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Alex 32
My visit with Aunt Dana
Tue Sep 4, 2007 15:58 (XFF:

Well my Aunt Dana has come and gone, and it was a really nice visit, although I am sure I will be feeling her corrections for quite some time.

As usual she asked me if I had been behaving myself and I told her truthfully that I had not been, and I also mentioned my love of using curse words. Not to mention the loss of focus reguarding my class work. I believe that pissed her off more than anything else that I had done, because school to her is the utmost importnat thing in my life and I wasn't taking it seriously enough.

We decided that the next day would be the nest time to give me the correction I needed. I must admit that I hate having to wait for a spanking, the waiting is the hardest part. So all that evening all I could focus on what was going to happen to my poor bottom the next day- of course this is were you start to feel sorry for yourself and a little guilt creeps in because you know what you did that put you in this situation in the first place. I didn't sleep all that soundly that night, and was inudated with memories of past transgressions and the many painful spankings that followed.

After a late breakfast, I am not a moringe person she sat me down in the living room and began to lechture me on my awful behavior. As I watched her pace back and forth in the living room I let my mond wander a tad and found myself trying to cover up a yawn. Well this got Aunt Dana's attention right away and she pulled me up by my ear and marched me into the kitchen with her. She rummeged through my kitchen drawers until she found a heavy wooden spoon and began to smack the back of my theighs with it. Even though I was wearing jeans I could still feel the sting from the blows of that damn wooden spoon.

And since we were in the kitchen already, she decided that it was time to wash my filthy mouth out with liquid dish soap! Seeing her reach for the dish soap put a panic in me and I took that opportuntiy to try and book it the hell out of dodge. The woman hasn't lost any of her speed, and caught me just outside of the door in the backyard. Aunt Dana put one foot on the second to bottom rung on the back porch and easily flipped me over her knee and began to smack my jean clad bottom with that wooden spoon again, telling me all the while that there is no way that I am going to get out of this punishment. If I didn't want a spanking then I shouldn't act like a spoiled rotten brat. She didn't hold back as she peppered my bottom with that spoon and I felt the first tear escape my eye. She then put me back on my feet and escorted me back into the kitchen firmly holding onto my upper arm.

Once again we were back in front of the sink and she ordered me to hold my mouth open as she squirted some liquid soap into my open mouth and then she closed my lips. It was so horrible that I really can't think of any words to describe it. All I could taste was that Joy dishsoap- which by the way tasted nothing like the lemons on the label. I thought about swallowing the soap, but I couldn't bring myself to do that, so I helf it there in my mouth starting to regret every swear word I have ever uttered.

Finally I was allowd to spit out the dish soap and I got one quick rinse- not enough to rid my mouth of that horrid taste though. Aunt Dana then pulled me into the living room and sat on the edge of the couch with me standing in front of her. She began her lecture again about how important school is and how close I am to graduating and all. She then unbuttoned my Levis and slid them down along with my panties to my ankles. I flushed a deep red as I stood half naked in front of her, a grwon woman feeling, much like a naughty little kid. When I thought that I would die of embarrasment Aunt Dana then led me over her strong and capable lap and pushed my head down so it was in contact with the floor and my butt was high on her theighs. She then placed one leg over both of mine so I would not beable to kick and squirm away.

The spanking then began in ernast, and the sting of that wooden spoon was horrid. I could feel every smack as she hit the same tender spots from my first unplanned spanking outside. I could feel the tears starting to whell up in my eyes but I am stubborn and I didn't want to give her the swatisfaction of seeing me cry so early into my spanking. THWACK! SPANK! SPANK! THWACK! CRACK! CRACK! and then I felt a blinding stinging pain as I felt the wooden spoon litteraly break across the crack of my ass! Aunt Dana never lost her momentom as the spoon broke, she just went to using her hand for the next several smacks. Seeing that I wasn't crying yet she lifted me up and ordered me into the corner for a few minutes. She left the room and returned with a old worn looking belt that was a man's belt. As I laid my eyes on that belt many many memories came flooding back and I knew that I wasn't going to be sitting down anytime soon.

Aunt Dana told me to then follow her into my bedroom, making sure that I kept my jeans and panties down around my ankles, so instead of walking there I suffled to my bedroom. She had me lie down on the bed, with my head and arms touching the floor and my middle was lifted up by way of a few pillows and she stood on the side of me. All I could see where her shoes and the beginging of her legs encased in a pair of tight fitting blue jeans.

