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adult daughter spanking
Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:50

Christine, I'm Laura and I'm 29. I'm well educated and I have a responsible job that I'm good at. I lived at home until 2 years ago and I now have an apartment near to where my parents live. I see them often.

Mom still spanks me and it happens twice a week. That's the way it was when I lived in their house.She uses the hairbrush for warmup and then a strap, an oak paddle with two rows of holes and a thin rattan cane. In the summe I'm told to get switches and prepare them for my bottom. Most of the time she spanks my buttocks only, but sometimes also the back of my thighs (with the rattan cane), which hurts a lot more. I have to use baby oil on my behind every day to keep it soft and sensitive, and she often spritzes water on my behind before the spanking.

This is as it should be. I am not too old for it. I am very close to my parrents and they want the best for me. I date and have an active and satisfying sex-life and consideer myself independent. When I get married I expect that my husband will take over some of the disciplining but mom will continue as before as long as she sees fit to do it. Thank you, Laura

  • Spanked daughtersChristine, Tue Jul 15 21:32
    Are there any older daughters who are still spanked by their mothers when they misbehave? When I was in my late teens back in the nineteen-sixties I was punished with a razor strap. My mother would... more
    • being spankedeileen4134, Thu Jan 22 23:00
      i received my first spanking at 13, i am 26 and i still am spanked. i was disrespectful yesterday, i was ordered over the sofa, my clothes pulled down and i was spanked with a hairbrush. in my... more
    • What is XFF:, Sun Nov 17 05:58
      Yes maybe. Why not? What does (XFF: mean?
    • adult daughter spanking — Anonymous, Tue Nov 13 11:50
      • spankingkeith, Tue Jan 29 06:35
        i would love to give you a good spanking and afterwards you take care of my hard on with your mouth
    • spankingAmanda, Fri Jul 20 18:42
      im 22 and mny dad takes a strap to my behind when im bad, dad does it in my bedroom he makes me take my panties down and lay on the bed he spanks me 10 times with the damm strap boy that makes my... more
      • spankedamanda, Tue Jan 29 06:38
        How i love to watch you getting a good spanking while I play with my cock
      • spankingAnonymous, Wed Jan 9 02:31
        Is it bare
    • Re: Spanked daughtersPaige, Mon Jul 28 14:39
      Hi Christine, For which reasons did you get the strap from your mother? I got my last spanking from mum at 14. Today I get spanked by my grandma when I need it. Most of these spankings were just... more
    • spankingsarah, Fri Jul 25 22:06
      Christine i think it's all very confusing actually. basically i'm 21, i'm gay and i'm a masochist and i like being spanked. whether that's from my mother spanking me or gfs i can't say, but i know... more
      • Re: spanking365schooluniformproject, Sun Nov 17 06:00
        Thats good to hear of you.
      • SpankingChristine, Sat Jul 26 10:50
        Hi Sarah: Thanks for the reply. You are still very young and I can understand your confusion. There is nothing wrong with liking to be spanked and it certainly doesn't make you a masochist. You have... more
    • Re: Spanked daughtersSarah, Wed Jul 23 12:07
      I'm 20 and still get spanked by my parents occasionally. I think it's probably more common than most people know.
      • repley sarahmatthew hunn, Wed Dec 12 11:19
        Hi sarah how often do you get spanked is it on your bare bottom? What do they use on you do you get a warning. Does this happen to your friends
      • Re: Spanked daughtersapril, Fri Jul 20 20:53
        my boyfriend and i are staying with my aunt while new flooring is being put down in our house, my aunt was always very strict when i was a child, she used to spank me when i was young but hasnt in... more
      • Re: Spanked daughtersAmanda, Thu Oct 27 07:58
        Im 22 and my daddy still spanks me, he puts me over his kness and takes my panties down and spanks me with a hairbrush, I thought I was the only girl over 20 that still gets spanked by her daddy.
      • CommonJens Mom, Mon Jul 28 22:37
        I recently read a statistic that suggested that over 20% of teens and young adults get spanked. I was surprised to read that. That would mean that if you saw 4 teenagers at the mall, one of them gets ... more
      • Re: Spanked daughtersChristine, Fri Jul 25 17:34
        Hi Sarah: Thanks for contributing. Would you be willing to elaborate? Are you spanked by both parents or just your mother? Are they over-the-knee spankings? Are they sound and thorough spankings? You ... more
        • Re: Spanked daughters365schooluniformproject, Sun Nov 17 05:18
          Are these discussins from 2013 or years previous?
      • Reply to SarahStuart, Wed Jul 23 21:35
        Hi Sarah. Where are you from? How often are you spanked? Whhat earns you a spanking? How is it given?
    • Spanked daughterschantal, Tue Jul 22 04:08
      hello Christine, I sure was spanked until a few years ago. I am 29 now and was spanked last when I was about 24-25 years old. I live alone now, but until then I still lived at my parents house, so I... more
      • Spanked daughters and sisterschantal, Wed Jul 23 05:44
        My sister would let me lie there on Her bed with my bottom ready and raised high for Her spanking, with pillows underneath. Mostly She even firmly tied me unto Her bed with ropes, tying my arms,... more
      • Spanked daughtersChristine, Tue Jul 22 15:09
        Hi Chantal: Please continue. Christine.
    • spankingmaria, Mon Jul 21 01:08
    • Spanked DaughtersChrissy, Thu Jul 17 12:10
      I think due to the controversy in today's society it isn't as in the open but I do believe that it does happen. If I lived near my parents I would submit to the strap if I needed it. But as an adult... more
      • Re: Spanked DaughtersChristine, Thu Jul 17 19:57
        You are right Chrissy, it would be very humiliating. But what if the daughter had grown up with spankings as part of her life? The extension of the spankings into her late teens or early 20's would... more
        • Spanked Daughterschrissy, Thu Jul 17 20:32
          Well if the person had grown up with Spankings then I would think it would'nt be as humiliating but it would still be humiliating. I'm 24 I was spanked at home until I was 13 it was usually by my... more
          • spankingsmiller, Tue Jan 13 19:21
            spankings are psychologically distributive. mostly subconsciously. never spank kids.
          • Spanked DaughtersChristine, Sat Jul 19 06:48
            Hi Chrissy: I would be interested in hearing about the occasion you were spanked as an adult. When you were seeking a mentor was it a female or male mentor that you were seeking? It is unfortunate... more
            • Chimming InAlex 32, Wed Jul 23 14:12
              Hey Christine- Great topic and a lot of intresting discussion followed as well. As you and many members of the forum already know I was spanked by my stepmother until I left home. And still on... more
              • Re: Chimming InAnonymous, Thu Jul 24 01:39
                AMEN ALEX: I just had to reply to UR feelings about the pendilum swinging back to where it's no longer a crime to take a son or daughter over your knee and give them a good red bottom. Believe me I... more
                • chimming inanonymous , Sat Feb 23 08:13
                  For some people spanking is a good thing when done by the right type of person and for the right reasons coming from a Guy married to someone who has been beaten to blood which is abuse now wbeing... more
                • spankingcarolina, Tue Feb 2 08:01
                  at home dad was the spanker, mom always watched my punishments and told dad when she thought I deserved it and dad didn't noticed it, punishment always was no clothes from waist to down, bending over ... more
                  • Older Daughter SpankingsANONYMOUS, Mon Feb 4 14:14
                    My last spanking was just before I turned 11. My dad was an alcoholic and he used to slap my half-sister around. It scared me so much that I tried never to get in trouble as compensation. I was my... more
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