the cheek and took off, saying, “thank you!”

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