SWISH! SMACK! SWISH! SMACK! SWISH! SMACK! SWISH! SMACK! SWISH! SMACK! That was all I heard for the next five minutes straight. The burning pain was unbearable and I knew that my skin was welting up and that the bruising was starting. I felt a deep pain in my bottom and all at once I couldn't hold back the tears any longer and I began to cry and scream like a little girl. There was no fight left in me, and I just laid there until it was over. All I could taste was tears and liquid soap.

After my spanking my Aunt Dana helped me up and I went into the bathroom to clean myself up and whipe away my tears. I snuck a peek in the full length mirror on the door and my heart litterly fell to my feet. I had deep red welts across my bottom and down the back of my theighs, with black and blue brusing comming up through the skin from the thick wooden spoon. I was a well punished neice. I went back out to the living room where Aunt Dana had set up several fluffy pillows for me to sit on, I chose to stand for everytime I moved the material of my jeans rubbed against my butt and legs and all I wanted to do is scream out. My Aunt then held me in a long and loving embrace where I willing letmyslef go again and cried the rest out on her shoulder.

It has been several days now since that spanking, or should I say spankings? And I am still sore, but able to sit without wincing too much and the welts are gone and the bruises are fading. My Aunt Dana was a bit hard on me, but I can't thank her enough for setting me back on the right track again. Although next time I doubt if I will be so honest with her....

I would still love to find a female spanking partner that I could see on a more regular basis to help me to reign in my behavior in the future.
I hope you all enjoy..

    • my auntapril, Fri Jul 20 20:38
      my boyfriend and i are staying with my aunt while new flooring is being put down in our house, my aunt was always very strict when i was a child, she used to spank me when i was young but hasnt in... more
    • Re: My visit with Aunt Danawtf?, Mon Aug 29 12:20
      thats just sick
      • to wtf?Alex 32, Wed Aug 31 22:11
        Hey your welcome to your feelings and your opinion but if you don't like what you read on here then this isn't a site for you. Just remember the site is female to female spanking forum and I am not... more
    • Re: My visit with Aunt DanaAnonymous, Fri Jun 24 01:03
      hhjhhh hb hbjkbj hb bm bbbhbhhbh hbhjbkjbjkbjk bjkbjk bjbjk hjbjbjkbkjb jbjbjbjbjb jbjbjbjb jkjkh jkbjbkj kmbkj kjub jkukjm,b jb jkm,b jkmb jkm jkmb hjmhnjmbhjnmhbnjmbhnj jbmnjbhjnhbnh... more
      • ????Alex 32, Tue Sep 6 00:06
        Alright that was a nice response a bunch of shit on a page- get a life, I've already wasted all the time I am with you.
    • Re: My visit with Aunt DanaAnonymous, Fri Jun 3 14:25
      Wow, I am so envious of your relationship with you aunt, and how much she must love you and want what's best for you. I honestly wish I had some one care for me as much as you do. Always, Bryan
      • EnvyAnonymous, Fri Jun 3 14:26
        Wow, I am so envious of your relationship with you aunt, and how much she must love you and want what's best for you. I honestly wish I had some one care for me as much as you do. Always, Bryan
    • enviousAnonymous, Fri Jun 3 10:43
      Dear Alex, I truely loved your story, and am so envious of the relationship you have with your aunt. I hope you don't mind me asking, butt do your parents know? Always, Bryan
      • EnviousAlex 32, Thu Jun 9 14:53
        Hey Bryan- Yes my parents know about my relationship with my aunt but I believe that only my stepmom Victoria is the only one that knows that her sister still spanks me from time to time just as my... more
    • Re: My visit with Aunt Danakaty, Sun Jul 26 10:14
      where do you live Alex? hAVE YOU EVER given a spanking as well as gotten them?
      • To KatyAlex 32, Sun Jul 26 19:24
        Hey Katy- I live in South Carolina. I have given a few spankings in my time, but I prefer to be the spankee instead of the spanker.
    • aunt spanking u m, Sat Jul 25 03:59
      i wish i had a aunt that spanked me .
    • RE. Aunt DanaMM, Tue Sep 4 16:20
      WOW! that really generated some heat and not just on your well punished bottom! Your aunt must have developed fine technique over the years. Did she ever punish anyone else or were you the sole... more
      • Ouchmystery, Wed Mar 16 15:52
        that must hurt; i tried it out myself to get a feeling of what it was like...
      • RE RE Aunt Dana's visitAlex 32, Wed Sep 5 15:08
        Hello MM- As far as I know I am the only one she punished- she never did have children of her own, but prehaps a few boyfriends in the past that she could practice on? I never really asked her, I was ... more
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