Summer at Cache Lake - 105: Campfire
Fri Feb 8, 2019 18:59

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Summer at Cache Lake
Chapter 105: Campfire

“But it would be a shame to just delete the photos,” said Britt. “Maybe it’s for the best that we have a little time to ponder doing something that would be irreversible. Some of them are amazing! Jenna and I have been looking through them. Quite a few of the photos that you took of us at the falls are wonderful as well. We’re going to get a print one of those and frame it for our bedroom.”

“The hard part will be deciding which one,” added Jenna.

“Wait . . . is that why your phone is dead? You were using it while I was napping!”

“Guilty as charged,” said Britt. “But again, it’s my phone, and the photos are safe. I just don’t think they should be deleted. You’ll want them someday . . . special memories . . . for all of us, I imagine. And it only seems fair that Austin get a couple of Lola pictures.”

Suddenly Jill remembered the piece of paper that Austin had written his phone number on. “Hey, where is the piece of paper he gave me?”

“Let me see,” said Britt, as if she were trying to think. “Austin Simmon’s phone number? Might it be on that piece of paper in my pack with your sunscreen?”

In horror, Jill realized that there had been plenty of time for her to copy down the phone number while she’d been asleep.

“Britt, don’t tease Jill. You know you’re not going to send Austin photos . . . unless she agrees,” said Jenna.

“But I know I want to . . . I mean . . . to get her to agree. Just think of Austin. He’d be delighted. And he only knows her as ‘Lola.’ If they came from me, he wouldn’t even have her phone number.”

“Britt…” chastised Jenna.

“He would treasure a photo, and he seemed like a nice guy. He wouldn’t do anything to harm her,” Britt reasoned.

“How can you be so sure?” asked Jenna.

“He might show it to a few friends, but he wouldn’t give it to anyone,” said Britt.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” scolded Jenna, looking at her disapprovingly.

There wasn’t much more to say. Jill was still very fearful about Britt having possession of the photos; however, due to the dead battery, nothing could be done. Trying to look on the bright side, she appreciated Jenna’s attitude; she seemed to have her back. She might be able to keep Britt in line. And significantly, it was clear that Ryan and David weren’t going to get to see the photos.

“Where’s your pack?” Jill asked. “I want my stuff.”

“Next to my chair at the fire,” replied Britt.

Jill turned and headed back to the fire, making a beeline for the small pack. She quickly fished out her few belongings. The small note was there, but there was no way to tell if Britt had copied down the phone number. Indeed, she might have photographed it.

“What’s that?” asked Ryan, as Jill went over to her own pack to stow the items.

“Nothing. Just my water bottle and sunscreen,” said Jill.

“And a sketch of a robot that a guy we met today made for her,” Britt added.

Jill scowled at her.

“I wanna see,” said Ryan.

“Too bad!” said Jill, regretting that he’d found out about that.

“He seems to be quite talented,” said Britt.

“…and someone we’re not going to talk about,” said Jill.

She hoped that would shut down the conversation, but knew that was wishful thinking. Ryan didn’t give up easily when he was curious about something. He started doing his best to get Britt to recount their journey. She resisted, but Jill could tell that her resistance was just for show. She knew Britt well enough to know that she really did want to talk about what had happened. In the end, Ryan’s dogged persistence paid off. After they had all dished up, Britt did start telling the boys about their adventure.

Once Britt was giving Ryan what he wanted, Jill attempted to tune the conversation out. That proved to be difficult. She found that she had to pay attention enough to interject an occasional correction into Britt’s tale. Britt seemed to have a tendency to try and make it sound as if she had sought and enjoyed all the exposure. She was not willing to let such absurd claims stand uncontested.

Reliving the day, with an audience present, was sheer torment, and yet it was stimulating at the same time. It was all she could do to keep from squirming at certain junctures, especially when Britt was recounting the most embarrassing events. She had to concentrate on keeping it from being noticeable just how aroused it was making her. Her heart rate was up and her elevated libido was making it a struggle just to sit still. She knew she would be subject to even more of Ryan’s teasing if he were to notice her wiggling.

