You were sent to me
Tue Nov 8, 2011 18:48

I asked the father, saying "Dear God, please bring me a lost soul online so she can grow with me spiritually." Then I see that you post on here. You might not know it, but God sent you here. I am so glad that you are the one he sent. I don't jump into relationships, so we would have to have a date first, something simple, something just to know each other. I think if it's really ordained by God, you and I will take it slow.

I do, because I am a gentleman, have to be uprfront with you. I have an ex-wife that is determined to make my life hell and also, I do possess the spirit of Eddie Kendricks within me. He died in 1992, but he inhabited the body of a man named Toby Hooper from 1992-1998 and Elisha Gruten from 1998-2001 and his soul passed on to me ever since. I normally couldn't sing, but eddie sings through me. Not only that he talks to me and he has become my best friend. I didn't find it right though when we went to the movies and I had to pay double: one for me, one for the Spirit of Eddie Kendricks.

If you decide to date me and God willing, maybe take my hand marriage one day, don't look at me being possessed by Eddie Kendricks as a bad thing, look at it as you will gain an amazing husband and one amazing lead singer.

I want you to pray. I believe it is no accident that you are an answer to my prayers, but if it turns out it's not God's will, I'm sorry, we will have to agree just to be friends. I don't want to break your heart this early in the game, but I also have to be true to myself. Dearest lisa, begin this journey in me.

Once eddie's soul leaves my body, I hope you will still like me for me.

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    lisa, Sun Sep 25 22:58

    hey how yall be?
    • You were sent to me

      D-Mon, Tue Nov 8 18:48

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