Please more!
Tue Jan 22, 2019 22:40

Any chance for a continuation of this. I love it and check every day for new chapters.

  • Office Girl Charlotte (chapter 4)katie, Sat Nov 10 00:05
    Lunch time and Charlotte ate at her desk, picking at a crappy peanut butter/jelly sandwich and some crackers. Pay day was coming tomorrow and she could finally go grocery shopping, though it would... more
    • Please more! — Jabroni, Tue Jan 22 22:40
    • Oh please write more!!Purplerain, Fri Nov 23 06:40
      Oh this is such a great premise for a story. You have to write more chapters please. Best story I read in a long time
    • Re: Office GirlKnight-Streaker, Tue Nov 13 02:31
      This story is keeping me in suspense. I love where this is going and can't wait for you to continue with this series.
    • PLEASE tell me there's moreHooked6, Sat Nov 10 07:57
      I sincerely hope you will continue this story soon. I must compliment you on the plot device of "THE BAG." What a clever way of introducing suspense into your story. Your slow and ever-escalating... more
      • BRILLIANTGwB, Sun Nov 11 12:59
        Hi Katie GREAT story, It deserves a long series of chapters!! The story is already in my favorites... I can't wait!!!
    • Fun.TooManyXs, Sat Nov 10 06:29
      Don't know if this is the whole story, or meant to be something bigger, but the fact that we DON'T know what she's gotten wrapped up in, how she got in this mess, or who she's pissed off adds its own ... more
      • Re: Fun.Molly, Tue Nov 13 11:07
        Yes, TooManyXs, I was expecting to learn the backstory in this set of chapters. You're right that these explanations can be tricky because sooner or later what the girl is risking may outweigh the... more
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