Alex 32
Dreaded Cane
Sun Jan 20, 2013 21:55

Hey MaryKay-

I have just recently been introduced to the dreaded cane and I hate it with a passion. I swear I will one day splash some gasoline on it and light a match and then laugh as it goes up in flames for all the stripes it has put across my ass of late. We have never had one before until this past Christmas (2012) when I committed a cardnil sin while we were out on black Friday shopping. I blame my outburst on way too many Monster Energy drinks that day, and too much time with my step mom. But I lost my temper and called her a "bitch". It is something I have never done before and something I will never do again.

What was even worse was we went to a sex shop to buy the blasted cane and then of course I had to bend over so the sales girl could show her how to properly apply it to my jean clad bottom. Then of course we got home later in the day and I got another 15 strokes on the bare to remind me not to call her names along with a nice mouth soaping.

I guess I am just a slow learning about some things... But I am so happy to have you as company, and I feel your pain in having to go to work, or in my case, going to class with a sore sore butt and sit in class for hours on end and act like I wasn't just spanked! I do think one of my professors does know I am spanked though because she has called me into her office to talk about my papers and she was nice enough to place a pillow on her desk chair for me once night when I was squirming in my seat.

She asked me if everything was alright at home, and I told her yes, my husband was just correcting my behavior and she just smiled and gave me the pillow like she knew. When I left she told me to behave myself and gave me a swat on my jeans. I have known this professor for over three years now and she is really cool.

  • Re: OTK Stepmom knee and Hubbys kneeMaryKay Satterlie , Sun Jan 20 14:17
    It's really nice to know I'm not the only adult girl still spanked. My mom is exactly the same as your stepmom Alex 32, as long as I'm her daughter and I misbehave I'll be spanked. I've always been... more
    • Dreaded Cane — Alex 32, Sun Jan 20 21:55
      • Under used caneregulation, Sat Mar 26 02:02
        If you have an extra need for the cane send got application form
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