Summer at Cache Lake - 58: Floating the Outlet
Fri Dec 7, 2018 15:51

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Summer at Cache Lake
Chapter 58: Floating the Outlet

“You’ve already floated the outlet topless,” Ryan chimed in. “This time you should go naked!”

Jill frowned. “Naked? Really? We all know that was never part of the deal,” she scolded.

“What deal? You broke the original deal. We’re in new territory now!” said Ryan mischievously.

Jill rolled her eyes. She wanted to leave her top behind, but this lame direction wasn’t going to get them anywhere.

“Think about it, Jill,” said David. “A full-body tan. No tan lines . . . none at all!”

“More like, I’d burn and peel where the sun doesn’t shine. Now admit defeat and let’s go and have some fun!”

“Okay, maybe just half the suit,” suggested David.

Jill hesitated. This was more like the direction she had been hoping for.

“Forget it,” she said, knowing that she had to put up a fight. “Been there, done that.”

“I didn’t say which half.”

Jill’s jaw dropped. She decided to confront this one head on. Turning, she let her crutches fall onto the sand as she stood facing David in just her bikini, her feet shoulder width apart, her hands defiantly on her hips.

“So, the bottoms?” she asked, glaring at him.

When he didn’t reply, she slid her hands down and boldly made a fist around each strap. She pulled them out sideways, stretching them away from her body.

“So, the bottoms?” she asked again, trying to make it look like she might actually pull them down and off. She was trembling but doing her best to look like she was confident and in complete control of the situation.

“Yes, the bottoms!” said Ryan. He was obviously more than happy to answer if David wasn’t going to.

“I’m talking to my brother,” said Jill, her eyes glued angrily to David.

“Yes . . . the bottoms,” said David coolly.

“Not the bottoms!” said Jill obstinately. Showing them who was in charge, she pulled the straps up firmly, seating her suit securely against her crotch. As she released the straps she regretted just how high she had lifted them. From the look on Ryan’s face, she knew that she had stretched the fabric tight. She didn’t look down, but she knew that she had inadvertently created a severe camel toe situation. “Now let’s go,” she said, turning and picking up her crutches, gladly hiding the front of her bikini bottoms in the process.

“Let’s flip a coin,” said David. “You agree to wear half your suit. We’ll let the coin determine which half.”

In surprise, Jill turned back around. She saw that David already had a coin in his hand. There was an awkward pause. She stood there indecisively.

“Heads . . . topless. Tails . . . bottomless,” said David, throwing the coin aloft.

He caught it and slapped it against the back of his other hand.

“Ready to learn your fate?” he asked, looking at Jill with a sly smile.

Jill held her breath. She hadn’t agreed to anything.

“Which is it?” asked Ryan, stepping close to David to view the outcome.

David removed his hand and the boys both looked.

“Tails!” shouted Ryan triumphantly.

Jill sensed that something was amiss. “Let me see!” she demanded, quickly closing the distance.

David kept his hand right where it was, permitting Jill the opportunity to look.

“You asshole!” she said in disgust, looking over at Ryan. “You’re such a liar.”

She reached behind her back and untied the knot. As she pulled off her top and tossed it onto a nearby chair, she realized that she could never agree to a coin toss such as that. This time she had gotten lucky, but next time it would surely come up, ‘tails.’

Turning and heading up the beach in just her bikini bottoms, she imagined how bare she’d feel wearing just the top half. There wasn’t a lot of fabric to the bottoms, and yet they made all the difference in the world.

“Double or nothing!” shouted Ryan.

This guy never gives up, she thought.

“No more coin tosses!” she shouted back over her shoulder. “One and done!”

Heading along briskly on her crutches she smiled to herself. She had gotten exactly what she had wanted. The guys probably knew that she would never have taken off the bottoms had it been ‘tails,’ but it didn’t really matter. It felt so nice to again be topless in the sunshine.

She realized that she was going to need to find a way to reinstate the ‘one of the guys’ terms in a manner that allowed her to refuse if need be. No more Cornice Ridge hikes! Just the three of them, that was fun, but she could do without being seen by others. And no topless basketball games either! That was certainly not something that she would ever consider. She needed to remain firmly in charge, even if she wanted it to appear that the boys, or even their coin toss, might have determined that her breasts would be bare on the river that morning.

She thought about how David had let her discover the truth about the coin toss. Ryan had attempted a dishonest trick, and David had not allowed him to get away with it. David was certainly much more honest than Ryan. He was a good guy, even if he was ganging up against her, joining forces, to try and get her naked. She didn’t think he had the hots for his own sister, but the situation was certainly a little uncomfortable. And yet, she remembered asking to be pushed. That had to be taken into consideration. She did enjoy being pushed . . . within limits; she knew that. He might actually be doing it for her, she realized.