Britt was making it sound as if Jill had been trying to maximize her exposure when she had chosen to go off with Olivia and Rodney to see the beaver. Jill knew that it was primarily her interest in nature that had been behind her choice, but Ryan and David didn’t.

Jill winced when Britt introduced the word ’beaver’ into the conversation. To that point, no one had subjected her to any crass comments involving the use of the term. One look at Ryan’s face told her that her luck had run out.

“I love beaver!” he announced with an ear-to-ear grin.

“I’ll bet you do,” said Britt condescendingly.

Jill was glad to hear Britt’s tone of voice. It seemed as if she was going to try and keep Ryan from getting too vulgar.

“I do! Especially Jill’s!” he countered enthusiastically.

“A bunch of dam rodents, if you ask me,” quipped David.

“Who’s talking about rodents?” asked Ryan. “Jill . . . she has a gorgeous beaver. Beautiful little titties, grade A beaver!”

“I’m not going to argue, but you’re making her uncomfortable,” said Britt. “It’s hardly a flattering term.”

“Save a tree, eat a beaver . . . that’s what I always say,” announced Ryan smugly.

“Oh, how original!” said Britt scornfully.

Ryan just shrugged.

“If you’re done with this interruption, the story can continue,” said Britt.

“Yes, please continue,” relented Ryan sheepishly. “Just . . . please . . . don’t be stingy when it comes to beaver.”

“No beaver for you!” said Britt. “I can always stop here.”

“Please continue,” said Ryan meekly.

Jill smiled to herself. It was amusing to watch Britt put Ryan in his place.

Jill’s mind drifted occasionally as the tale continued to unfold. Looking around the group, she realized that these four individuals were probably destined to be who she would most remember in the future whenever her mind wandered back to that eventful summer. David and Ryan . . . that was a foregone conclusion; however, even though she had just met them, Britt and Jenna seemed to have already made the short list.

Ryan, of course, for he had been the instigator. He’d been working at getting her clothes off since the incident on Sunken Island the prior summer. Were it not for him, nothing out of the ordinary would have happened. She might not even have engaged in any topless tanning. Even the solo activities that she had undertaken had been inspired by the ‘one of the guys’ program.

And then there was her twin brother, David. He had indeed looked out for her safety, but not in the way that she might have imagined. He had gone along with Ryan’s overall scheme, apparently just providing a few ground rules. At least that is how she now understood it. Had he behaved as most brothers might, she would not be sitting there naked.

As he had once explained, he had thought that she might somehow benefit from what Ryan had selfishly proposed. Jill was not ready to concede that point; however, she now realized that David did have quite a bit of insight into her inner psyche. Going topless and now naked certainly had been quite an experience – an experience that was likely to have long term consequences, some of them potentially positive. That realization represented a dramatic shift in her thought pattern. She knew that she now viewed herself differently. Her self-image had been undergoing a transformation. It wasn’t one that she fully understood, and yet she knew that she was changing; not on the outside, but on the inside.

She turned her thoughts to Britt, the more outspoken member of the Copeland duo. Initially she had thought that her personality was similar to David’s. Even though she had supplied the wine, she had sought to control the damage by trying to get her to keep her legs together. Eventually she had denied her more wine, and then she had been taking the boys to task for mistreating her.

But then Britt had changed. She’d started pushing her toward exposure. That had initially seemed inexplicable, and yet Jill now felt as if she understood. Britt had a type A personality; she was competitive and aggressive. Initially, those traits had manifested themselves such that she’d been playing a role as her protector. She’d sensed injustice and had responded accordingly, seeking to intervene. Jenna, on the other hand, had taken a more laid back approach.

