Alex 32
OTK Stepmom knee and Hubbys knee
Sat Jan 19, 2013 23:20


While I only see my stepmom Victoria a few times a year, I rarely can get away without finding myself drapped across her strong firm lap being punished for something or other. Victoria believes that as long as she is my stepmom and I am her daughter she has every right to spank me even though my husband does spank me as well.

My last severe spanking I got from Victoria was because I got a speeding ticket with her in the car with me. I was doing 15 miles over in a school speed zone at the time. She was already on me to slow down, but I was sure there weren't any cops around at the time I flew through and I was wrong. So I tried my best to flirt my was to a reduced ticket, and was almost there when my stepmom leans over to the cop and says to make sure he writes it for the full amount of the ticket. He then told her he wasn't planning on doing it that way, he was giving me a break because I didn't realize how fast I was going and I shouldn't have to pay all that money and get in trouble with my husband.

But no Victoria pipes up to the cop that she doesn't need to fear her husband, because as soon as we get home, she is going to take me across her lap and blister my ass with a paddle until I can't sit down for a week. And then she will let my husband have his turn with the paddle after she was done. I just wanted to put the car in drive and speed away not caring that the cop had my licence and registration and insurance too. I was dying of embarassment. I finally turned to her and said why don't you just spank me here on the side of the road and she said she might! The cop stepped back out of the way and said it was fine with him if Victoria wanted to do that. I turned all shades of red, and told the cope I was 37 years old, I was too old to be spanked like a little child! But he informed me I was acting like a child and throwing a temper tantrum like a child.

Finally I got my reduced speeding ticket so I wouldn't have to face a judge and we went on to my house, where I had to face Victoria. Sure enough I got my over the knee bare bottom paddling my her that very afternoon and I spent the next few days sitting very gingerly.

And with great thanks to my disciplinarian Stephanie my husband carries out several of my punishment given to me from her. So on some occasions I am not sitting well for a week or two at a time, but all is happy and well in my world.

  • ovre moms kneecelest_adams, Sat Jan 19 04:03
    i was spanked till iwas 21 and moved into my college dorm. mon figured her house her rules . i am now spanked by husband over his knee till blubbering. and i realize now it is a part of my life... more
    • OTK Stepmom knee and Hubbys knee — Alex 32, Sat Jan 19 23:20
      • Re: OTK Stepmom knee and Hubbys kneeMaryKay Satterlie , Sun Jan 20 14:17
        It's really nice to know I'm not the only adult girl still spanked. My mom is exactly the same as your stepmom Alex 32, as long as I'm her daughter and I misbehave I'll be spanked. I've always been... more
        • Dreaded CaneAlex 32, Sun Jan 20 21:55
          Hey MaryKay- I have just recently been introduced to the dreaded cane and I hate it with a passion. I swear I will one day splash some gasoline on it and light a match and then laugh as it goes up in ... more
          • Under used caneregulation, Sat Mar 26 02:02
            If you have an extra need for the cane send got application form
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