She stopped to glance back at the boys. They each were carrying their own inner tube in one arm, and between them, they were carrying her tube.

“You guys are so slow!” she shouted back teasingly. “It’s not like those tubes are heavy!”

She turned and again headed toward where the outlet exited the lake. She moved along quickly on her crutches. She was impressed with how fast she had gotten. She wouldn’t be able to keep up with someone running, but she could easily outdistance someone jogging.

A few minutes later, Jill sat down onto her inner tube, taking care to keep her left knee high and dry. The lake water felt quite chilly to her bottom as she slid into the center hole. After all, it was a snowmelt-fed mountain lake. But she knew she’d adjust quickly. Looking up, she saw Ryan eyeing her breasts.

“Don’t be getting any ideas, Jerk-boy,” she said finding her most authoritative voice. “You can look, but if you ever again touch me, I’m turning you in! You deserve more than just the bruises David gave you. Don’t you ever cross the line . . . again.” It felt empowering to finally be saying what needed to be said. Taking a breath to gather her thoughts, she continued, “Now, about that date…”

She paused, noticing a hopeful look in his eyes. ‘What an idiot,’ she thought.

“No! No date! Not ever!” She observed the optimism evaporating from his expression. “You and I are friends . . . barely. We’ll never be more than friends. And right now, hearing myself say this, I’m not sure we’re friends. You might be able to win your way back into my good graces. If you succeed, we’ll still be JUST friends.”

She was proud of herself. She was shaking, but it felt really good to be assertive, to stand up for herself. She had rehearsed those lines in her head as she had made her way up the beach. She had delivered them perfectly. Ryan’s blatant dishonesty at the coin toss had cemented her resolve. Looking over, she saw David nodding approvingly.

As she paddled along the shore with her arms, making her way toward the point where the current would draw her into the river, she realized just how good it felt to stick up for herself. She was worth it! God dammit, she was worth it!

She and David entered the mouth of the river side by side. Ryan was bringing up the rear, a gloomy despondent look on his face. She glanced over at her brother. “Good job, Bean,” he mouthed.

Jill smiled and tipped her head way back, dipping her ponytail into the current. She took a deep breath to relax, trying to get her heart rate back to normal. The warm sunshine felt wonderful on her face and neck, but a moment later the sun disappeared as the river entered the forest.

“Thanks for carrying the crutches,” she said. David had them across his lap, resting on his tube on either side.

“They’ll be in my way when the splash war starts,” he said with an evil smile. She knew he was joking.

Taking her hands from the river, she dribbled water on her bare breasts, allowing her fingertips to graze her nipples. They had been rock-hard before she had sat down into the water. Now they were diamond-hard.

Arching her back and lifting her ribcage, she commented, “My tits disappear entirely when I stretch like this.”

“Not quite,” said David, a look of curious amusement on his face.

Tucking her chin to inspect her tan chest, she remarked, “You like big boobs, don’t you, brother?” When David didn’t reply, she continued, “Bailey has big boobs. I’ll bet you liked that about her. It won’t hurt my feelings if you admit that you like big boobs.”

“Okay, I’ve got a thing for big boobs.”

“I knew you did,” she replied. “But it’s okay.”

“Small breasts are lovely, too.”

“Do you think about her? Do you think the two of you might get back together?”

“I like Bailey. She’s fun. I have fond memories, but we won’t be getting back together.”

“Why not?”

“Just because. Nothing against Bailey, but she’s part of my past.”

“Do you miss her boobs?”

“Jill . . . I’m not answering that. Why all the questions?”

“You touched them, sucked them. Am I right?”

“No comment.”

“So, it’s okay to see your twin sister . . . naked . . . but a conversation like this is off limits?”

“Right,” said David. After a pause, he continued, “Why are you so boob obsessed? I thought that being ‘one of the guys’ would change that.”

“And how was that supposed to work?” she asked wrinkling up her nose. “I spend my days topless, making my breasts the center of attention. Strangers see them. You and Ryan . . . Ryan especially . . . he stares at them, talks about them constantly. That’s supposed to make me forget about them?”

“Well . . . at least be at peace with things . . . come to realize just how beautiful you really are.”

“By showing the world just how little my titties are?”

