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the tawse
Fri Dec 19, 2008 05:00 (XFF:

hello Kelly,
i know very well what you are talking about as i got the tawse from my Mum and my elder sister from the age of 11-12 years until i was about 25.
Mum used the tawse only rarely and when she did it mostly accross my jeans or at least my panties. She never gave me more then 12 and never realy severe ones.
My elder sister was not that kind with me.
She used the tawse mostly on my bare bottom and when she did she made sure the three tails fully landed on my helpless cheeks. She was a real devil and never allowed me an easy way out when i had done something wrong. From light mistakes like coming home to late or answering Her back to very serious offenses like stealing Her money or coming home drunk or even using Her car without permission, or, worse, drink-driving, She adapted my punishments.
Little mistakes meaned only a few whacks that leaved little marks that soon disappeared.
However, serious wrongdoings could mean up to a whole weekend of punishment with groundings, written punishments, and, of course whacks with the tawse.
I remember a verious severe punishment where my sister punished me from Friday evening until Sunday evening with only little breaks. This was once my parents were on holidays and I had been drink-driving and She told me if i did not accept my punishment to the end She would tell my parents and that would make all still worse.
So i did write most of that weekend. she kept me on Her offices table with my naked bottom on a wooden chair only wearing a skimpy nightdress, and with only a glass of water, and my writing stuff on the table with no music, no tv, no cellphone, no possible distractions whatsoever, coming to watch me over from time to time.
She is a real devil sometimes, but on this particular weekend She was REALLY bitchy, as She was really mad at me for my bad behaviour.
She never, not a single time, came in Her office without the tawse firmly in Her hand. And i can tell you Kelly, She often came.
Mostly on Saturday, as She wanted me to write on Friday evening and Sunday the whole day.
i guess She chose Saturday as chantal-tawsing-day.
and tawsing-day for chantal it was! From 7 in the morning until 9 in the evening, during 12 hours, with a little break of 1 hour around noon, i was never really secure of the tawse. Every time She came in i just had to keep on writing all the time, at first at least. She would just fetch the finished pages and check them very very closely, looking at me write, sometimes coming very close to me and looking over my shoulder.
then, like out of nothing, Should grabbed me hard by the arm, right in the middle of my writing, lifted me up so i had problems not making any dirty marks with my pen on the paper. i just had time to drop my pen and lay it next to the paper. She took me to the wall by my arm, made me stand up on tip toes, legs wide apart, hands high on the wall, bottom held up and out as much as possible.
She came close to me briefly, and before each tawsing hissed in my ear : "time for the tawse young lady! ass UP and OUT bad girl! and don't you DARE move a single inch out of this position! you get 2 times 12 tawse hits-another 12 if you move or open your mouth!"
Adn good god did She give me the tawse. Most of all on this Saturday, but also partly the rest of the weekend, i really really became acquainted with the tawse. i often felt each one of the 3 tails smack my naked bottom merciless. And sooo merciless my sister was. She wanted me to suffer and i did. I often had to bite my tongue and lips not to cry out loud as she tawsed me, but sometimes i just could not hold back.
And almost each time i cried, my sister approched me, IMMEDIATELY after my cry, in my tip toe position with my ass out, grabbed my ass with one hand, spreading my bottom cheeks, touched my little back hole with the tawse, then slightly inserted a finger in my asshole..and spoke in my ear:
"you cried-you know what that means girlie-another dozen right on this bad ass of yours! so prepare to MEET THE TAWSE once more! and you DO keep still and QUIET this time. another silly cry of yours and you will get another dozen. i warn you! i WILL make you learn what a tawse can do on a woman's bottom."
and i DID learn on this particular weekend how a, seemingly simple, tawse can sting if it is well used Kelly.

loving hugs,

  • TawsingKelly, Mon Dec 1 14:08
    Hi Alex Yes a tawse is essentially a leather strap with two to three tails at the lower end. They come in a variety of weights. My aunt used a relatively light weight tawse which is more suitable for ... more
    • the tawse — chantal, Fri Dec 19 05:00
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