Christian Payton
Wed Feb 26, 2014 20:24

You're words inspire me but I must ask how can u know so much about love and not be in love. I mean you don't have a girlfriend or a wife so u aren't in a romantic relationship.and when u teach in schools do u discuss the dangers in sex and how to avoid sex until marriage. I know that this subject sex is not new to u.

Leah Thomas

  • christian

    leah, Sun Nov 3 20:32

    no , he isn't married, he is a wonderful man with a big heart. some men's hearts are for women but he's is for happiness in other ways and we should respect that. when he's ready that special someone ... more
    • Christian Payton

      Leah, Wed Feb 26 20:24

    • Christian

      keah, Tue Dec 31 20:34

      AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! he's gay word is he's going to reveal his homosexuality to the world in January 2014. I guess that would explain not being married and working in movies with only guys. I mean... more
      • YOU ARE DUMB

        Anonymous, Mon Nov 10 13:45

        You have to be an idiot to this that he is gay! And for you to post something so stupid shows your age just because a man is not married doesnt mean he is gay! you have no knowledge of this mans love ... more
    • Christian Payton

      leah, Tue Dec 31 16:50

      Christian may I be the first to say wow 48 huh I saw your pictures and you look great for your age. your fans have made some interesting comments about you and they are still waiting for you to get... more
      • Re: Christian Payton

        wanting to be his , Sun Sep 16 22:37

        I am in love with Christian. He is the sexiest man alive.
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