First post of 2015-Saesee Tiin dies
Wed Jan 7, 2015 1:46pm

As a child born in the 70s-I loved Star Wars. I dont know if I would say I still do or not. The first three films were great, even though I wasn't a fan of Return of the Jedi. As a kid, I thought it was too "kid friendly" with the addition of the Ewoks. I guess most kids liked them, at least at the time, but I hated them. Anyway, I knew all the characters of the first three films. I studied them and even quized myself on them. I know-how nerdy is that. I loved the obscure characters and thanks to Kenner, we got a lot of those characters in plastic. So when Episode One came out, I was excited like most of the world. And when the figures came out, I had already been buying most of the Star Wars relaunched figures that had started coming out in the 90s. I didn't buy many E1 figures, but I wanted to study them and learn thier names. So today, I found an article on Facebook where someone mentioned a Star Wars actor died, but he wasn't familiar with him. I , of course, knew it wasn't going to be someone like Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, or even Anthony Daniels. But when I saw the name of the character, Saesee Tiin, I knew exactly who it was. Now if this was a character from E2 or E3 movies, I may not have known because I didn't learn the names as much as I did E1 and the original trilogy. The character died in The Great Jedi Purge, but it was announced that the actor, Khan Bonfils died yesterday of unknown causes.