Once Britt had been satisfied that Jill was not being harmed and had in fact been going along with what had taken place, she’d called Jill on her bluff about being a nudist. Her assertive nature had then started manifesting itself quite differently. In a way, she had taken on a persona more similar to Ryan’s. Jenna, for her part, had continued to be more easy going. In short, Britt hadn’t changed. She’d always been the assertive person; a person who was willing to intervene however she saw fit.

As she continued to consider Britt, she realized how well her personality seemed to fit her chosen profession. A doctor would need to be self-assured and willing to intervene as necessary to be effective. Jill found herself picturing a chaotic scene in an emergency room, victims of an automobile accident rolling in. Yes, a medical professional would have to be decisive and willing to take quick action with only the information at hand.

While there were significant differences, she now realized that the two pairs of individuals were similar in a few regards. David kept Ryan from getting out of bounds, and similarly, Jenna seemed to check Britt’s more extreme inclinations.

As she found herself thinking about the personalities of those with her at the campfire that evening, she wondered if psychology might be a career direction to consider. She was already planning to take Introduction to Psychology during her freshman year. She knew that the subject matter interested her a great deal. She enjoyed analyzing people, as well as herself, for that matter.

“Jill, aren’t you worried about that?” she heard David say, causing her to realize just how deeply she had been lost in her own thoughts.

“Umm . . . worried?” she asked, wondering what she had missed.

“It sounds like at least one person in that large group took pictures,” he explained.

“Oh,” said Jill. “Which group?”

“There was more than one? You were daydreaming, weren’t you, Bean?”

“Sorry. I guess I was.”

“Britt just told us how Jenna gave you a piggyback ride through a large group.”

“Right . . . that group. Pictures of my bummy. Thanks to Jenna they wouldn’t have gotten any from the front. There might be a side-boob shot or two, not that I’m a side-boob sort of girl. Hopefully, there aren’t any that show my face. Britt was trying to keep them from taking pictures”

“Well . . . hmm. I guess it could have been worse,” said David, a look of genuine concern on his face.

“It’s the second group I’m worried about. I don’t know if anyone was taking photos, but if someone was, they would show everything. Everything.” As Jill repeated the last word, a shiver traveled the length of her body. “That could be bad, really bad . . . if it got on the web.”

“Why didn’t Jenna give you a ride through that group?” asked David.

“I’m sure she would have . . . but Britt . . . she offered. And then, she betrayed me.”

“Yes, Britt let her down . . . literally,” said Jenna, glaring at Britt.

“Hey . . . it was fun,” said Britt. “That’s all I intended . . . for it to be fun.”

“It was inexcusable,” corrected Jenna.

Britt shrugged. “Not as bad as it might have looked. Remember, I was protecting Jill . . . doing my best to keep people from photographing her.”

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      • Re: Summer at Cache Lake - 105: CampfireBPClavel, Mon Feb 11 19:49
        Molly, Your "...Jill is so unconcerned about Britt and Jenna recounting..." catches me by surprise. To my way of thinking, I described her as VERY concerned. But she does hear both girls say, "What... more
        • Re: Summer at Cache Lake - 105: CampfireMolly, Tue Feb 12 08:34
          I suppose I interpreted her as unconcerned because she daydreams and is not even paying attention to what is being said. Teasing Ryan about the possibility of a threesome is actually a good... more
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            Bravo Molly and Blair. Thank GOD some people on here are not trying to turn this into a political discussion site. Blessings upon you both. You are great writers, and great commenters. Of course... more
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              Well said, T.! It's rare, these days, that I can stomach a political discussion. I come here to avoid such things. If I stray (or if a story of mine crosses the line), reprimand me appropriately . .... more
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                I know of 5-point belts, but I don't recall seeing them in a Jeep. I'm sure they exist. If David and Jill's Jeep had them, I would have mentioned it.
                • Re: Standard vs Competition seat beltDW, Thu Feb 14 12:44
                  5 point seat belts are used in race cars. One strap over each shoulder, one around each side of the waist and one between the legs into a large center buckle. Your right, that might be just enough to ... more
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