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Prepare yourself young lady
Thu Jun 11, 2009 21:09

What a naughty young lady you have been, and your punishment will reflect this.

You are to first place the hairbrush and wooden spoons on 2 pillows in the middle of your bed and slowly remove your clothing, while looking at the pillows and imagining how much your spanking will hurt, fold your clothes neatly and place them on a nearby chair or dresser.

Now you will need a quarter and a timer. set the timer for 10 minuites and stand in the corner with your hands behind your head, while holding the quarter to the wall with your nose. should you drop the quarter or leave your position you are to give yourself 5 hard smacks on the middle inside of each thigh, repeat any that arent hard enough.

Now that your 10 minuites are up young lady, I hope you are ready to have your bare bottom punished, because that is what is going to happen, and its going to hurt, because spankings are ment to hurt.

Position yourself over the pillows and place your impliments to your side. pick up the wooden spoon. feel the cool wood on your nude and nervously waiting bottom, and deliver 10 rapid strokes to each side, count to 20 and then repeat 2 more times, equalling 30 strokes on each side.

Now that you have an idea about what your spanking should feel like, set the timer for 2 minuites and spank yourself on the bare bottom with the spoon as hard and rapid as you can, alternating sides every 10 strokes. count to 60 and repeat this, but on the back of your thighs.

You have recieved the first half of your punishment, but its not over yet, you have been such a naughty little girl that you will have to go back to the corner, same instructions as before. do not read ahead until you have completed your corner time.

Bend back over NOW, your punishment will be completed with the hairbrush. Pick it up and immedately give yourself 50 hard smacks on each side, space each smack a few seconds apart so you can put more force behind them, and alternate sides every swing. your bottom should be nice and hot by now, go to the bathroom and turn the cold water in your shower on, bend over so your bottom is being directly hit by the water, and remain bent over until you think you're ready to change your ways. you may not dry off yet, go sit at your computer and detail how each stage of the punishment made you feel in this thread, and why you think you think this punishment will keep you out of trouble for awhile.

