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i Need a Spanking!
Mon May 26, 2008 18:47 (XFF:

Gulp,Yikes! ok i admit it i'm a 38 yo.caucasian American{living in Bloomington,Minnesota near the "M.O.A."} male,who desperately needs/deserves a stern scolding,then a severe spanking from a stern but hopefully loving female or life is outta control,i've made bad decisions and got lazy andmessy and became a type2 diabetic and am trying now to change/correct things but in order to do it i NEED TO BE DISCIPLINED! I'd gladly provide 2-3 days lodging in a local hotel/motel of my choosing if i could get someone to help me?
sincerely,naughty little robbie

  • Spanking adsChristine, Sun May 18 15:30
    Hi Everyone: I am concerned about the fewer and fewer postings to this site and hope other readers will get involved by contributing. As a new subject I wonder what you think of spanking ads. We've... more
    • otka anderson, Thu May 17 16:21
      healthy sort, loves otk. by ladies only any age color etc. im not lesbian, hard/handed,person ideal alice.asap.
    • Re: Spanking adsAnonymous, Mon Apr 16 19:07
      Hello All; I would place my ideal spanking ad as follows- "Respectful young man seeks mature, plus-size, attractive surrogate 'mom' with a caring yet stern, no-nonsense attitude who would vigorously... more
    • spanking ads that interests mebitsy56001, Fri Jun 24 13:11
      Hi everyone If i were to write a spanking ads this is what it would be.South central Minnesota female age sixties little girl side 7 to 12 years old.There are times when i need a auntie that is kind... more
      • me tooAnonymous, Mon Apr 23 00:30
        like ad
    • i Need a Spanking! — Anonymous, Mon May 26 18:47
    • needing a spankingAnonymous, Sun May 25 22:54
      I'm a 25 year old male living in manchester needing a strong female to give me the spanking I deserve. please email me if your willing to take on the role. xxx
    • Re: Spanking adsPaige, Thu May 22 15:46
      Hi Christine, I havenít looked at spanking ads so far. For me the ads from naughty girls who seek a spanking are the most interesting ones. I enjoy giving a naughty girl a spanking when she needs it. ... more
      • Could you help me with a spanking lessoncecelia, Thu May 29 16:51
        Paige, I'm new to this, and I've read a few of your threads. I'm hoping that you can help me a spanking lesson. I'm not too sure on how to about this... This is what I've done wrong... I've been... more
      • Re: Spanking adsAnonymous, Fri May 23 06:20
        hi im looking for a female to put me in my place just like my mother did when i was younger, im 38 i need a firm butt spanking over a female knee let me know. i havent had a spanking since i was like ... more
        • UR wanting a SpankingShelly Spanker, Sat May 24 03:50
          So U want to feel like a 13 year old again over a female's knee do U? I think it might be exciting to bring UR spanking account up to date. Where are U located? I'm a 26 year old spanker who luv's... more
          • need spankingHeart, Sat Jun 19 21:17
            Hi shelly I would love to arrange to have you spank me need regular spanking to keep me on my goals. Please return this e-mail and let me know if you will spank me. thank you.
            • Ur request to be spanked by meShelly, Sun Jun 20 15:36
              Hi: I Luv meeting new people needing spanking in their lives and would like to help U. But first we need to get to know each other better. So if U'D WRite me with sopme details on UR prior spanking... more
              • my spankingbitsy56001bitsy, Sun Apr 15 16:43
                when i was in college my roomate told me i was getting spanked for not doing chores as told to nor studying.She scolded put me across lap feet on bed and spanked by hand on bare bottom was hooked.I... more
          • Re: UR wanting a SpankingStuart Joyce, Sun May 25 16:35
            UK Male 31 nearly 32 looking to be smacked by strict female
          • over the knee.Paul, Sat May 24 11:49
            I would love to be over your knee,I live in Rhode Island.any women who otk,Please call me Paul.401-596-5660.
    • spanking adsDebraWest, Tue May 20 00:19
      Hi Christine. They all seem enticing. How about friendly but strict mother type personality, offers discussion and no-nonsense behavioral modification to all women, all ages, in need of stress/guilt... more
      • to DebraAlex 32, Tue May 20 17:11
        Hey Debra- If your services are available I would be intrested in taking them on. Alex
        • spanking adsdwest, Tue May 20 20:47
          DearAlex, Thank you for your interest. Please e-mail me directly at and I would be happy to discuss anything related to our mutual interest. Thank you.
    • Ad PlacesJohn, Mon May 19 04:22 Spanking Personals Spanking Contacts... more
      • Thank You JohnJens Mom, Sun May 25 13:39
        Thank you for posting the link to "Spankingneeds". I found it to be very helpful in understanding my daughters (and mine to some degree) needs and desires. It helped me to better understand that her... more
        • Your WelcomeJohn, Tue May 27 14:54
          There are many women out there young and old who have the desire for some control in their lives. I have personally helped quite a few either with advice, consulling or more direct action. In a lot... more
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