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Re: spanking
Sat Oct 29, 2011 18:06

with or hand'? or an implement?

  • spankingSilvia, Sat Oct 29 17:36
    i grab u and pull u over my lap and pull ur panties down and begin spanking ur bare ass hard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! listen girl, u will behave !!!!!!!!!!!!after 30 spanks I give u a break ! learn to... more
    • Re: spanking — sakura, Sat Oct 29 18:06
      • spankingSilvia, Sat Oct 29 21:58
        With my hand to start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        • spankingSilvia, Sat Oct 29 22:05
          bring me the tool u think u need. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          • Re: spankingsakura, Sat Oct 29 22:18
            for the tool, you tell me what you think is better for the ocation... paddle ruler hairbrush belt
        • Re: spankingsakura, Sat Oct 29 22:04
          to start?... it sounds its going to be long... and effective
          • spankingSilvia, Sat Oct 29 22:07
            will be more than u really want honey
            • Re: spankingsakura, Sat Oct 29 22:20
              • spankingSilvia, Sat Oct 29 22:29
                bring me the paddle and get back over my knee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                • Re: spankingsakura, Sat Oct 29 22:31
                  ouch how much with the paddle they are going to be?
                  • spankingSilvia, Sat Oct 29 22:37
                    at least 30 more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
                    • Re: spankingsakura, Sat Oct 29 22:40
                      its ok.. i need to learn to behave! and stop being lazy, irresponsible and start to study hard.... i need to be tought a lesson! but ouch its going to hurt
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