looking foward to your reply,

  • toolsLiona, Tue Jun 9 17:25
    i forgot to mention what i have in house ^^ i got a plastic hairbrush that hurts quite a bit, and i got wooden spoons. also i can deliver a good smack;)
    • Re: toolsAnonymous, Sun May 6 14:42
      my name is dan and looking for someone in so cal to put me over thier knee if u can do this let me know k thanks
    • Prepare yourself young lady — Cammile, Thu Jun 11 21:09
      • self spankingdiaznad999, Sun Nov 26 17:44
        if anyone is interested in telling me how to spank myself, just tell me and I'll give you my email or Instagram or something
      • Wowdiaznad999, Wed Nov 22 07:58
        I honestly feel like this spanking will help me. The corner time was really hard for me. I had to give myself the extra smacks, so many times. This was really good, but it hurt like hell.
        • mentoringsofia laguna, Thu Nov 23 23:54
          if you need a strict spanker email me at
        • Punishmentbarbs35, Wed Nov 22 22:37
          Email me for your spanking- Miss Barbara
      • Properly Punishedtoleurine, Sun Apr 9 00:22
        I feel very well-punished, and the only part of me redder than my face is my bottom! I found the corner time very difficult, especially the second time with my bottom and thighs bright red and... more
        • self spankingdiaznad999, Sun Nov 26 17:25
          if anyone is interested in telling me how to spank myself, tell me and I'll give you my email or Instagram or something
          • Re: self spankingsofia laguna, Sun Nov 26 23:03
            Email me at
      • Re: Prepare yourself young ladycadenceisacutiepie, Thu Aug 28 09:53
        Oh my lord Cammile! That was the best self spanking session I've ever had! Thanks for the tips. I tried it with my Victoria's Secret bra and panties on. That's just my preference though, and I... more
      • Spanking SelfSpanker, Thu Dec 5 20:50
        Not That pain btw i m a male any good self spanking advices for male?
      • Too softAnonymous, Fri Apr 5 12:37
        I hardly call THAT punishment! The only part that caused me ANY real pain (that lasted more than 5 seconds) was the cold shower.
      • Re: Prepare yourself young ladyAnonymous, Wed Mar 27 02:44
        Hi cammile I chickened out before I even started Can u give me another punishment Or can v live chat somewhere Then u can tell me what to do and I could do it rite then
      • spanking Anonymous, Thu Feb 21 17:23
        OMG!!! That was so hardcore and I'm still wet! My butt is burning so bad but I think I deserve it I have been pretty bad lately. I don't think I can live through it tomorrow! No more being bad for me.
      • OweeeeeeeCantauloupe, Thu Feb 21 15:08
      • WHY!!!!Annie, Mon Feb 18 05:25
        Why would u make people do this u demon!
      • Chickendebush123, Sat Jan 19 16:04
        I chickened out. Is there another punishment I should complete?
      • Re: Prepare yourself young ladycareoline, Fri Jan 11 10:29
        my punishment was terrible pls post another my ass is sore it will keep me out of troble i think i will never ever say the word ... agian
      • Re: Prepare yourself young ladylilyroux, Thu Jan 3 15:34
        OWW. I was really nervous, during corner time I dropped the quarter 5 times, and smacking my thighs hurt pretty bad. When my time was up, my arms were fairly sore. I was trembling slightly, before... more
      • Re: Prepare yourself young ladyAnonymous, Thu Dec 27 04:33
        I can't hit myself hard enough Ant other humiliating punishments?
        • Re: Prepare yourself young ladylilyroux, Thu Jan 3 15:46
          Here's a good one that doesn't involve much. Get a hairbrush and smack each side of your bottom 30 times each, going back and forth between each smack. Wait a few seconds between each. This let's you ... more
          • Re: Prepare yourself young ladyAnonymous, Sat Jan 12 21:52
            Yeah But I need to be humiliated It's not happening Maybe I can tie myself up or something Can someone please spank me?!!!
      • DAMNNick, Mon Dec 10 11:37
        I'm still dripping and my bottom is so red it feels so nice GOD! I am going to do this every day DAMN! its so red and burning the water makes it that much better! I did this just because i loved to... more
      • Re: Prepare yourself young ladyNick, Mon Dec 10 11:26
        I just did this and im still wet and sore it feels so nice I loved it! everyone should do this
      • This was tortureConrad, Tue Oct 30 07:19
        this was horribly painful. I`m never going to be lazy again,I`m still wet and burning.
      • Dang!Herfirecracker, Thu Oct 11 05:14
        Cammille, Dang, I don't know what she did but that was an awesome, er kinda intense punishment. Sorry just wanted to comment. Herfirecracker
      • How am i going to tell lila hills , Mon Oct 8 11:36
        I looked, so what is my punishment?
      • owUm, Fri Sep 14 18:38
        I did it the shower burned my but
      • UmIDK, Fri Sep 14 18:05
        I read everything and didnt do it um now what do i do
      • peneltyoof, Fri Sep 14 11:21
        I skipped 5 minuts of time out what is my extra punishment?
        • still spankedluisa, Sat Sep 15 04:28
          I'm 20 and dad still uses belt on my bare bottom
          • my, Mon Sep 17 01:54
            my dad still spanks me maybe chat
      • looked:-(annie, Tue Sep 11 13:24
        i looked what is my punihment
      • i looked cammy, Tue Sep 11 13:11
        I looked ahead what is my punishment?
      • spankingcammy, Tue Sep 11 07:49
        wow, that did hurt! you where right that will hurt. thanks for helping me out. your frend, Lesly
      • Re prepare yourself young ladyHalley, Tue Aug 14 09:12
        Ow the hairbrush didn't really hurt I skipped the shower andcornor time what's my punishment
      • spanking punishmentanonymous, Wed Aug 1 12:53
        this was a very effecive punishment. taking my clothes off made me feel very vulnerable and ashamed. looking the implments that were soon to strike my bottom made me very nervous. i stood trembling... more
      • SpankingAmrita, Tue Jul 17 11:55
        I did something really bad and i know that i need a punishment but my parents don't believe in spanking and to be honest i think i needed a harder one
