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Paddled at school.
Wed Oct 29, 2008 00:11 (XFF:

Hi Alex
I always thought that those stories of girls getting paddled at school in the US was only internet hype. I stand corrected. It sounds like quite a severe punishment for a girl. But at least you had jeans for protection. In the UK when c.p. was legal it was quite permissible and common for a female teacher to lift up the back of a girl's skirt for a leg smacking or a slippering even in front of the class, but obviously only in an all girls school. Most slippering was done privately say in the office etc. Nearly all leg smacking was done in front of the class. Girls were never punished in the hallway. In the UK only female teachers were allowed to punish girls (obviously).
In the UK school system there was no such punishment as washing your mouth out with soap, this was not permitted under any circumstances and I never ever heard of it occurring. I am currently sharing an apartment with somebody who uses the same computer as I do. She has no idea about my interest in female to female discipline so I do not think it would be a good idea to email you. However I would like to hear more about paddling (of girls naturally). I find it fascinating. Why are there hardly any references to it in mainstream American movies, especially those about high school? Did female teachers paddle you?



  • Paddled more than once in schoolAlex 32, Tue Oct 28 09:09
    Hello Sally- I can only speak from personal experiece mine, and until highschool it was very common for teachers to take out the punishment paddle, a scary looking piece of Oak that usually had small ... more
    • Paddled at school. — Sally, Wed Oct 29 00:11
      • Always in troubleAlex 32, Thu Oct 30 14:34
        Hey Sally- In answer to your question, yes I was paddled by a female teacher both in junior high and in high school as well. I can say that the teacher in highschool defintly hit much harder than the ... more
        • Paddled at schoolSally, Fri Oct 31 14:41
          Hi Alex That was very severe. I believe the English teacher over reacted, but then again you should not have sworn at her. When I was at school there is no way that any student would have sworn at... more
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