Secrets (Re-Edited)
Tue Dec 4, 2018 07:41 (XFF:

I just posted a new novel on Amazon called Anything. The story featured one of my old characters (Casi from Casi's Secret) in a supporting role. Since I have a link in the book to the story, I wanted to give it a once over and freshen it up a bit. The new version, Secrets, cleaned up some formatting, switched to a single POV, and added about 2,000 words.

If you've read it before, I don't think that the changes are significant enough to really bother with it again. If it's new to you, though, I hope you enjoy!

Note, I also wrote a companion story to Anything that I'm about to post in another thread. I'll put the links to my website in that post whether than doing it twice.

    • Chapter 1rsw, Tue Dec 4 07:42
      Casi picked up her phone and thumbed to her call log. When she got to the name she wanted, her finger hovered over it. And hovered. And hovered. Finally, she slammed the phone down on her bed.... more
      • Chapter 2rsw, Tue Dec 4 07:42
        Casi’s jaw dropped. Of all the advice she might have expected to receive, that particular piece seemed the most unlikely. “Brad!” she yelled. “Hey, you promised!” “I did but be serious!” “I am... more
        • Chapter 3rsw, Tue Dec 4 07:43
          Casi rung Brad’s doorbell just after 10:30 the next morning. “Good morning,” he said as he opened the door. Like her coming over this morning was supposed to be just like every other morning. Like he ... more
          • Re: Chapter 3Molly, Tue Dec 4 23:29
            This is a clever story. I like the dynamic of the three characters, and the setup is a really good idea.
          • Chapter 4rsw, Tue Dec 4 07:43
            Casi was a nervous wreck as she waited for Aaron. How had she ever thought any of this was a good idea? Getting naked in front of two guys, her two best friends? What the holy crap had she been... more
            • Re: Chapter 4Molly, Tue Dec 4 23:45
              This is great. However in some future draft I'd suggest that she argue a bit before agreeing to play the game. Also, I'm not sure she'd know when that wet spot appeared on her panties. You might want ... more
            • Chapter 5rsw, Tue Dec 4 07:44
              Casi made no further objection as Brad dealt the cards. Before anyone picked up their hand, Aaron said, “Uh, this is fun and all, and you’re really, really, uh, nice looking, but are you sure you... more
              • Re: Chapter 5Molly, Tue Dec 4 23:56
                This is wonderful -- absolutely fabulous -- but you might consider slowing this passage down. One or both of the boys could lose once or twice. One of them might even be shirtless by the time she is... more
              • Chapter 6rsw, Tue Dec 4 07:45
                Casi closed her eyes and stood there with her hands behind her back. She couldn’t believe she’d actually done it. Was doing it. She’d taken off all her clothes. For a minute or maybe even two, she... more
                • Chapter 7rsw, Tue Dec 4 07:45
                  Casi, now dressed, came out of the bathroom, and Brad practically pushed the two of them out of the house. “Would you mind walking her home?” he asked Aaron. “Why? Her house is only, like, two blocks ... more
                  • Re: Chapter 7Molly, Thu Dec 6 19:58
                    Wait . . . "Her first"??
                  • Chapter 8rsw, Tue Dec 4 07:46
                    Casi called Brad again, her voice quivering. “Have you been crying?” he asked. “Yes,” she muttered. “What happened? Please tell me.” The tale came out in a rush as she explained all that had happened ... more
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