“Something like that,” replied David with a smile. “I guess . . . learn that size is not really all that important. And yet, here you are, talking about Bailey, focusing on size, asking me if I miss her boobs. Truth be told, there is so much to that young lady. She’s smart. She has a delightful personality. Breast size, and I do like big boobs, is less than one percent of who she is . . . in my mind. We didn’t start dating because she was chesty, and her boobs had nothing to do with why we broke up. She can’t help how big she is any more than you can. She’s a human being . . . a delightful, compassionate one. That’s who I dated . . . the person that she is on the inside.”

“But you got bored with her.”

“I guess I did,” admitted David. “It just wasn’t meant to be. That’s all.”

Looking up ahead, Jill caught a glimpse of the bridge they would shortly be passing under. A shiver of concern passed through her as she tried to see if there was anyone on it, but the sun was in her eyes.

She paddled a little as if she were trying to delay the inevitable. They would have to pass under the bridge. Looking back, she saw that Ryan had caught up. As their eyes met, he gave her a weak smile.

Once, she had daydreamed about passing under the bridge topless, imagining that she might roll over, hiding her breasts by pressing them down into the inner tube. Given that doing so would put her knee into the river, she crossed her forearms, cupping her left breast in her right hand and vice versa. Glancing down, she found it a little reassuring to see that her hand bra covered as much as her bikini top, probably more.

As they got close to the bridge, she caught sight of the bag that held her clothes. She hadn’t realized how visible it might be from the river. She knew that if David or Ryan saw it, they’d be curious and investigate.

Hoping to keep them from seeing it, she bared her breasts. That ought to get their attention, she thought. And yet, it didn’t. They didn’t even seem to notice. Jill realized that her chest was no longer the attention magnet that it had once been.

“Ryan,” she called out. “Should I show David how close I can come to licking a nipple?”

She saw a puzzled look accompanied by a smile spread slowly across his face. Reaching up, she pinched the area around one of her nipples firmly. Looking over, she saw that she had David’s full attention.

Better not be anyone on the bridge, she thought as she tucked her chin and stretched her breast upward for all it was worth. She saw Ryan paddling to get closer as she stuck out her tongue and licked, contacting her skin just inches above the areola.

“See, David, I can lick my own boobie! Not the nipple, but darn close.” Despite her attempt at appearing confident, she was quite embarrassed to find herself doing this in front of her brother and again in front of Ryan.

David laughed, shaking his head. “I certainly wouldn’t be able to,” he replied.

Glancing up, she saw that she still had both boys’ full attention. They wouldn’t see the bag if she kept it up.

“Did I get closer that time?” she asked, turning and looking at Ryan.

“Didn’t I tell you that your sister was kinky?” asked Ryan, looking over at David.

“I should try for the other nipple,” she said, doing her best to ignore Ryan’s comment as she took hold of her other breast. Realizing that she was just about to go under the bridge, she forced herself to keep her eyes on her chest rather than looking up.

Angling her face down and pulling her breast up, she did her best to close the gap. She wanted to keep the guys attention focused on her. The white bag really stood out against the dark timbers. I’ve got to do something about that, she thought, as she again stuck out her tongue.

“Now you know why I was helping her out, David,” Ryan laughed. “One minute she wants oral-nipple sex. The next, she doesn’t.”

Jill was disappointed to hear David laughing at Ryan’s joke. It wasn’t funny. “I never wanted oral-nipple sex!” she said spitefully. “What I get to do is different from what you get to do, Jerk-boy. They’re my nipples! Why don’t you get that?”

“Whatever,” replied Ryan.

“Jerk-boy?” asked David laughing.

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          ReaderMan, Did I screw up? If you mean in 58, then 59 is simply a continuation. Did she call him Jerk-boy in front of David in chapters posted before this week?
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              Maybe not!
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              I don't see a problem with where Jill is now. Actually, I enjoy it quite a bit. A short while ago she was fantasizing about being seen. Although that lady she bumped into was hardly what she was... more
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          Totally naked, far away from clothes and she is caught by a Stranger. And you let us wait a week. ;-)
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                  Jill & Dale working at the hardware Store; Just a thought
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                  My poems??? I only made the all consuming mistake of assuming that a worldly and well read man such as yourself would have long since read the Iliad and the Odyssey. I read them in either 4th or 5th... more
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              Don't worry, it's really very good. Now we have a complete week the imagine her fate. Helen.
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              LOL! But who's counting, right? After all, it is all about quality not quantity in the enf genre (I hope). And for the record: 62 chapters in 10 weeks. (My average is still above 6)
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              Maybe he's holding back the next chapter just to keep us in suspense?
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                DW, I posted more than I was going to in order to lessen the suspense (believe it or not). Initially, I was planning to stop before she got to shore - with the sentence that ends "...and yet that was ... more
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