I knew it !!! Spot blown at Royal Rumble
Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:46am

I found this today...and just by the looks of it, I knew this was the case....

Vince “Furious” Over Botch in the Rumble Match

As we previously reported, there was a timing error in the Royal Rumble match on Sunday night, as Titus O’Neil was actually supposed to be eliminated much quicker than he was, if you can believe that.

Titus was actually eliminated from the bout in 4 seconds, however he was supposed to be eliminated in 1 second, tying Santino Marella’s record for the quickest Rumble match elimination.

The spot was not timed properly, and as a result Titus got hung up on the ropes and was not able to exit the ring quick enough. When the mistake happened, Vince McMahon was reportedly “furious”, as he wanted to spot to be timed perfectly.