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naughty one
lexan paddle spanking
Thu Mar 18, 2010 22:57

I am a 42 year old woman 5'7 145lbs aqnd I have been acting quite naughty lately. I have been unsafe and not followed the rules of the house. I am being sent by my husband tomorrow evening to a female disciplinarian and have been told that I am going nto get a paddling on my bare bottom with the lexan paddle,,it is 12" X 4" X 1/2" with a 5" handle and little holes in it. KI have been told it hurts considerabl.y more than a wood paddle of tghe same build...has anhyon e been through a p;addling with a lexan paddle and if so, how is it different and or worse/better than wood. I am really nervous-thanks Cherly

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