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Excel shotgun
Fri Nov 18, 2005 11:32 (XFF:

Did you ever get any information on the single shot Excel? I also have one that I got from my father-in-law in 1965. I dont know its age, and dont know where to go to find out. Did you get any info? I can send you a pic if you want.

  • EXCEL 410 ShotgunRick, Wed Aug 24 12:16
    I have what appears to be a 410 shotgun. The only marking that I can find is the word EXCEL. Can you tell me when this was produced and by whom.
    • Excel shotgun — Anonymous, Fri Nov 18 11:32
      • EXCEL 410Anonymous, Sun Jan 6 15:32
        I have an Excell 410 that is missing the forarm stock can any one help me? thanks kern.
        • Excel 410Basskicked, Mon Jan 7 08:58
          Try I got a stock from them for my 16 gauge excel and it fit very well. Iver johnson-Champion-Westernfield by Montgomery ward are all the same. Mine is a 1920 model and I still use it ... more
          • excel single shot 12ga.mike sperl, Sat Feb 28 15:18
            i was just given a excel 12ga. single shot shotgun by my aunt who said my grandpa bought it when she was in second grade which makes it aproximetly 78 yrs old.
      • Excel Shotgunj hubbard, Sun Dec 31 05:50
        Just a comment on the Excel 410 Single Shot 410. My grandmother and mother used this shotgun for varmits and has been in the family since the early 30s or late 20s. Thought it was sold by Sears , but ... more
      • excel shot gunsteve, Sat Dec 17 17:12
        I have a excel 12 gauge single shot,shot gun,it was gave to me by my dad when i was 14 years old,about 43 years ago.My dad told me that he bought it new when he was 12 years old in 1930. He told me... more
        • Re: excel shot gunAnonymous, Sat Oct 2 15:58
          do you know what the serial # is ? my grandfather gave my father an excel that he says was prod early 1900's 20 gage single shot serial is 70907xf so was trying to figure out the yr it was produced?
      • Excel shotgunRick, Sun Nov 20 14:42
        I don't know who the Excel brand was made for but it was made by Iver Johnson and is identical to their Champion line. The Montgomery Ward "Western Field" is the same gun.
        • Excel Brand ShotgunScott B, Sun Apr 23 17:32
          I have a 16 ga single shot Excel brand. Do you think that a fore end from a 16 ga Iver johnson would fit the Excel??
          • Excel 16 Ga.basskicked, Mon Jan 1 15:39
            They work like a charm on mine... Shoot Straight and Tight lines... Basskicked
            • excel shotgundavid, Mon Apr 16 10:12
              I have excel 16 g. with serial no. Can anyone determine age?
        • excel model 2865lk2joseph Vyhnalek, Mon Mar 20 16:05
          or 2885ltc would like some info on this old gun I bought
    • Excel 410 Shotgunmbaker, Wed Oct 5 13:16
      I have an Excel 410 single shot shotgun that I inherited from my Grandmother. I used it for years when I was a kid on their farm. I do not have any manufacturing history on it. MB
      • .410 shotgunHighjumper, Fri Jun 22 11:26
        Same here, I have an excel .410 I inherited from my grandfather. No info on manufacturer or age.
    • Excel shotgunsBTB, Fri Sep 9 10:31
      I do not know who the Excel brand was made for but it was made by Iver Johnson and is identical to their Champion line. Values would be less than the Champion guns but they are solid shooters if... more
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