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paddle me good and hard
Thu Dec 3, 2009 18:46

Hi Saundra: I am sorry about the name spellin g it was a typo. I need a serious spanking because I have been disrespectful, rebellious towards authority and have acted like a disobedient 10 year old at times. I used to have a female disciplinarian but her hands are crippled and she can't paddle with the paddle or hairbrush like she used to. A good long and hard bottom blsitering definitely straightened me out for a good while. It made calmer, more cheerful, more obedient and more respectful. Travel is not an issue, I travel all over the US for my work. Hope to hear from you, my email is: Respectfully- Un-Paddled Paul

  • Re: spanking for disciplineSaundra, Wed Nov 18 11:01
    First of all, Paul, you need a good, red ass for spelling my name wrong! But tell me why you need a disciplinarian? Why do you need that ass spanked?
    • paddle me good and hard — needs it, Thu Dec 3 18:46
      • Re: paddle me good and hardSaundra, Sat Dec 5 05:20
        Paul You do need a good hard spanking. Most of my clients are women but I do have some men..They love to be paddled and I have a whip I use every now and then..If I did paddle you, you would have one ... more
        • my paddlingneeds it, Thu Dec 10 14:24
          Dear Saundra: yes I do need a female disciplinarian that will more than blister my bare bottom with the hairbrush and or paddle and maybe even a good whipping now and then. I did by best with a sore... more
        • Re: paddle me good and hardAddy, Sat Dec 5 23:34
          Saundra i wish youd paddle my ass like that! it sound terrible yet so amazing at the same time!
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