Sun Nov 3, 2013 20:32

no , he isn't married, he is a wonderful man with a big heart. some men's hearts are for women but he's is for happiness in other ways and we should respect that. when he's ready that special someone will be there to love him.

  • christian payton

    eddie knedricks neice, Fri Jun 9 13:06

    Hey did anyone hear that chritian was married is this true?
    • christian

      leah, Sun Nov 3 20:32

      • Christian Payton

        Leah, Wed Feb 26 20:24

        Christian, You're words inspire me but I must ask how can u know so much about love and not be in love. I mean you don't have a girlfriend or a wife so u aren't in a romantic relationship.and when u... more
      • Christian

        keah, Tue Dec 31 20:34

        AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! he's gay word is he's going to reveal his homosexuality to the world in January 2014. I guess that would explain not being married and working in movies with only guys. I mean... more
        • YOU ARE DUMB

          Anonymous, Mon Nov 10 13:45

          You have to be an idiot to this that he is gay! And for you to post something so stupid shows your age just because a man is not married doesnt mean he is gay! you have no knowledge of this mans love ... more
      • Christian Payton

        leah, Tue Dec 31 16:50

        Christian may I be the first to say wow 48 huh I saw your pictures and you look great for your age. your fans have made some interesting comments about you and they are still waiting for you to get... more
        • Re: Christian Payton

          wanting to be his , Sun Sep 16 22:37

          I am in love with Christian. He is the sexiest man alive.
    • christian payton

      cl, Sun Nov 5 10:52

      i hope hes not
      • Re: christian payton

        Anonymous, Tue Jul 31 17:56

        he is and have three children
        • Christian

          leah, Thu Dec 12 04:56

          when it comes to marriage and Christian AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!!
    • is christian payton married????

      judy, Wed Jul 5 14:45

      Hello eddies neice! Im Judy. Hope youre doing fine. You asked a good question. is Christian Payton married? I don't know. I would love to know that answer myself. If you ever find out please inform... more
      • Christian Payton

        leah, Mon May 6 05:54

        he's single and he's 47 years old
      • christian payton

        Anonymous, Mon May 23 07:19

        iam in love with christian payton he is so hot!AND I JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM......................BUT IM ONLY 12!
        • Christian

          leah, Tue Dec 31 16:54

          Don't feel bad I was in love with Christian when I was 3 years old and yes that's young but I can't help it thst he's sooooo hot!!!!!
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