      • OuchAshley, Sat Jun 9 19:03
        My bottom is on fire!!!! IT IS TORTURE!!! But i kinda like it but now my guilt is gone.
      • really?Rose Jones, Thu May 10 15:10
      • Re: Prepare yourself young ladyAnonymous, Sat May 5 10:31
        ib hated corner time mtyb arms started hurting and i dropped the quaeter 5 times the wooiden spoon stung so much and the hauir brush was painful you should add a belt to this jk the shower felt good
        • Re: Prepare yourself young ladyAnonymous, Fri Jun 29 10:50
          Damn that hurt like hell.....My ass is an angry red after that and it hurts to sit....I did this assignment for lying. I can tell you i'm going to think long and hard before ever doing that again!... more
      • OUCH!!!!!!Gracie, Thu Oct 13 15:16
        My bottom is on fire, and I didn't even complete the whole thing. I only did have of the hairbrushes, AND I read ahead. Please, ANYONE impliment additional punishments. I HATED corner time, imaginign ... more
      • Re: Prepare yourself young ladyHilary, Mon Sep 19 08:48
        I skipped the corner parts and shower part. Do I need more punishment for this ?
      • Re: Prepare yourself young ladyashleytruett, Sat Aug 6 14:30
        I realy needed that
      • DAM!paul, Sun Jun 12 00:29
        i dropped the quater twice! my cheeks are so red nd after the cold water it STINGS!!
      • Re: Prepare yourself young ladyAnonymous, Fri May 13 05:26
        that was amazing
      • spankinggrace, Thu May 12 00:03
        i found the punishment not that had i dident cry and i this is for babys i will not stay out of trouble unless i feel somethig realy works. grace
      • Re: Prepare yourself young ladytasha, Mon Mar 14 15:25
        I read ahead wats my penalty if u want?
        • me too!kay, Tue Apr 17 17:08
          i read ahead too! whats my punishment?
      • This hurt.Jackie, Wed Jan 26 21:55
        I just did the spanking you wrote out for everyone to do and damn my ass is on fire.. But i had my boyfriend help instead of doing it over pillows he did it with me over his knee 5 times harder.... more
        • SpankedAnnie, Wed Jan 26 22:07
          Hi.. Umm yea I just spanked myself with the hairbrush about 200 times on each cheek. Then with my hand 20 times. I punished my self cause i had alot of guilt in me an I needed to come out so I gave... more
      • Re: Prepare yourself young ladyHaley and Emory, Fri Sep 17 20:41
        I put my finger up Haley's pussy and made her lick it. We did it for 10 minutes then switched. It hurts at first then feels good. Kelly you were right. Yum, pussy
      • Re: Prepare yourself young ladyKelly, Fri Sep 17 16:45
        I think it is best to also pout your middle finger as far up your pussy as you can and put in in and pull it out then lick it. It is great punishment. That I is what I do.
      • I need punishedBrenda, Tue Sep 14 17:43
        I was smoking when I said I quit and got caught. My job does not allow smoking so if they found out I could lose my job. My daughter said to post on here for my punishment. I can't believe I'm doing... more
      • Re: Prepare yourself young ladyAnonymous, Mon Sep 6 11:55
        Owee. My bottom hurts so bad
      • Did it and still naughtytangle22, Sun Jul 18 12:14
        I did this punishmnent as shown and boy did it hurt..but man did it turn me on. I skipped the shower part and took the bed with me and Mr. JackRabbit. I was grinding and pulsing when my boyfriend... more
      • more plzjayjet56, Thu Jun 17 06:20
        could you post a harsher spanking
        • more plzjayjet56, Thu Jun 17 06:48
          could someone post a harsher spanking I have a wood spoon, a brush
      • im a scaredy catwolfrocfk458, Thu Jun 17 04:05
        i freaked out before it even began:(
      • IT HURTMrs. HURT A LOT, Sat Nov 14 13:30
        IT HURT.. i need it to hurt more though... how?
      • ouch! my butt is red :(Liona, Fri Jun 12 08:57
        woa, thats a very hard spanking for a newbie like me, i hope i can take it. i just finished the corner time,and had my first session with the spoon. it hurts alot,since i was smacking hard my bottom... more
        • second set finishedLiona, Fri Jun 12 09:11
          fnished the second set, my bottom is coloring into a dark red and i am in a real pain. i dont think i can take the hairbrush atm. i geuss i take them tommorow,you can apply a penalty if you like. for ... more
          • Re: second set finishedAnonymous, Sun Mar 25 17:16
            k'mon man suck it up you had to take this punishment becuz u were bad so dod it.
          • penaltiesCammile, Fri Jun 12 10:03
            Very good, a spanking is suppost to hurt. however, you were unable to finish your punishment, and therefore have earned yourself an extra spanking. remove your clothing and return to the corner with... more
            • Re: penaltiesyouurmom:), Thu Sep 29 18:34
              SPANKINGS HURT:( this hurt a lot and i dont think i can finish hairbrush. too much. idk i will do it tom i guess but it hurts to much tonight:( more tom cause i didnt finsh?:P
            • Spanking Lilly, Sat Feb 12 10:05
              I love it ! I did it to myself and my butt is on fire!I love spanking my self.
              • PunishmentBailey kells, Sat Feb 12 11:47
                You have been a naughty girl. Here is your punishment: What you need: Toilet paper Wooden spatula 5 quarters Timer Hairbrush Set all things in a row on a bed. Star to undress. While you do this,look... more
                • Love it!!!!!Morgan, Sat Feb 12 13:42
                  I really deserved this. I loved the quarter on cheeks part. Ilovethis !!! I did it 5 in 1hour. P.S. I did it in front of my parents! Tahe!!
              • Re: Spanking Anonymous, Sat Feb 12 11:44
                You have been a naughty girl. Here is your punishment: What you need: Toilet paper Wooden spatula 5 quarters Timer Hairbrush Set all things in a row on a bed. Star to undress. While you do this,look... more
                • Re: Spanking abbynice8, Sat Mar 12 09:55
                  I finished this one finally! Although I think Ineed to be punished more, will you please write another spanking punishment for me!
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