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my best female friend
Thu Mar 17, 2011 08:56

hello Paula, and all the others,
my best friend also has 2 daughters, age 17 and 21, and she spanks them both regularly.
she does hand spankings, but also uses, when they have been very bad, the paddle, ruler, brush, cane, wooden spoon, belt..etc....
i am sometimes present during those punishments. Both girls are often punished together, the older one, age 21, gets the more severe spankings, as she is the naughtiest of the 2.
Generally the spankings take place in my female friends office room, where She sits behind her desk first, and has me sitting in a comfortable couch...usually drinking a good glass of whine and eating some little snacks, as the spankings take a loooot of time, sometimes up to 3-4 hours, usually on weekends, Saturdays or Sundays, sometimes even 2 days in a row.....
It is all very ceremonial. Both girls have to prepare, get fully naked in theyr room, take a shower, where they have to get all neatly clean everywhere, which is inspected before the punishment begins...
Both girls also have to shave clean their intimacies, and do have to tie their hair in a very strict knot.
They walk in all naked in the office room, where my girlfriend and myself wait for them at a preset fixed time, usually beginning of afternoon at 1 or 2 p.m. so we have loooots of time to punish them thouroughly, mostly all of the afternoon with longer corner-time breaks for the girls...before they are sent to bed directly with bright red hot and bruised and swollen bottom cheeks...
Normally before the actual spanking both girls have to present naked in the middle of the room, hands on their heads, legs wide apart, eyes cast down.
My girlfriend generally either wears a riding outfit...or, if She is in for a REALLY severe spanking, very tight jogging trousers and a tight t-shirt, with no bra and no panties...i like the last dress most because during the punishment you can see Her excitement build, as Her nipples get hard, as Her ample breasts sway as She spanks, and you can also see her, large and often swollen pussy lips shining through Her very tight jogging trousers...Sometimes Her excitement stil shows more as a wet spot forms on the tissue of her jogging, between her She disciplines both young naugthy girlies.
Both are deeply inspected before each step of their punishment, usually by their Mothers hands, Fingers...They are inspected anally as well a vaginally...ehich is sooo totally humiliating, mostly for the older girl, who is always very embarrassed, because she cannot really hide her excitment anymore...and more than once, my girlfriends Fingers are all wet and sticky after she has inspected her older...She generally takes about good a quarter of an hour to inspect her older daughter..about 5 minutes she spends with inspecting vagina and anus at the same time, which makes me all damp and hot with excitement as i see both of the 21-year-olds holes being checked every single inch...and being fingered like mad...just before She is spanked for the first part of her discipline...
Sometimes even I am to inspect or spank one of the girls or both. i usually inspect and spank only the younger one, as i spank more severely and as the younger one can take far more pain. The younger one has a beautiful vagina and a nice ample ass...and i show no mercy for it.
She sometimes calls me names, that is which i hate, but also like, because i can then REALLY give her the harshest of discipline you can imagine paula....
i make her cry bawl beg and apologize but i do not care for her apologies. they urge and encourage me to go on even more severely. and i sometimes give her up to 4-5 severe sessions in one afternoon before sending her directly to bed. During some breaks i make her stand in front of me legs spread and i inspect her for looooong times...exploring every inch of her vagina and anus until her juices start to flow and i continue spanking her...
i tell you i make her spit her lust and love juices down on the floor sometimes...
sometimes she even pisses out of naughtyness and cos she cannot hold back any more...hhmm...that is HEAVEN....

  • spankingPaula, Mon Feb 21 23:20
    Yes Gina, she does spank her daughters their 19 an 16. She spanks the same way my Mom does, over her knee with her hand on the seat of their panties, then panties down an the hairbrush on the bare... more
    • my best female friend — chantal, Thu Mar 17 08:56
      • sometimes...chantal, Wed Mar 23 07:19
        paula, let me add that sometimes we care to do several discipline sessions in a row, in one or even over two day, mostly on weekends, where both girls may be "grounded" both on Saturday and on... more
        • I now how you feel ChantalTammy, Fri Mar 25 07:53
          I was 16 at the time. The family had some people over for dinner. And I did something stupid. I dropped a fork on the floor. My sister quickly said go get dads belt. What you are going to spank me... more
          • let me add darlingchantal, Thu Mar 31 07:42
            Let me please just add that it was often my Dad or my elder Sister that spanked me. My Mom often tried to prevent them from spanking me too hard, but she rarely succeeded. Often, when my parents were ... more
          • that often happened to me also Tammychantal, Thu Mar 31 06:52
            hello Tammy, Effectively, at age 15,16,17 and also sometimes later, mostly however at 16 as far as i remember, i was cruelly spanked also in front of people. On some occasions during family dinners,... more
            • WHY-ChentalTammy, Sun Apr 3 16:04
              Wow I have never been molested or spanked by a guy when I was 16. But anyway My sister went out last night and came in late drunk as usual. She was going to give me a good night strapping. The door... more
    • wishBrittney, Mon Feb 28 01:42
      i so wish i could be disciplined like all of you iv always wanted that
      • spankingpaula, Tue Mar 1 21:07
        Be careful what you wish for Brittney, a hard OTK panties down spanking is nothing to be wished for, by a Mom whom wants to make sure sitting is not something you want to do the rest of the day. Then ... more
        • hiBrittney, Wed Mar 2 01:21
          can your mom adopt me lol please
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